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Trainerlevel: 20

Trainerpoints: 1,104/1,219


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Snubbull639 / 102
Pachirisu14129 / 631
Purrloin511 / 91
Slugma446 / 61
Solosis242 / 48
Togedemaru13542 / 547


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Trainer ID: #112765904
Registration: 06/11/2019 (8 Months ago)
Game Time: 84:10 Hours
Total interactions: 50,577
Money: 18,059
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


i have an auction shiny female rapidash for dragon gems
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
Figured because im bored I'd do a small giveaway! Im going to be giving away my shiny rockruff evo line. Three winners will be announced on Mondayyyy. Goodluck to all whom enter ((:

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(Or) share the hashtag
2 Months ago
By ~Nayami~ - 22 Days and 12 Hours ago.
warm my egg


this hashtag can be use for all users that wants their eggs to be hatched.

train my pokemon


this hashtag can be use for all users that wants their pokemon to evolve.

lets battle


this hashtag can be use for all users to battle.

well i like to do this nvm so everything can be made easier
although im not a moderator
3 Months ago
By ShadeUmbreon - 7 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.Since I feel like itI'm doing a giveaway____________________Prizes:1st: Lugia Egg Voucher, 5k pd, and the pokemon that holds the voucher...2nd: 2.5k Pd3rd: 1k pd_________________How to enter:Share #EliteGemsLike the Original PostAnd you got 1 ticket to enter_____________________________How to get a higher winning chanceGift over some gems1 gem = 1 ticket1 dragon gem= 10 ticketsOr...Go to my Pokemon League and challenge the Gym Leaders/ Elite Four!Or if you are a Gym Leader/ Elite FourJust defeat challengers1 Defeated Challenger = 2 Tickets1 Defeated Leader/Elite Four = 2 Ticket
3 Months ago
By Supernovapad1231 - 1 Hour and 14 Minutes ago.
I am starting a hashtag, so yeah. Here it is.
To Participate, Feed my Wailord a berry (It is in my party right now) and Share this Hashtag ( #WailordHP ), then You are in the hashtag. Prizes are:

1st: 10,000 PD Any Pair that I allow
2nd:9,000 PD Eevee and Applin Pair
3rd: 5,000 PD Applin Pair

Prizes might seem bad, though I tried my best.
Heart this feed so I know Who is in.
4 Months ago
By PerfectBidoof - 15 Hours and 29 Minutes ago.
Share #KissingTheHomiesGoodnight to win a random Pokémon named ‘your homie’
4 Months ago
By MulberryFlower - 1 Hour and 10 Minutes ago.
It's been a while since I've hosted a giveaway, and since it's still so cold and snowy in Ohio, I'd like to spread some smiles. Everyone likes Dream World plushies, right?

Share the hashtag #ItsStillSnowing, and I'll pick 3 winners on Wednesday night at reset.

1st place gets 20 dream world plushies of your choice (100 DP or less each)
2nd place gets 10 plushies
3rd place gets 5 plushies

The rules:
>You can only share the hashtag one time per person
>If you win, you can choose any combination of plushies you would like!
>You don't have to share the whole post, but you can if you want to!

Enjoy and have a great day!
4 Months ago
y ~Nayami~ - 18 Hours and 53 Minutes ago.
warm my egg


this hashtag can be use for all users that wants their eggs to be hatched.

train my pokemon


this hashtag can be use for all users that wants their pokemon to evolve.

lets battle


this hashtag can be use for all users to battle.

well i like to do this nvm so everything can be made easier
although im not a moderator
4 Months ago
have to train professers pokemon interaction exctange
4 Months ago
Interaction exchange
4 Months ago
By Undefined99 - 3 Days and 12 Hours ago.
#ShinyKangy It's Give Away Time! Trying to hatch that SM Kangaskhan before my Premium runs out

1st Prize: 1x Shiny Kang and 1x Mega Kang
2nd Prize: 1x Ultra Saddle and 5x Star Pieces
3rd Prize: 1x Lugia Egg Voucher

1 Share gives you a ticket
1 Normal Gem gives you a ticket (more gems, more tickets).
You must share.

Ends next Friday!
4 Months ago
By Supernovapad1231 - 4 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.

Let's Praise God and Jesus!
Share this hashtag, and like this feed (Original feed) and get random prizes!
4 Months ago
By klho803705 - 1 Day and 16 Hours ago.
Alright guys, remember:
#RandomOfTheDay3. This is the third #RandomOfTheDay s. Like this post and/or Post on your own page #RandomOfTheDay3. (See #RandomOfTheDay for details)
18 Days ago
4 Months ago
By Supernovapad1231 - 6 Minutes and 8 Seconds ago.
I am finally deciding to start a giveaway, for some reason I think the prizes might me bad... So here are the prizes:

1st: 10,000 PD, 1 Eevee Pair, and 1 Applin pair.
2nd: 7,500 PD, and Eevee OR Applin pair.
3rd: Just 5,000 PD, and Eevee pair.

To enter this giveaway, Just Like this feed (The original feed) and then Share this hashtag: #SupernovasFirstEverGiveaway

This Hashtag ends: March 7th....
4 Months ago
By CCrysie - 5 Hours and 43 Minutes ago.
Time for my first giveaway!

Before I state the prizes, I’d like to thank one of my friends on this site, haunter159 They were leaving, so they split the items and currency between myself and one other user.

Prize time!
1st Place: 500,000 PD
2nd Place: 3 Nebula Stones
3rd Place: 1 Star Piece and Random Gems I Have

To enter, simply heart the original post share the hastag: #GoodMorningandGoodNight

Giveaway ends on the last day of February. (PST Timezone)
4 Months ago
By SilverFox - 3 Hours and 45 Minutes ago.
I'm going to try and do a giveaway on giving away my eevees and pidgeys so ill give these items

1st: 150k pd
2nd: Two gems (random)
3rd: 1 star piece

Just Like the original post and comment what your favorite video game is that you played before and share the hashtag #EeveeAndPidgeyGiveaway

Ends March 4th! Good luck :3
4 Months ago

By galaxyrazor - 13 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.
so since my birthday is tomorrow I decided to do a giveaway
the prizes are
1st:any 3 Pokemon from my GIVEAWAY BOX
2nd:any 2 after 1st has chosen
3rd: Andy 1 after 1st and 2nd have chosen.

to win? just share the ENTIRE FEED and the hashtag: #Galaxysbday , heart the original post and comment you favourite ever gift

4 Months ago
By Gosth
Are gineapigs a pig or a rabbit?
I think a rabbit
4 Months ago
The winners are drumroll please *drumroll*
1 NooMohk
2 citali
3 BluePringlez
4 Allister
5 Superald
6 Evil_Magikarp_Coin
7 Kindagayhaha
9 Sartor
10 Howlarmoon

The last too get random because they were chosen by me because they liked the post but no comment
Great job everyone

Happy Valentines Day :)
4 Months ago



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