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Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 2,189/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9515,837 / 34,201
Unown B7414,312 / 16,651
Unown O679,633 / 13,669
Ditto682,880 / 14,077
Unown P711,664 / 15,337
732,734 / 20,259

About Swampy

2020 is the year of no SwampFall
or almost no SwampFall

Hi hi, I am SwampFall, but you can call me Swampy or whatever you wanna call me really ^^
You can always try to talk to me, I am quite busy, both IRL and on PH, but I'll try to reply in a reasonable amount of time :3

Currently I am a PhD student in Signal Processing and Machine Learning. I read papers, program lil things to help me, and some other stuff. Mostly it's computer work (like 99%) but unlike others in my department I sometimes have to get my hands dirty ^^
This is draining a lot of my time but I enjoy doing it (=

In my free time I like to play the piano and program stuff. On here I keep me busy with making lists of shiny, mega or shadow pokemon, or with little minigames for you guys to play :3 hacking PH is also one of the things I enjoy doing, but just for good fun of course, I have no intentions in hurting the site or any of its users ^^

That's about it, if you wanna know any more you'll have to get to know me via palpad :3

Avatar made by my lil foxie ♥️


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Professor Rowan 1 Day ago
StormeKat 17 Days ago
Maniac 18 Days ago
Maniac 18 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #480783704
Registration: 30/06/2017 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1722:09 Hours
Total interactions: 1,799,867
Money: 286,354
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita


Thank you all for the cute plushies ♥
92 gifts should be sent out now ^^
the voucher ones might be corrupt, pls let me know if you can't accept them xD

Anyway, this is the end of #LetsEndWithACuteBang :)

Have a nice 2020, bye! ♥
7 Months ago

Happy New Year everyone ^-^

I wanna end this year with a cute little bang :3
I have about 20 summon items (nebula stones, resolute stones, ultra saddles, ..), 20 vouchers (uxie, azelf, retro starters) and 5 maps to share with all of you!

All you need to do to get some of this stuff is gift me a misdreavus plushie and share this hashtag :3

If there are more ppl joining than I have items, I'll just add more stuff (mystery items, gems, etc ^^)
Ends when I wake up tomorrow :)
7 Months ago
about 1721 hours played...

My goal for 2020 is to not exceed 1777 hours, so after midnight you won't see me that much anymore.

I might still be here in the near future to help Riako with some bugs that needs fixing, hopefully that doesn't take 50 hours though ^^

also pls hatch my eggs, don't want them to rot :c
7 Months ago
optical illusion in the lab atm with the normal types :o
7 Months ago
Good morning ^^
How many egg yolks do you all have? :3
7 Months ago
My PH heartbeat vs a "real" heartbeat. I think mine wins clearly.
7 Months ago
Someone *cough* Riako *cough* accused me of scaring you guys :x Is anybody scared of me? :c
Serious question btw, any thoughts on this are welcome
7 Months ago
I'm curious if you can bribe ppl to vote for your suggestion by giving them stuff? xD
I'm not going to but just an idea I had ^^
Who wants gems? ♥
7 Months ago
Suggestion for egg hatching :)
Also I think there rlly should be a shiny hatcher ranking, it's almost as special as getting a shiny I think ^^
7 Months ago
Hm I just came to a realization...
We're all here warming all these clicklist eggs to hatch them, but we never even see those we actually hatch :o
It'd be awesome to have a list on the right (or below on mobile) with the sprites of all the pkmn you've hatched by warming it the last little bit. At the moment interacting is really about the pokedollars and less about helping out others.
There's a lot of things that could be added with this as well, like a count of how many pkmn were hatched by you, having the name of the "hatcher" on the pkmn profile, maybe a ranklist page too (although it'll be the same as the interacting one I guess) Anyway, my point was the first, not really this.
7 Months ago
So tell me..
1. what's the best thing you've done for others...
2. what's the worst thing you've done for others...
3. what's the best thing others have done for you...
4. what's the worst thing others have done to you...
in 2019 :)
7 Months ago

2017 (1)
2018 (4)
2019 (0)
7 Months ago
Wanna vote on my cute lil poll?
I think the misdreavus plush is so cute ^-^
7 Months ago
Ok so Professor Rowan just proved to me that you can send a plushie while I am blocked, thanks Prof. ♥
That's why I was curious if I could still get shiny ditto plushies xD
7 Months ago
Swamps Psychology Lab

Can I ask you all to lie 5 times about your age in the comments?
I'll gift a plush of your choice (below 100DP) if you join ^^
Please post everything in a single comment (5 ages + plush) :)

Thank you ♥
7 Months ago
" Aw, it's a sad day in Professor Swamp's Laboratory :( Explosions and stuff.. :( Kinda messed up my plans for a nice little project I had.. :/ So guess that'll be delayed a tiny bit. Working on a backup system at the moment.. " exactly 1 Year ago ^^ I guess I like to go to Prof. Swamp's lab at Christmas ^^
7 Months ago
hmm ppl aren't lazy enough.. yet.. :3
7 Months ago
Cleaning Service

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Do you want to have a clean slate?
Too lazy to do it yourself?
Well, you're in luck! The Cleaning Service will delete all your feeds for you!

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7 Months ago
Time for #SwampsRealhacking ? (=
7 Months ago
Nice to see that out of the 6 winners of #SwampsBiohacking, 3 of them are relatively new here and 5 aren't on my friendlist ^^
Rewarding the fresh unknown life ♥
7 Months ago


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