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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 801/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,168136,008 / 2,457,706
594211,154 / 636,175

About Me

Squid lover ↑

| Trans Rights are human rights! |
LONG HIATUS! Please contact me via flightrising if you need me

{Trying not to be in drama/fights unless I'm super passionate. I want a peaceful vibe and I get nothing from drama and fights but exhaustion.}
If I visit your profile, I'm just vising because I saw your username and wanted to interact with your party!

Shiny Hunt

Syd_the_Squid is currently hunting Larvesta.
Hunt started: 13/07/2020

Chain: 64


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #888676453
Registration: 08/07/2017 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 495:03 Hours
Total interactions: 67,454
Money: 208,000
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Soo I guess I should probably say it, but I barely play here anymore it's just gotten stale... I'm sure I'll come back but for now this is a hiatus from the site. It's been a long time coming, you barely see me around at all anymore. If you want to get in contact with me please use my flightrising here
1 Year ago
Okay, so my sister Unnamed Light has posted about how it's my birthday and you should flood me with plushies. So in order to get her back, and because it's her birthday too flood her with plushies, she's a great sister.
1 Year ago
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1 Year ago
So many people are going on about thanks giving, and I'm confused.

Then I remember that america has it after ours.
1 Year ago
Honestly, I kinda agree with what LordSamton said in their 2nd post (the one that has goodbye in it) especially with the "but I'm don't really find myself part of the community anymore." to me it feels like the ph community has died down. I don't see a reason to me participating in it anymore, I don't get any joy out of it and there's nothing to really talk about.

But maybe that's just because ph got boring.
1 Year ago
Kids are so weird, they're kinda spooky....
1 Year ago
I hate to say "keep your eyes out" but this bean might be an adopt later this month, I haven't decided yet.
1 Year ago
By PokeRadar - 3 Hours and 13 Minutes ago.
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Larvesta in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

I didn't even realise I didn't hit 40 yet- Let the hunt begin
1 Year ago
My sister is super stressed due to some info she's received about one of her close friends. So I am asking you to comment the best funny/cute/happy/made you smile videos or photos that you can find and share them below! It would mean alot to me if you could share some for her.
1 Year ago
Greetings, I'm here to tell you that my school has 3 confirmed cases of covid. My sister and I have been home for almost 2 weeks because co-op couldn't get a placement for us, but I will be watching to make sure that we don't have symptoms.

How is everyone doing today?
1 Year ago
Happy Bi-Visibility day!
1 Year ago
Pokemon OST of the day is; DragonSpiral Tower/Celestial Tower
1 Year ago
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has one of the best ost's, underrated in all these "calming pokemon music" I'm seeing.

What I'm seeing too much of is sinnoh, come on other games do have better ost's. Maybe that's just me not really liking sinnoh tho
1 Year ago
Bump on my last post! I need 3more, just please don't choose anyone with the "Makeup time" tag.
1 Year ago
Totally didn't yoink this off of google
Anyway go ahead and choose ANY Oc from my Toyhouse folders the only group that is off limits is "Makeover time". Choose 1-2 please!
1 Year ago
Does PH have a way to see poll results without voting if it's your own poll?
1 Year ago
(Sorry for close feeds!)
Finally edited my about me to include what I've been putting on sites! If you're wondering what it is, it's {Trying not to be in drama/fights unless I'm super passionate. I want a peaceful vibe and I get nothing from drama and fights but exhaustion.}

Another thing This bean finally hit level 1000, I'm so proud of my jolly girl.
1 Year ago
Me: writes a comment
Ph: Your comment is too long -deletes everything I've written-
Me: I suddenly remember why I hate you comment system.
1 Year ago
Me: Mm, this pokefusion looks really nice! I should make more sprites
--5 hours later--
Me: Was I going to do something?
Repeat everyday
1 Year ago

Important People

< A friend who is both inspiring and kind
< my sister, who I would walk through fire and brimstone just to make sure she was smiling.
< My friend who is always encouraging me, even if I'm down
> An amazing person who is always brings positivity to my feeds.
an amazing person who cares alot, She always brings a smile to my face.

Important Info

These are kinda just important information bits!
‣Please note that if I go silent on a feed/pal pad/forum, I'm not ignoring you I'm just not social
for the time being or I have nothing to say
‣If you need to contact me for a important reason please PM me!
‣I normally gift people the gems they need, however sometimes I will sell them to people at a lower price
‣I'm strongly against bashing a site because it isn't "like PH". No two sites are the same, both have flaws.
‣I'm a human being, I have opinions and I will share the ones that I feel are important.
‣Trying to stay away from drama on this site, if you intentionally pull me into drama expect that I won't be happy with you.



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