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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 825/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Unnamed Light
18917,628 / 123,693
Baby Blue
198103,655 / 147,759
1888,601 / 133,246
Snom25982,542 / 202,021
(Festival Gardevoir)
27071,666 / 274,389
Magikarp10516,007 / 41,739

fellow VIPPERLOIDs/UTAUloids

Art by 菊の字 on Pixiv
Ruko is a troll VOCALOID also known as VIPPERLOIDs, this group has Kasane Teto, Namine Ritsu and Sukone Tei to name a few.

PfP of Namine Ritsu. Video by TheBrokenBeays YouTube

Ruko and Ritsu

art by: 藤堂茶路 on Pixiv
Ruko and Namine Ritsu is also a popular ship, this is also non-cannon.
Art by: 精神障害厨 on Pixiv


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Trainer ID: #106231731
Registration: 09/07/2017 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 148:07 Hours
Total interactions: 54,705
Money: 164,544
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I know I've been really inactive on here, I'm not leaving here but Pokeheroes just isn't interesting to me anymore. It has nothing to do, at least for me.

In a form post I've outlined where you can find me. A message will be out soon for only friends.

It's been a blast guys, I'll still try to check in here on the off time, but most likely I won't be here often enough.

Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys if you want to contact me outside of here.
1 Year ago
Happy birthday (PH Time) to the best sister in the whole wide world Syd_the_Squid!!

Please go flood her with plushies!!!!!
1 Year ago
I forgot this is a game, just feels more like a site then anything, does this place have lore or story? Or is it just one humblejumble?
1 Year ago
every time I log in, some sort of drama is going down, this is starting to feel like a smaller, more child friendly version of twitter :/
2 Years ago
Okay, I've tried at least 7 times to stay active here, how do others stay active? The only thing I do here is shiny hunt .-.

(Also update to #lgbtlove I'm a pancake, ace pan!)
2 Years ago
asexual bi-romantic! Sending love to all of you!
2 Years ago
Happy Pride month everyone! I've changed my pfp (I edited it myself, I'm proud of that since I'm still getting to know my art program) to Hawks with the ace flag behind him!!

Now, this is meant to be a happy month and it still is, but watch for Operation Pridefall, it might not happen here but on social media sites it is. Be careful everyone!

Happy Pride month again!
2 Years ago
If you deafen yourself with your own views and try to stifle others, your world will never shine as brightly as others. A world in darkness is prone to fear and negativity. A world engulfed in complete brightness cannot see the darkness of others. A world can never be perfect, nor can a human.

I will be joining others in this, I will be logging out. It seems that whenever people have a disagreement drama starts, I do not wish to have my feed filled with pointless drama, I will not be unfriending anyone over this. This will pass, as does everything. The time when the drama has passed will come, have patience for others, Don't live your life in darkness, don't live your life in brightness. Take care.

~Unnamed Light/Moth Mum
2 Years ago
I have taken someone else to fangirl over.. Ruko will always have my heart but now she'll have to share with Hawks!
2 Years ago
*crawls out of pit again after being kicked back down*
Holy goodness!! I can't keep up with anything nowadays and my level of focus has dipped far below sea level! So hi again, could someone outline what I've missed please? This also includes your own lives cause when I was more active I'd read almost every post put out by you guys and now I have such a big mound I don't know if I have the focus to do it. Anyway, it's nice to see you guys again!!
2 Years ago
*crawls out of pit*
I liveeeee!!
2 Years ago
Hey, if you have Sword and Shield and you want my (always changing) cards put this code in!
0000 0008 GN75 60
2 Years ago
Hi, so I know I'm a happy person a lot of the time but,,

My best friend jut said he "can't come to my 16th birthday but he'll go to the next event", so I'm a little bummed about it but it happens right? Well I went to a group chat of mine with some of my other friends that are coming. One of them sends a message. "I was like did you even ask your dad? and he said well no but we have a thing that day I was like the party isn’t until 6 at least
He was like yeah I know but he’s probably gonna say no anyway
so,, he didn’t even, *******, bother?"

now I'm just plain upset. So, any chance you guys could lift my spirits a little with something good that's happened with you?
2 Years ago
we lost a wonderful artist today, Qinni, she was a 3x heart surgery survivor. She passed after losing her fight with cancer today. Qinni was a Canadian artist that was beloved and an influential figure for many out here. Qinni's brother confirmed that she passed away suddenly today. She was 29. May you rest in Peace.
2 Years ago
back to the old one, Oh boy,
2 Years ago
thank you to all who participated! It really made part of her birthday seeing all the Inkay!

I've sent the 30K as a gift to the winners, congrats!!
2 Years ago
Alright! I'm here and I have the winners!!!
so,the two winners are.....
~Lucky~ !
Zaya21 !
You both will be sent your 30K soon!!
2 Years ago
Okay, I did steal this formatting from my sister but if she thinks she can get away without me making a retaliation post she’s wrong! So, as some of you might know my sisters favorite pokemon is Inkay for its relation to squids. SO! My idea is to drop a TON of Inkay plushies on her on the 4th!!!

how do I enter?
Drop 1 or more Inkay plushie ORsend a happy birthday wish to my sisterSyd_the_Squid. Then share the hashtag or the post!!!

There will be 2 winners decided by Random.org all the winners will get 30k pd!


Share this!
It'll end when I get home tomorrow!
2 Years ago
I finally have more Snoms then I do magikarp!
2 Years ago

Yokune Ruko overview

Owner and maker of my child Yokune Ruko
UTAU Wiki page

Sex: Bigender; Intersex (90% male, 10% female)
pronouns: She/Her
Age (pay no real mind to the age; 12
name meaning
Yokune: Greedy Sound, from the fact that she has two voicebanks (female and male). However, her name is also a playword on the phrase Yoku Neru ko. Alternatively, her whole name is sometimes written as よく寝る子 (yoku neru ko), which translates as "The girl who sleeps a lot."
Ruko: Is both a masculine and feminine Japanese name
65: She used to bear the same body model 03 as her true counterpart, Megurine Luka at first.

Ruko and Rook

Art by: うろ on Pixiv
Art by: Romi826 on DA
Ruko and Rook have a non cannon relationship. This relationship can range from Brother and Sister to lovers. Some people give Rook the last name Yokune but this is not cannon.
Art by うろ on Pixiv


Cute Gifs (off topic)

Need someone to talk to? PM me!

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