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Trainerlevel: 71

Trainerpoints: 723/15,193


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sneasel221 / 48
Sneasel327 / 39


Kazeodori - my best kitty
Cofagrigus - my shiny giratina
Carnet - my boo
bpeugh1 - that random weird cousin

~☆~ It may be small, but these are the ones I consider true friends ~☆~

Shiny Hunt

DarkDerpyUnicorn is currently hunting Sneasel.
Hunt started: 12/11/2018

Chain: 52
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

A few favourites.



Game Records

Trainer ID: #808317508
Registration: 12/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Mar/2019
Game Time: 3323:16 Hours
Total interactions: 3,116,243
Money: 4,370,917
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


Wtf. Now I apply for a full time position I'm getting less shifts... only 1 next week... wtf I need the money

Yesterday, 21:008 comments
*points to GTS*

Yesterday, 09:265 comments

1. Set it off - why worry
2. The Maine - Don't come down
3. Falling In Reverse - game over
4. Robert Delong:
- Favourite colour is blue
- Global concepts
5. Papa Roach - Help

Yesterday, 00:371 comment
I'm buying 15x Gold keys
12k each

1 Day ago0 comments
Roughly how much would an Ultra Saddle be worth?

1 Day ago1 comment
*points to the post before last*
Selling pretty much everything except Dragon gems and the saddles

1 Day ago2 comments
*cries hysterically*
R.I.P Stan Lee
You'll always be a hero to me

1 Day ago4 comments
1x Griseous Crystal found!
5x Dragon Gem found!
5x Dragon Gem found!
1x Cold Rock found!
1x Reveal Glass found!
1x Ultra Saddle found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
1x Blue Orb found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
5x Fairy Gem found!
1x Ultra Saddle found!
2x Dragon Gem found!
3x Fairy Gem found!
2x Nugget found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
1x Marine Cave (Map) found!
3x Dragon Gem found!
1x Nugget found!
1x Enigma Pearl found!
5x Dragon Gem found!
4x Dragon Gem found!
2x Nugget found!
1x Resolute Stone found!
3x Dragon Gem found!
1x Red Orb found!
1x Red Orb found!
2x Fairy Gem found!
2x Dragon Gem found!
5x Fairy Gem found!
3x Dragon Gem found!
5x Fairy Gem found!
3x Fairy Gem found!
1x Dragon Gem found!
1x Blue Orb found!

A few hundred left to go

1 Day ago20 comments
Well I've decided I'm getting my hair cut for the first time in 5 years. Also gonna get the tips bleached and then dyed green.
Can't wait for Friday ^-^

1 Day ago1 comment
~I didn't want to drag them down
I couldn't really work it out
And even though it all went south
I still can't figure it out, figure it out
And I dive so deep
Into my brain I can't sleep
I think I'm losing all my friends
You know the devil plays for keeps~

If this isn't my mood then idk what is

1 Day ago1 comment
Tfw you get yelled at because you dared to ask if you could open a window because you're suffocating in your mum's second hand smoke and you're not a smoker. Guess I'll just die then.
and yeah, blood diseases are truly great (said no one ever)

2 Days ago1 comment
Congratulations! A shiny Rodeo Scraggy hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #35)!

Sassy girl :,)

3 Days ago3 comments
You have 1x Event Pass (Rodeo Scraggy). [Activate]

Forgot I had this XD XD XD
Mind hatching my party so I can start this? XD hopefully get it done by reset then I'll restart my sneasel chain

3 Days ago1 comment
Kinda confused on the UB. Are they released in the ancient cave yet?

4 Days ago4 comments
*is hoping to get a ho-oh retro*
I don't have the chance to get it from rumble so XD

4 Days ago6 comments
Someone has fallen asleep on me but now I want ice cream but they are sleeping so peacefully that I don't wanna move them

4 Days ago4 comments
Didn't have my phone on me for 5 minutes and I get 3 missed calls from work -.-
Apperntly I had an unscheduled shift I wasn't told about
(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

4 Days ago1 comment
1x Dark Stone found!
3x Dragon Gem found!

Only opened about 5 boxes XD
Btw dark stone is for sale

4 Days ago1 comment
~Be kind when you rewind the story of the two of us
Sometimes you wish it was a little more mysterious
When you look at me with your cinematic eyes
I wanna play the part but I forget the lines

I do it all the time
I never get it right

One day when you replay the slideshow we know
Pictures won't show villains and heroes
It's just me keeping time with you
Butter knife dull but it still cuts through~


4 Days ago0 comments


Why worry
Show hidden content

This sinking feeling sets,
It feels just like a hole inside your chest.
I know you're thinking,
No, no, no, no, it is easier said than done,
But please let me attest.
I know it's hard.
You're feeling like you're trapped,
But that's how you react,
When you cannot see the light.
But try and see the light.
I'm tellin' you,
No, no, no, no,
You're the only one
Standing in your way,
Just take a breath, relax, and tell me…

Please tell me why do we worry?
Why do we worry at all?
Just tell me why do we worry?
When worry is never helping tell me
Why worry at all?

Why do we insist,
On crossing bridges that do not exist?
Let's take these issues
Step by step by step, to work it out,
Day by day by day we're falling down,
But life goes on.
I've got some questions,
Are you sick of feelin' sorry?
Uh huh,
And people sayin' not to worry?
Uh huh,
Sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto,
From people who won the lotto,
We're not that lucky.
Have you noticed that you're breathing?
Uh huh,
Look around and count your blessings,
Uh huh,
So when you're sick of all this stressin' and guessin' I'm suggestin' you turn this up and let them hear you sing it.


Chin up, quit actin' like you're half dead.
Tears can only half fill how you’re feelin'.
Don't worry, be happy baby.
Stand up, life is too damn short,
That clock is ticking.
Man up, if ya feel me,
Everybody sing it.

Please tell me why do we worry?
Why do we worry at all?
Just tell me why do we worry?
When worry is never helping tell me
Why worry at all? [×2]

~I've forgotten how it feels
to feel like I'm home.
'Cause home is where the heart is
and my hearts been sold.
Shackled down in chains
held prisoner by you.
Don't let it escape,
just keep it safe with you~


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