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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 71/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,1081,404,994 / 36,235,396
Onix356227,969 / 381,277
Onix356116,524 / 381,277
Salazzle356226,631 / 381,277
Onix356254,659 / 381,277
Obsidianix355300,791 / 379,141

Note to Self

I will update this someday

When I'm not lazy


It might take decades


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #151931111
Registration: 02/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 2516:03 Hours
Total interactions: 261,079
Money: 11,942,898
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 9 Years now!

Is that sad moment of the year when I realize I have all the birthday pokes and need to wait until they release more...
4 Days ago
He was Ferdinand von Aegir
22 Days ago
I will protect Lechonk from any harm.
Just need them to evolve into the most badass wild boar ever.

But the name being literally "fat piglet" is too much 🥰
1 Month ago
Spanish people who didn't like Spain's song were the Real winners of this year's eurovision.

Guess they were able to buy the judges but not the popular oppinion.

You can have a team of 17 people working on a crappy song and lose to three ladies with tambourines, then buy all the judges so you can send the song anyways to eurovision and continue slipping money under the table to score more points before the festival even starts
1 Month ago
I've been busy today, so i had to break my yearly tradition.
But don't forget, #fairies exist.
3 Months ago
Going to blow everyones minds.
Not only based on spain.
But the game versions are the colors of the spanish republican flag.
Scarlet and Purple.
4 Months ago
Oh shoot!
I just noticed I missed a 3rd day on the advent calendar.
It was probably one i did the challenge but forgot to check back the door
6 Months ago
Nothing is set in stone.
6 Months ago
Why when I miss a day in the calendar is always the day with the event pokemon?
ISTG, it's like Riako knows.
6 Months ago
This weekend the chaos starts.
Daily english classes from 10am to 13pm.
And after that work from 15pm to 23pm.
Just kill me now... where's my free time?
7 Months ago
I always bid like the double or triple or even quadruple that the original auction asks.
That way, if I get overbid I can assure that the real auction winner is the person who sets the aution up, no the person who overbids me.
Also, I don't usually bid back or overbid anyone unless i really want what it is.
7 Months ago
Me: goes to pick Pearl.
Starts to talk with the cashier (know him for at least 20 years and been 4 since last seen)
10 minutes after.

Me: I didn't pick up the game!!
Goes back to the store and the cashier is laughing.
7 Months ago
I did a 50 questions english test on the academy in 4 minutes or even less and like 10 minutes later I got the call and well, it seems i understand english.
B2, im finally on my way!
7 Months ago
Currently waiting on the tattoo studio.
It's my friend's turn and when he finishes with her, i will get mine
7 Months ago
Had a micro heart attack because past me decided that I should put my Ditto with the megas and shinies instead of the Kanto dex box and present me couldn't find it
7 Months ago
I am now learning that when people speak about "squid game", they aren't hyping for Splatoon 3
8 Months ago
So, I got negative on covid.
But kinda bummed because i have to be on quarantine anyways.
Yeah, hella bored.

I go from the chair to the bed on my little bedroom.
Restarted Yokai Watch 3 because i don't have anything else to play (cousin erased my save, so no loss for me)
9 Months ago
So, i'm at the airport.
Everything ready to fly.
I get a call from one of my aunts.
Both grandpa and grandma positive with covid.
I am not fully vaccinated.
I had contact with both of them.
My aunt who drove me to the airport works at the elderly home.

Who knows you?
9 Months ago
Are the event pokemon the Pokeheroes take on regional variants?
Is the Sproutlett the Emera region variant of Diglett? What about Catercream?

Guess we'll never know....
9 Months ago
Life update:
Got my breast cancer revision today and i'm still clean, but with 4 cases on my family (grandmas and two aunts) i will need a blood test to be more safe.
Yep, i'm moving back to the island, got my plane ticket today, i will drop tomorrow a few boxes with things to send to myself via mail. I'm bringing Luke with me (he travels with my brother) and the other two are going to stay with my grandparents from tomorrow. Next week is going to feel lonely, from 2 extra people at home and 4 cats it's only going to be myself.
9 Months ago

Meebo's Wonderland

I DON'T give away/sell my things unless I'm offering them, don't even ask if I'm not doing so

27yo from Spain (yep, I don't age), will fite you if need, shy AF, tells bad jokes, loves drama too much, Agender (sometimes feels genderfluid), asexual, aromantic aromatic and automatic, identifies itself as plant.
But still too gay for this world...

I don't care about gender stereotypes, feel free to call me sis or dude if you want
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Totally a Tales of/Final Fantasy freak

Registered user #69, any other username that Isn't Mikleo is temporal until I can change it back.

My Special Babies

(Not all my "First on site" pok


Sormik apreciation corner

May the might umbrella of the magnificent Edna Ojou-sama shields you from the other impure Sorey (or Mikleo) based ships.

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(Not a GIF) Sorey is concerned and prays for the poor souls of the people who likes to ship him with Alisha/Rose