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Trainerlevel: 65

Trainerpoints: 7,416/12,739


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
3,67034,001,147 / 50,522,139

Note to Self

I will update this someday

When I'm not lazy


It might take decades


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #151931111
Registration: 02/07/2013 (10 Years ago)
Game Time: 2714:46 Hours
Total interactions: 346,644
Money: 10,821,049
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


I wasn't searching, but found the Gimmighoul
Nice way to end April 1rst
14 Days ago
nah, not even going to try
18 Days ago
Question for Lab Ditto

do you read the "Hihihihihi" as...
a) laugh (mischievous)
b) efusive greetings
22 Days ago
Since I'm totally not reaching the next milestone for the event, I'm totally keeping two tadbulbs for the dex entries
(also didn't get any shiny for now)
24 Days ago
Event seems fixed now, no need to mass panic
1 Month ago
I am the embodiment of the meme "I expect nothing and I'm still let down"

A new Legends game was on the bottom of my Wishlist
I had a few hopes of Gen2 because the had to throw Unowns and Raikou on the direct
Yet, another year with no Gen2 or Gen5 games
1 Month ago
Last day of airports and back to daily routine
Madrid was fun, I feel like I finally had time to rest my legs a bit
Too bad we are at the end of the month and I have payments to do which reduced my economy a lot
Lion King musical was amazing, even better than I imagined but the merchandising store only taking cash was a low blow

I met one of my longtime internet friends after +10 years, we spend a nice day windowshopping and walking and selling our soul and data for a free chinese new year keychain
1 Month ago
Epic Mickey!
Monster Hunter Stories!

(and I wish I cared for any of the other titles announced, but these two are enough for me)
1 Month ago
I am back now from Barcelona
NieR concert was amazing, I've made so many memories
Meet a lot of amazing and crazy people on these days, feels good to meet in person your internet friends
1 Month ago
starting tomorrow I will be on no-pc mode.
I'm going to Barcelona to see the Nier concert and taking the laptop with me feels like a waste of time.

just me, my switch and my phone
2 Months ago
my first rumble shiny
and I did nickname her after the shiny I got in pokemon sun
2 Months ago
Genshin Impact: Update + Event
Persona 3 Reload: Launch
Honkai Star Rail: Update
Fire Emblem Heroes: Anniversary event
Cookie Run Kingdom: Update

My free time: HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
the urge of speedrunning everything to evade spoilers
2 Months ago
SHE ate 90 wishes x_x
but at least I got Xianyun and her weapon
2 Months ago
a canary bird entered our house via the small 15cm ventilation window on our patio and the cats got it.
Poor thing was barely alive when we got him from the cats, eventually passing on my father's hand.

Hoping no neighbour is missing a bird...
3 Months ago
There's this question in the back of my mind:

Will the Orrym and Pumplim events get their Dipplin and Hydrapple variations someday?
3 Months ago
Imagine having two times the "Evolve Pokémon of the Rare-Rarity originally adopted from Prof. Rowan's Lab via Level-Up" but you only get Rare-Rarity pokemon that don't evolve or evolve with item
3 Months ago
Hatch 5 / 8 Dragon-type Eggs from Prof. Rowan's Lab.
48 Research Points

Evolve 2 / 6 Pokémon of the Rare-Rarity originally adopted from Prof. Rowan's Lab via Level-Up.
48 Research Points

Evolve 6 / 8 originally adopted from Prof. Rowan's Lab via Level-Up.
32 Research Points

779 / 1000 Research Points

Well, we are kinda there now (and yes, the dragon hatch is the same as my update 3 months ago)
they seriously need to nerf some of these tasks
3 Months ago
Me: I have no time to do today's task, yet I'm not going down to close to the finish line.

Proceeds to wrap gift while clicking with the foot
3 Months ago
Does advent calendar task
Doesn't claim reward
Refuses to elaborate further
3 Months ago
Genshin time (but actually no)

I'm really excited because my 8BitDo controller Chongyun edition ships tomorrow.
Going to take a while to arrive to Canary Islands, but I hope it can make it before Dia de Reyes and still have my present on time.

Chongyun is one of my favorite Genshin characters and getting a controller for my pc inspired by him was a must for me.
3 Months ago

Meebo's Wonderland

I DON'T give away/sell my things unless I'm offering them, don't even ask if I'm not doing so

Ageless inmortal being from Spain, will figte you if need, shy AF, tells bad jokes, loves drama too much, Agender (sometimes feels genderfluid), asexual, aromantic aromatic and automatic, identifies itself as plant.
But still too gay for this world...
{Any Pronoun is okay with me}

Server time 0
Totally a Tales of/Final Fantasy freak scratch that, I didn't even like their last games...
ummm... ehmmm... Genshin Impact?

Registered user #69, any other username that Isn't Mikleo is temporal until I can change it back.

My Special Babies

(Not all my "First on site" pok


Sormik apreciation corner

May the might umbrella of the magnificent Edna Ojou-sama shields you from the other impure Sorey (or Mikleo) based ships.

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(Not a GIF) Sorey is concerned and prays for the poor souls of the people who likes to ship him with Alisha/Rose