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Trainerlevel: 77

Trainerpoints: 2,060/17,863


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,7141,275,529 / 10,530,903
Woopice674,711 / 13,669

Information About Brian:

Profile Picture Credit To bpeugh1
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I love Angel Rose! :3
I am an 19 year old male who wears glasses. I know I'm not very mature, and I make various mistakes. If you block me someday please give me a good reason. I know I can be annoying, but I don't like losing people. My personality is weird and changes a lot throughout the day, so don't worry if your reason is weird. ~Brian Austin Peugh

His name is Random Tauros!!*cue the music*
Special moments:
July 10th

Riako Acknowledged me!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #713526991
Registration: 18/12/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 4663:39 Hours
Total interactions: 34,638,670
Money: 113,620
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Miltank require a lot of berries to care for and a lot of berries are made using the Berry Garden so what if we made both work together a little bit perhaps granting us the ability to feed these Miltank using berries from our berry Garden may make feeding them a little easier I won't post or rather suggest a suggestion to the forums until people have either agreed with me or told me why I'm wrong
7 Months ago
Anybody with a surplus of nuggets looking for some pd ought to check this out: GTS Trade to help FallenAngel keep their Premium
7 Months ago
One Minior (Green Core) Auction for those who are interested lol also to help auroradragon93 out there is a Minior (Blue Core) in the GTS for those interested who have a Tyrogue or Hitmonlee
7 Months ago
Meow X3 I'm still alive to any who had any concerns regarding this matter. Have a wonderful day
7 Months ago
Interact with this user's party or suffer the consequences of me doing something of some sort of proportions I'm too lazy to punish anybody so uh everyone who doesn't please uh punish yourselves in a small way for me I guess... or don't maybe I'm overreacting to people doing what they want Thank you very much for reading all of this and have a wonderful day
7 Months ago
This is just a Polestar (3 hrs) Please check the link for me I don't want to screw up twice in a row oh and an expensive Teddiursa over here (12 hrs) and uh this thing for an hour to those who can get it Minior (Violet Core) (less than 1 hr)
7 Months ago
I only just now realized I didn't put the proper link in place earlier there really was a cosmog but I accidentally swapped the links around for somebody else I was trying to show my userpage
7 Months ago
Angel Rose is the cutest Magical cat girl ever Raise your glass of water if you agree *raises glass of water*
7 Months ago
Merry Christmas to all the people I may have accidentally avoided while I was busy
7 Months ago
[Global Trade Station Special Offer]:
There is an Timid Articuno in the GTS waiting for someone worthy of its Majestic Form. Do you think you have what it takes, then make an offer you just might get what you desire most. >:3 (A Shiny Event, 750k+ pd, or 500+ nuggets are Automatic Acceptance offer wise)
Please don’t forget a junk pokemon if your offer is in pd or nuggets. Thank you and Have A wonderful day!
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8 Months ago
8 Months ago
I put a few more Lugia in the Auction house because why not? These ones have a Lugia Voucher so you can get your own Lugia too If you want them then meh if you don't then meh. I don't lose very much if nobody gets them. Nothing to lose and everything to gain >:3 I like those odds XD
8 Months ago
#DerpyDarky Why not? I probably don't need them, but passing up on something free... what kind of man would I be if I didn't say yes immediately? *is covered in "free" venomous spiders*
8 Months ago
I threw some Lugia in the Auction house because I don't know reasons if people wish to take these Lugia they can, though I don't care if anybody bids. I'll be fine either way lol
8 Months ago
[Global Trade Station Trades]:
meh... these GTS trades still exist in case anybody has any interest in them: Primal Groudon with various items and Shiny Ampharos I am willing to be talked down on price just don't forget a junk Pokemon. Members who have been here less than a month get a 50% discount automatically. X3
8 Months ago
Please help my party is full and I can't get my egg
8 Months ago
FallenAngel wearing a santa hat X3 (doesn't matter if it is just their profile decepticon I need this cuteness in my life lol >:3)
8 Months ago
Before anybody asks or tries to send me anything Christmas gift wise I have already promised all my loving gifts to FallenAngel X3 Deal with it
8 Months ago
Ok, I think this a good start...

I'll be giving away 532 mystery items but remember that to win, you must add me to your friend list and share #TheFriendliestGiveaway. That's it, easy as that Anybody and everybody will be accepted as a friend
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8 Months ago


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(I'm not sure who most people are since my memory is terrible though the following people have had a strong enough impact to be listed)
~FallenAngel (Once)
~FallenAngel (Twice)
~FallenAngel(Cute er... I mean three times)
~FallenAngel(Four times)
~FallenAngel(Five Times O.O)
~FallenAngel(Six Times XD)
~~The_Darkling_Mod_Wolf (added twice I see XD)
~DarkDerpyUnicorn (three times somebody is an overachiever X3)
~Argentis (*coughs* Judgement *coughs*)
~Jonathan Snyder (not listed as a user here)
~FallenAngel (this user is cute X3 oh and 7 lol)
*I plan to add more users and what not but I'm too lazy right now and can't think of anybody else off the top of my head*



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