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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 20,218/21,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
16262,675 / 79,219
Mesprit16524 / 1,021
Bulbasaur (Retro)1447,158 / 70,935
Charmander (Retro)546,402 / 9,159
Squirtle (Retro)14934,686 / 76,077

Tobi | Scorpio | Weeb |

My name is Tobi, I'm an average guy from germany, maybe not excessively skilled but always trying my best.

I would describe myself as a friendly, childish and caring person. I enjoy watching anime and the daily talks with my friends. Listening to music is medicine for me. I'd love to chat.
Hit me up if you want to know more!

Your next door weeb.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #644804317
Registration: 07/03/2015 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 3234:44 Hours
Total interactions: 2,535,323
Money: 3,109,171
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


so I'm still in need of some nuggets after selling my soul to Miky
got some up for sale ? pp me <3
Today, 00:43
Me: Okay, I really don't wanna mess up my sleeping schedule again so I won't take a nap today !!
Also me: sleeping until 22:00 dfihuogodfwjpdofasok
Yesterday, 20:54
Unova will be released in Pokemon Go tonight !!
I can't wait ;w;
2 Days ago
The music they made for the star guardian trailer is so damn good ofghoegfpdosuj ;;
5 Days ago
I definitely did not buy all the star guardian skins.
10/10 would do that again hskdjofwwiedj
6 Days ago
The german name of Cramorant is Urgl and I think thats beautiful.
U R G L !!!!!!
12 Days ago
bumping my gem collector suggestion, check it out !
13 Days ago
Whats your favorite comp of sync pairs in Pokemon Masters ?
I really found a liking in Karen+Houndoom, Rosa+Servine and Phoebe+Dusclops but would like to hear what other people are using owo !
No, I'm definitely not addicted to that game.
19 Days ago
Anyone already playing Pokemon Masters ?
3887654145685063, is my ID !! Add me !!owo
20 Days ago
So on friday I dyed my hair. It didn't came out like I wanted it to be it's now a little bit red-ish but I'm happy with it. And now I'm not thaaaaat much afraid anymore of changing it again. I still want to have a brighter haircolor and I'll try make it better next month :')
23 Days ago
I love those people who say 'sharing a giveaway is not annoying, stop complaining !!!!1' uhm excuse yourself but how can you tell what's annoying for others ?
1 Month ago
There are three types of people on here:

First: people with the mentality of a kindergarten kid while trolling around and causing drama like they have nothing better to do
Second: people who take this all personal and be like "oh no this site and their people suck, imma leave and maybe come back or not qqqqq"
Third: I couldn't even care less about what happens, I'm just here to play the game and talk to people who don't give such people the attention they want

Yeah. I'll keep on ignoring both first and second type of people //shrug
1 Month ago
'tHeY aRe mY fRiEnDs tHeY wOulD nEvEr brEaK tHe rUlEs' yes hello and I'm Santa Clause hohoho no matter how close you are, people might still lie to you, maybe think about that first lmao
1 Month ago
I already hatched 13 eggs today and still got 26 in the daycare... interaction exchange please ? :')
1 Month ago
Shoutout to the people on my friendlist I think I made this feed sime time ago already lmao but besides of some reacting on this bullsh no one is causing any drama. And aswell, no one of you is like 'iM gOiNg tO lEavE bC aLL pEoPle aRe tOxIc hErE'.
1 Month ago
-- Notes for myself --
the Sinnoh-mons I still need to hunt
1 Month ago
Enough summer for me. Can I please get the winter back, thanks in advance.
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Buizel hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #3)!

LOL hi there
1 Month ago
So today was my first Pokemon Go Community day I took part in, and I can say, I definitely don't regret walking 3 hours straight through my town. It was totally worth it to catch all those mudkips

Besides of that, I still need some new people for my friendslist, my code is 6088 5174 0608, I'd be happy to get some new people to exchange gifts !! ^-^
1 Month ago

I can't help that
I can't help that
I can't help that
I can't help that
Yeah, I'm a mess a little bit different
When everyone talks, I don't wanna listen
I wanna hide, I wanna go missing
I'm always addicted to


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