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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 4,143/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lille vosje
8201,403,936 / 1,615,728
Hjerte for SwampFall
564193,200 / 764,785
Vulpix9720,754 / 28,519
Girafarig9626,606 / 27,937
Boltund11313,689 / 30,918
Duraludon946,888 / 26,791

Avatar made by my lil foxie ♥️

About Swampy


Hi hi, I am SwampFall, but you can call me Swampy or whatever you wanna call me really ^^
You can always try to talk to me, I am a lil busy, both IRL and on PH, but I'll try to reply in a reasonable amount of time :3

In my free time I like to play the piano and program stuff. On here I keep me busy with making lists of shiny, mega or shadow pokemon, or with little minigames for you guys to play :3 hacking PH is also one of the things I enjoy doing, but just for good fun of course, I have no intentions in hurting the site or any of its users ^^

That's about it, if you wanna know any more you'll have to get to know me via palpad :3



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frogloversarecool 1 Day ago
Andias 1 Day ago
Braixie 2 Days ago
Maniac 13 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2004:46 Hours
Total interactions: 4,585,486
Money: 1,791,767
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


Added a " Find your pokemon " service on my profile page :3

You ask, I find, me tell, you happy :D

or sad if it's in a permabanned account :c
23 Days ago
For those who heard the rumors about a bug that allows anyone to read someone else's chat; I tried to recreate it earlier today and it was in fact possible for me to read any chat.
I've contacted Riako about it and it has now been fixed :)
Enjoy padding your pals securely again ^^
1 Month ago
hmm someone mentioned me in the drama blog :o
Don't think ppl would be very happy if I followed their advice :3
1 Month ago
Prof. Rowan is so much like me.. Procrastinating so much and in the end just asks someone else to do the work xD
He waited so long to ask me to help that Prof. Oak has a 50 level advantage ^^'
If he loses it's his own fault, so I'm not even gonna ask you to feed it..
1 Month ago
Random thought:
Does water condense onto ice itself?
So if you have an lil ice cube of 1L water, will the puddle after melting be more than 1L bc of condensation? :3

Or would it actually be lower because of sublimation/evaporation, or perhaps it'll be the exact same amount? Who knows ^^
1 Month ago
#FunPHFact no. 8

To exploit test a bug, I've sent a shiny Mudbray plushie to someone which is usually only obtainable during that specific plushie event
It is still out there somewhere, for some reason it never got removed ^^

The bug was fixed soon after, so this will probably be the only "Illegal" plushie ever :3
1 Month ago
Fancy visualization of shiny Pokemon trades on PokeHeroes for users with 350+ shinies
The meaning of the links and colors are in the comments :3
2 Months ago
All shinies Riako has sold / put up on SWT

If you want to get a list of all your shiny / shadow / retro pokemon (sold or not), you can ask for it in the comments or via palpad :3

Can't find Mega / Event pkmn yet, still working on that ^^
2 Months ago
Rufflet progress after Art Stream #5 :3
Probably no stream later today, maybe tomorrow ^^
2 Months ago
Drawing after 4th stream ^^
Rufflet has a friend now ♥ (thanks to Maniac)

Rocks / mountains are hard to draw D:
Gonna do some off stream work and stream tomorrow night again :3

Good night ♥
2 Months ago
Rufflet after 3rd stream :3
Gonna stream later today again if you wanna join, probably in 4 hours from now :)
2 Months ago
Drawing after 2nd stream, the dotting is gonna take a while ^^
Time for me to sleep, so gn ♥
2 Months ago
What I drew so far in my first art stream :3
Might stream again for a while in a few hours, or maybe tomorrow, idk yet ^^
2 Months ago
Hmm.. was this how bug reports used to work?? xD
Describe your issue as the nickname of your shiny and send to Riako ^^
2 Months ago
If anyone needs help how to evolve a certain pokemon, Maniac has made a very nice evolution guide :3
Check out her last feed ^^
2 Months ago
Heh found an egg that has been in a users' party for over 6 years and a half ^^
It's one of the harvest sprites :3
2 Months ago
reasons to have a cold shower:
1. Less power usage - no heating required
2. Less water usage - you really want get out asap 😅
3. Good for your skin - my skin is soo soft now ♥️ (humans evolved during a time without hot showers, except geysers I guess, so our skin is adapted to cold water, not rlly hot, but this is just my view on it, could be unrelated)
4. Use google for other stuff I guess, but don't believe everything ^^

Interested to know if you'll try it out, or if you already shower cold :)
5 Months ago

- Find Your Pokemon -
Forgot who you sold your Shiny / Mega pokemon to?
Or really any pokemon you want to find
Just send me a PM / palpad and I can find it for you, I'll be glad to help ^^


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