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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,585/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Knock-Out’s drill
(Drill Rotom)
9411,594,422 / 2,659,267

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current breeders are me (FallenAngel), soullesscupid and TheJew420 so contact either one of us about a Pokémon your interested in

Here is the link for the official Shop

QuoteRARE: 150k or nuggets equivalent
EASY: 50k or nuggets equivalent
MEDIUM: 70k or nuggets equivalent
SPECIAL: 200k or nuggets equivalent
HARD: 100k or nuggets equivalent
EVENTS: 300k or nuggets equivalent

my breeding pairs :3
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I'm always adding more to my breeding pairs ^^ so be sure to check frequently

Before I start your hunt, Set up a private trade with the payment due for a slot with a trash Pokémon. I will offer the shiny requested soon as it hatches

If there is a Pokémon you are wanting or needing palpad me
(Next)Current hunt: sawk
(Now)Future hunt: porygon

Slots for (porygon)
Slot1: Wolflesshowl
Slot2: TimeKidRalsei
Slot3: 3x BLEACHIchigo1
Slot4: DelibirdDelivery
Slot5: user account locked
Slot6: Shiny_Heraboss
Slot7: 2x Zarkesh
Slot8: TheJew420
Slot9: Guri
Slot10: Lugia

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will be taking a break on Sundays and Saturdays and there will be rare times I do different shiny but only two slots though so palpad me if you are looking for a shiny between my hunts

Break from current hunt slots 1: open

If you haven’t already, read "about me" before messaging me.

Shiny Hunt

Knock-Out is currently hunting Porygon.
Hunt started: 28/01/2019

Chain: 311

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #780592248
Registration: 15/12/2017 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 685:25 Hours
Total interactions: 647,687
Money: 851,746
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Well well I’m back.. fles- humans
27 Days ago
Zerenity just realized how lucky I am with chains XD
1 Month ago
How on earth do I get that blue ditto plushie? I see the shiny ditto more time then I can count in the lab and I click it each time, am I doing something wrong?
1 Month ago
For Harry Potter fans

Hermione does not belong with Ron. I don’t care if you disagree but that is an seriously wrong match.
1 Month ago
Alright concerning my last feed check gts please *looks innocent*
2 Months ago
Alright if your gonna call someone else a spammer at least you can do is stop spamming gts as well. You know who you are so please block me please I beg of you cause I rather not deal with that type of nonsense.
2 Months ago
Interaction exchange? Just press the heart if yes and reminder looking for normal gems
2 Months ago
Looking for normal gems XD
2 Months ago
Okay a slot for porygon (since rare) is gonna be 150k each palpad me or comment down below if interested
2 Months ago
Now I’m between to shiny hunts I want to do XD sawk or Porygon. I guess I’ll just do whichever is requested first lol
2 Months ago
Might as well start hatching the eggs I wanted to hatch for a while and get an ub lol but my next shiny hunt will be sawk so let me know if you want a slot
2 Months ago
Interaction exchange? I’m needing to free up space in my egg storage XD
2 Months ago
I just love people.....
2 Months ago
My sibling just slapped the tattoo DX whyyyyyyy!!!
2 Months ago
Yo peeps I got a new Pokémon go account my friend code is 9770 8414 0143
2 Months ago
How much is a saddle worth?
2 Months ago
God today I am 19, one step closer to 20 lol welp let’s have some fun XD
2 Months ago
Happy Birthday, FallenAngel!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

Hmm? Alright then even though it’s tomorrow on the 18th but I guess the game counts it early lol
2 Months ago
Alright since I’m looking for more songs (look at my last feed to understand why if you want) Tell me what you like and I’ll add it to the collection
2 Months ago

About me

Name's Knock-Out, you may not know me since some fles- *coughs* Humans don’t. I work (am a slave) for Lord Megatron (not the Pokémon I nicknamed) as a Decepticon medic.
. I’m from planet Cybertron, it was a peaceful place before the war.... I refuse to get into that... what do you humans call it... oh yes, a "rabbit" hole. I came across this site after I won another Human race. It seems interesting and it is helping me understand more about you humans customs (in other words I was ordered to by my lord that wishes to learn about all the creatures on this... planet) I’m generous to those in need (yes, I know, a big shocker) but unlike popular belief I’m more "laid back." Well anyway, to cut this short, I’m here to collect, learn and be social with you Humans so my apologies if I may seem "awkward" in the beginning or on occasion.

QuoteThings that will get you blocked

asking/begging me for money.
Asking me if I’m selling something. The only times I am is if I post a feed stating so.
Being rude/disrespectful.
Follow pokeheros rules accordingly and if you don’t, I will give you one warning before I block you.
And most importantly Do.not. scratch. my. paint

Humans I get along with (do. Not. Disrespect. *starts my drill and has a menacing smirk* or regret ever meeting me)

With that small introduction.


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