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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 1,421/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Mewtwo Y)
6431,403,136 / 1,552,846
Hippopotas549 / 114
Lillipup9137 / 141
Sneasel16116 / 585
Snubbull20256 / 1,008
Phantump13536 / 547

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #291943670
Registration: 22/05/2018 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 614:18 Hours
Total interactions: 1,546,715
Money: 4,429,020
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Hello Guys! Just an Update on the 1 Million PD Giveaway. That winner will be announced Tomorrow instead of 31st of this month. As I know you guys can't wait and neither can I.

1 Day ago
🎉 6th Anniversary Giveaway! 🎉

Yay, I have decided to do a special giveaway to celebrate my 6th anniversary on the website! Because why not, right? 🎉🎉

To participate:

1. Add me to your friend list.
2. Like my feed.
3. Repost my feed with the hashtag #Yako6th.

The prize for the winner is: 1 million PD!

Good luck to everyone! 🎊

The giveaway ends on 31/05/2024. Don't miss out!
4 Days ago
WOHOO! I have finally been a member at PH for 6 YEARS ^^.
4 Days ago
Should I do a 1 million PD giveaway, on my 6th PH anniversary!
8 Days ago
Well... I'm back, but So many people are now inactive on PH.
5 Months ago
Will be offline for 1 or 2 months, just need to focus on something else in life.
1 Year ago
Lol, PH feels so boring now, like the game isn't doing something new, like no events or anything, and Riako was active 13 days ago, I think we shouldn't discriminate Raiko for this as he has held this site together for a decade and I'm sure that he will do the in the coming years, so therefore we should also respect his break and him taking some time off and him taking off sometime to enjoy with family and friends, as he is a very good Admin and coder of this amazing site.
1 Year ago
Just shocks me that there are so many creative and ambitious artists on this site.
1 Year ago
1.5 Million Interactions!
1 Year ago
Can't Believe In just 20 Hours, I have increased my Bag Value by 20%
1 Year ago
Anybody with more than 1k Nuggets like this feed.
1 Year ago
I tried my best... with lowering the price on PH for Nuggets, but it is simply not possible even though I have tried so many solutions but at the end there was problem which the mods pointed out which could occur and lowering the Nugget price is impossible without financial repercussions for PH, as Nuggets are vital to pay for the servers for PH and keep the game going for everyone as people buy them from real money, the only way we could lower price is by collecting a large amount of nuggets and that should be very large amount like 20,000 to lower the price for everyone at PH and this simply very hard and needs a lot of PD, so therefore we cannot do that, as even if Riako could lower the price, then PH would face lower amount of nuggets being bought from the Item shop, so I'm sorry but I tried my best...
1 Year ago
Need more votes on my poll to convey the mods to settle a price of 1.5k on PH for the Nuggets, so Please get at least 100 votes on my poll in one day and I would be representable in front of riako and the mods as this would be a strong debate against the price of nuggets.
1 Year ago
Please go vote on my Poll on my profile about Nuggets Price to help us.
1 Year ago
OK! so the new black market would sell one nugget for 1.5k PD, back to the good old days price. I need a lot of people to work for this as it has to be organised, but it would be non profit organisation and the funding required is huge but our main target is to reduce the main price for everyone at PH, in Item Market and GTS etc. The main thing would be maintaining the security, for this, I have come up with a good plan,which is that only the trusted people would be allowed to join this Society and if they are caught, they would be excluded permanently and to be CONSIDERED not join you must have 500+ game time and registered one year ago minimum.
I would unleash the rest of the plan as I'm still deciding, any recommendation then please comment.
1 Year ago
I'm thinking to start a Black Market for cheap Nuggets, and people with a ticket could join it, Like a secret society lol, I guess Nuggets prices are really making me think about this!
Like this if you think I should.
Will start it when this feed gets 60 likes...
1 Year ago
Nugget Price Again 📈
1 Year ago
Thanks to Komainu for the new Profile Picture.
Like the feed if you like it!
1 Year ago
About to Upgrade my Profile Layout completely to a different level, right now it looks so old and boring, thanks to Komainu for helping me out, check out his Art Shop if your also interested in making your Profile look amazing and colorful.
1 Year ago
Need to do a quick Giveaway, as I haven't done one for a while, so to enter you must -

Have me added to friend list

Like this feed

share #YakoQgiveaway

the giveaway will end on tuesday PH time.
1 Year ago



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