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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 3,140/9,129


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Shiny Hunt

punkworm is currently hunting Pidgey.
Hunt started: 27/01/2023

Chain: 530
6 8 0

Shiny Hunting (You can order!)

Currently Hunting
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To order, visit Redemption Shinies Shop
20 Slots Are Opened:

Shiny: 25k or -
Mega-able: 5k or -

Next Hunt:
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Open Slots:
1. punkworm 3x
2. -
3. -
12 slots open.

300k or 150

All Time Goal:

I collect these :)

I collect Blastoise plushies!


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kalkar34 4 Days ago
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punkworm 9 Days ago


punkworm hasn't collected any medals so far.

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #102358926
Registration: 14/11/2019 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Sep/2023
Game Time: 790:35 Hours
Total interactions: 2,518,664
Money: 3,007,143
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Today, 06:40
Yesterday, 19:22

10 States are harshly affected by the eartquake. Thounds of people died. Any help is appreciated.

Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency - AFAD

Yesterday, 12:47
Shadow Magmar, Eevee, Spinarak, Togepi, Granbull, Slugma and Mantine up in the AH.
Yesterday, 09:59
Pokeradar shiny chance: 2.75%
Current shiny ratio: 0.75%

This is bugged LoL
2 Days ago
How to evolve Galarian Darmanitan into Zen mode?
7 Days ago
You are currently hunting Pidgey!
Good luck!

Total hatched: 167
Current Shiny Chance: 2.75 %

Normal:164 hatched
Shiny:0 hatched
Megas:3 hatched
Shiny Megas: 0 hatched
7 Days ago
How can people click 100k in a day? I spent my all day clicking and I barely got 40k (my all time highest). I see why it took me 2 and half years to get 1 year premium without real money.
8 Days ago
LF normal gems, 1k per gem.
8 Days ago
The Shadow Mewtwo has been caught successfully!
Finish hunt
18 Days ago
A wild Mewtwo appeared!

Your Shadow Radar recorded its data.
19 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 3 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Makuhita hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #147)!

complaining works...
26 Days ago
punkworm is currently hunting Makuhita.
Hunt started: 03/01/2023

Chain: 146
0 Shiny

26 Days ago
Trading water and dragon gems for fighting gems. Check gem exchange if interested.
27 Days ago
punkworm is currently hunting Makuhita.
Hunt started: 03/01/2023

Chain: 129
0 Shiny

Come on Maku!

Complaining works.
28 Days ago
12460 GGC
940 Pokéball
30 Rare Candy
Bug Gem 62
Rock Gem 32
Grass Gem 36
Water Gem 43
Flying Gem 73
Ground Gem 81
Normal Gem 46
Poison Gem 75
Electric Gem 74
Fighting Gem 37
Ghost Gem 7
Steel Gem 7
Psychic Gem 13
Dragon Gem 7
Lum Berry 61
Bluk Berry 90
Figy Berry 93
Mago Berry 66
Oran Berry 137
Razz Berry 77
Wiki Berry 84
Aguav Berry 10
Cheri Berry 101
Grepa Berry 52
Nanab Berry 34
Pinap Berry 96
Pomeg Berry 12
Rawst Berry 81
Aspear Berry 114
Chesto Berry 75
Hondew Berry 45
Iapapa Berry 76
Kelpsy Berry 83
Persim Berry 55
Qualot Berry 30
Sitrus Berry 43
Tamato Berry 88
Wepear Berry 85
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange? 😇
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange? 😇
1 Month ago
Shiny Machop
Chain #246
December 19th

175 eggs and 10 days later...

Shiny Machop
Chain #421
December 29th

Curse is broken.
1 Month ago
no shiny for 149 eggs...
1 Month ago

My Precious!

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My First Shiny Legendary!
Date: 23.08.2022, Got Lucky

Shiny Megas!
1st Shiny Mega: SM Aggron, 38OS
Date: 04.10.2022, Chain: 516

2nd Shiny Mega: SM Aggron, 39OS
Date: 19.10.2022, Chain: 1036

Shiny Turtle Squad!


Kanto Dex [Completed!]

Johto Dex [Completed]

Hoenn Dex [Completed]

Sinnoh Dex [Completed]

Unova Dex

Kalos Dex

Alola Dex

Galar Dex

Hisui Dex

Emera Dex

M&G Dex

Retro Dex


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Walking through the tall grass (34 Minutes ago)

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