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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 2,007/2,053


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About Me

Okay, So My names Isaiah, I'm 15 years old and live in INDIANA. I am n 9th grade and Play football as an offensive lineman. I take AP and college course classes. I loved pokemon ever since I was young. I think the first time I watch anime was when Digimon was a thing. I love Japanese culture. I am considered a "mutt", because of my cultural diversity. I like meeting new people, who have the same interests as me.

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Shiny Hunt

Zaya21 is currently hunting Cubone.
Hunt started: 02/12/2019

Chain: 19

Game Records

Trainer ID: #901703408
Registration: 12/10/2019 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 168:39 Hours
Total interactions: 202,342
Money: 168,569
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


How is my Joltik doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 21, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Joltik is on Level 47, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.
10 Days ago
Listen, I am currently stuck in a difficult situation and I need your help. There is this professor from Ruby Valley, he is called Prof. Oak. We've been rivals for many years now and we duel again and again - to find out who is the best professor.
This time we made a contest where we hatched two Joltik eggs. The goal is to get it to a higher level than the other Professor until this Sunday.
But, well... I'm currently very busy; there are so many new trainers in Emera Town and all of them demand their Starter Pokémon.

Will you take care of Joltik and train it for me? I'll obviously give you a great reward if you help me to win this contest!
11 Days ago
For being able to give thanks to the things I'm thankful for
12 Days ago
By Xtreme_legends
i just hatched a shiny mega trapinch
so im doing a give away
1st prize 5 dragon gems
2nd prize 1 melton candy
3rd-8th prize 2 mega able altaria
9th -10th prize mega able flygon
share whole feed, like, and comment proof of feeding berry on orignal feed to enter
will end when at reset
13 Days ago
My Solgaleo is in the alola rumble are. If it says recruit's what does that mean?
15 Days ago
Anyone want a Female shiny Bulbasaur and a Male Sobble for a Female Sobble?
15 Days ago
I started a month ago, How is it gonna be possible to get a type:Null egg? better yet, I don't own a credit card or even have 30 nuggets yet. How will I get a chance to get anything? What a drag
15 Days ago
Yo, I've been told that when it's sunny, I can get the alola rumble area. But how exactly?
16 Days ago
can heatran breed?
16 Days ago
By ShadowKeeper - 11 Hours and 37 Minutes ago.
Ends when I hatch a shiny goomy.
Prizes: 1st
A ton of items!! (Almost all of my items)
Prizes: 2nd
50k pd
17 Days ago
Total hatched: 32
Current Shiny Chance: 0.143 %

The numbers are finally progressing
18 Days ago
I was re watching sun and moon ultra adventures, when I saw the episode about the minior. It was uber sad
18 Days ago
I'm triggered!!! I was out walking around with one of me friends, and when I get back home, I find a note that said, "Auntie is having an early thanksgiving so sorry but we went with her." my siblings even left a time of when they left, and turns out it was 5 minutes or so before I returned. I freakin missed my thanksgiving this year!!
19 Days ago

The day of feasting is upon us and before you all enjoy the meals upcoming, enjoy a giveaway first
Share the hashtag AND comment your favorite thanksgiving dish (doesn’t have to be traditional, you all have your favorite foods) to be entered.

1st place: a prize from the 1st place prize wheel

2nd place: a prize from the 2nd place prize wheel

Ends 3 hours before reset on thanksgiving. So 3 hours before the 28th Of November. Good luck to all
20 Days ago
By f1owercrown - 1 Hour and 9 Minutes ago.
Hey everyone.

After much consideration I've decided to move on from this site. It was short-lived fun, but I think I'd be better off elsewhere.

I'm raffling off my shinies/mega found here. Some of them are event Pokemon so yeah.

I can't think of a good hashtag so just post #HashtagGiveaway and I'll enter you into a raffle (one entry per person only). Will pick the top 15 from a randomized list, first one on the list will get first pick in the box, etc.

Ends same time next week. Good luck.
20 Days ago
From SharkWillBraviary
Contest! I need 50k PD for my Absol shiny hunt, so share #HuntDonationAbsol and send me a bit of PD or nuggets.(Trying to get to 50k PD or 50 nuggets) Prizes;

1. 3 Hoopa
2. 2 Hoopa
3. 1 Hoopa
4. Breeding Pair Of YOUR Choice
5. Breeding Pair Of MY Choice
6. Pokemon Of YOUR Choice
7. Pokemon Of MY Choice

The highest donations will get highest spots.
21 Days ago
My trade in GTS-
Me: PD or female Grookey please
Person: 1 Grepa Berry
Me in my head:
1. Not even a pokemon
2. Not even PD
3. Not what I asked for
4. Not even what it is worth
21 Days ago
I finally have a profile pic everyone. It's from my favorite anime. I want to do a little contest. So whoever can name the anime and the character, will get a shadow pokemon (gloom).
22 Days ago
How come there isn't an Item that hightens the breeding chance, it could Like make the two pokemon breed faster.
23 Days ago


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