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Trainerlevel: 93

Trainerpoints: 17,510/26,039


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Gengar)
1,0332,167,478 / 3,814,335
(Mega Slowbro)
1,0591,861,232 / 3,367,621
(Mega Sableye)
7601,106,360 / 2,059,382
(Mega Lopunny)
15563,593 / 72,541
(Mega Froslass)
1796,208 / 96,661
(Mega Gallade)
1,6481,373,919 / 10,190,821

Tobi | ♏️ | Weeb | 🌈 |

My name is Tobi, I'm an average guy from germany, maybe not excessively skilled but always trying my best.

I would describe myself as a friendly, childish and caring person. I enjoy watching anime and the daily talks with my friends. Listening to music is medicine for me. I'd love to chat.
Hit me up if you want to know more!

Your next door weeb.

Shiny Hunt

Tobey is currently hunting Lepreowth.
Hunt started: 14/01/2023

Chain: 51


Game Records

Trainer ID: #644804317
Registration: 07/03/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 3862:35 Hours
Total interactions: 2,686,806
Money: 2,800,452
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


Congratulations! A shiny Driflamp hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #69)!

28 Days ago
Nonetheless, I wish everyone a merry christmas! :)
1 Month ago
It just doesn't feel the same. Instead of spending the evening with my family they brought the food home to me. What I really appreciate but I would prefer so much seeing them...stupid covid. :(
1 Month ago
Sick with covid since some days now and still not feeling better. This sucks, especially since christmas is around and we'll probably need to spend it at home instead of visiting our families..
1 Month ago
As a late birthday gift to myself I got a new computer at blackfriday and I arrived yesterday and I'm starting genshin impact again for the first time like in a year and...it's weird but I missed the game alot and it's fun to play it again without lags and in good graphics ;-;
2 Months ago
One of the worst things when working on your own fakemons and dex? Being creative enough to give them names. I really struggle with this and got srsly no ideas how to name them. That already starts with the starters :')
2 Months ago
I did my best to mute every single word that could be associated with a spoiler on twitter. Sadly the evolution of Sprigatito got spoiled for me on there anyway. This is seriously so frustritating and I really don't want to take a social media break for the next week and but I'm really considering it...
2 Months ago
So, yesterday I asked y'all which wurmple evolution you all like more: Beautifly or Dustox. Let's see if those regional variants will change your mind! Both took some design inspirations from trainers of galar. c:

Tell me your opinions about them. c:
3 Months ago
Hey guys! Last time I mentioned regional variants for my game. Soo, on this note: which wurmple evolution do y'all prefer? Do you like Beautifly or Dustox more? :)
Nooo...this is just a random question and doesn't hint anything shh
3 Months ago
Since the vote was not unanimous I decided to show you all a new Pokemon! Let me show you Katboks the Cardboard Cat Pokemon. It's typing is Normal/Ghost.

I'm not sure if I will stick with that name and if it will get an evolution, but I currently see it as something like Mimikyu. Hope y'all like it. c:
4 Months ago
So I recently showed y'all the starters of my game and the reactions were insane. So...I feel like showing some more. But I'm not gonna spoil the starters evolutions just now, but let y'all decide: do you want to see a new Pokemon or a regional Variant? Comment here and I'll show the chosen one tomorrow!
4 Months ago
Got some updates on my game if anyone's interested!
I'm at the point where I can reveal my starters!
Now the big question: which one would you choose? ;)

And yes, they all have dual typing c:
5 Months ago
Just binge watched heartstopped with my boyfriend and this show just made us go dfoihpgudfpoisghfdio whole the time. Loved it and can completely recommend it
8 Months ago
So I finally got the time and motivation to work on something. Sneak peak. I might or might not currently work on my own Pokémon Game. c: I'm still at the beginning, just have the first 6 maps and figuring things out but I enjoy it alot. xD
10 Months ago
Valentines event and the Spiritomb plushie isn't restocked. Zzzz.
11 Months ago
I made a bunch of interactions with feeding berries yesterday and it reset??
Thought its NOT gonna reset at midnight. Amazing.
1 Year ago
Shiny Azelf just hatched <3
1 Year ago
So...I kinda had to out myself to my mother the other day.
I was really afraid of this moment the whole time and imagined the most horrible scenarios what could have happened and how she reacted and stuff.

But nothing like that happened. My boyfriend forgot his pullover in my bed and of course she qestioned that, since he has a smaller size than I have. After just talking around it I didn't have any more excuses and just told her "Yes, I do have a boyfriend." - and she reacted so positive and understanding and asked me about him, thats the first time since a long time my mother showed much interest in whats going on in my life. She was supportive and said as long as I'm happy she is too. She even asked if I want to invite him to christmas and when she will meet him and I didn't have any words in that moment because this went so different and...yeah.
1 Year ago
Thanks alot everyone for the kind birthday wishes. <3
Had a wonderful day and on saturday there will be asian food. <3
1 Year ago
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Okay, seems like I need to stop my hunt :o
1 Year ago

custom plushie art by Hime-Nyan

Well, you were staring at the window
And I said, "I wanna take you to the sea
And when I'm better, we'll do everything"
I gotta stop makin' promises I can't keep

But if I was gone tomorrow, won't the waves crash on?
Is it selfish that I’m happy as we pass the setting sun?
Someday I’ll bе overcast, but you won't have to cry
’Cause wе'll do the grieving, while I'm by your side

"Don't try to make yourself remember, darling
Don’t look for me; I'm just a story you've been told"
So let's pretend a little longer
'Cause when we're gone, everything goes on


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