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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 1,300/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Reuniclus455,997 / 6,188
Linoone562,368 / 9,577
Excadrill546,865 / 8,911
Pidgeot592,876 / 11,061
Monferno571,578 / 10,278
Zebstrika534,679 / 8,587

About Swampy

Hi hi, I am SwampFall, but you can call me Swampy or whatever you wanna call me really ^^
You can always try to talk to me, I am quite busy, both IRL and on PH, but I'll try to reply in a reasonable amount of time :3

Currently I am a PhD student in Signal Processing and Machine Learning. I read papers, program lil things to help me, and some other stuff. Mostly it's computer work (like 99%) but unlike others in my department I sometimes have to get my hands dirty ^^
This is draining a lot of my time but I enjoy doing it (=

In my free time I like to play the piano and program stuff. On here I keep me busy with making lists of shiny, mega or shadow pokemon, or with little minigames for you guys to play :3 hacking PH is also one of the things I enjoy doing, but just for good fun of course, I have no intentions in hurting the site or any of its users ^^

That's about it, if you wanna know any more you'll have to get to know me via palpad :3

Avatar made by my lil foxie ♥️


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StormeKat 5 Days ago
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Tobey 1 Month ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1689:54 Hours
Total interactions: 1,799,056
Money: 1,311,837
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


Just counted how many pkmn my friendlist has combined :3
It's pretty big ^^
My friends (720) have 1,291,825 Pokemon in total, and I was thinking of doing that in a single day xD
1 Month ago
caught 9 shiny Mudkip ♥️
thanks for reminding me random person in the feeds ♥️
1 Month ago
Interactions made 100,002
Interactions received 7,337
Eggs hatched 4

Was gonna click all of my friendlist (bc Csoxi) but just found out I have 6 friends that are in ranklist for Most Pokemon D:
I think I'll give up xD
I don't have enough time in a day to actually do all of them ^^ Gonna calculate later how many interactions I'd have to make to do everyone on my friendlist, pretty curious now :3
1 Month ago
Price Check Calculator

I figured I'd share this again for the dozen or so African/European/Asian/New Zeelandic ppl on here :3

Feel free to share if you like it :3
1 Month ago
only 2 more shadow pokemon left to find ^^
wanna guess which? :3

List of shadow pokemon if you're curious :3
1 Month ago
A handy lil tool for Price Check :3

Thank you guys for helping me with the prices of things ^^
Still have to add some more items, will update it soon (link will be the same)

Enjoy, and feel free to share with your friends if you like :3
1 Month ago

Apparently I got a new avatar again :3
Lil foxie made it for my bday ♥️
1 Month ago
Does anybody have this thing where you are hesitant to close palpad bc they might answer just as you press close and you wouldn't see it and PH would think you saw it? ^^
I sometimes have that, but usually more with things where I know smth might come any second xd
1 Month ago
A list of the first 5855 Shadow Pokemon :3
If you wanna know what shadows there are so far, who has 1OS etc
1 Month ago
Shadow Crobat #1
Shadow Crobat #2
Shadow Crobat #3
Shadow Blissey #1

I believe these are all of them :3
1 Month ago
#BugsWar #TeamMissingno

By Lilith99

I'll present you the game of the year:


★ Prize: 10K Nuggets ★


- To enter a team, share the hashtag #BugsWar followed by one (only one) of these hashtags (see comments)

- At the end of the game (17/7 00.00 UTC - next week reset time) the most numerous team wins the game;

- 5K nuggets will be equally distributed among the team members. One member of the team will be declared leader with a random generator and will receive the other 5K nuggets - for a total of 10K;

- READ CAREFULLY : To make things more interesting i encrypted a number . At the end of the game i will tell you how to decrypt it. ANY TEAM WHO OUTNUMBER IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED .

♥️ Add Lilith99 to your friendlist for news and tips about the game ♥️

~ Lilith99
1 Month ago
What happens when you plant eggs? ^^
Honestly wanna try xd just bc why not, idm watching eggs grow :3
1 Month ago
What do you wanna be? ^^

1. A fly (the fatty green ones)
2. An ant (the weightlifting champ but not really)
3. A bee (the exploding kind)
4. A spider (the ones that are on the net 24/7)
5. A grasshopper (the ones hopping in grass)
1 Month ago
Getting up for work @5am, getting home @9pm
And all I had to do was to press a button 30 times
#TheAmazingWorkOfAPhDStudent :3
1 Month ago
lol next week I'm going on vacation somewhere and I was thinking to not take my phone with me to rlly relax for a bit

And mom is like and your pokemon walks???

Very very good point mom xD
1 Month ago
Another small suggestion :3
Don't expect too good results on this tbh ^^
1 Month ago
Just found out weedle is a hairy bug, it looks like the smoothest bug ever lol
1 Month ago
Solving a sudoku without writing anything down is kinda fun I think ^^ Anyone wants to take on the challenge? ^^
1 Month ago
Triple note to self
Don't fall asleep directly after your own event starts
Don't make things overly complicated, keep it simple
Be prepared, you dummie, like seriously
1 Month ago
Pure chaos for me in an hour lol... xd
1 Month ago

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