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About me

I am the winner of the 2020 PH Oscar's Best Roleplayer category award(s) for my preformance as Faith in After Presentable Liberty and Best Roleplay with After Presentable Liberty. Credit for the award goes to the artist, Lupine. #PHOscars2020

Game Records

Trainer ID: #576989240
Registration: 10/01/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 751:33 Hours
Total interactions: 500,700
Money: 605,460
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Yesterday, 22:07

You decide to catch the Snowturk. Since it's an ice-flying pokemon you sent out Bastet. Bastet lands at your feet and awaits your command:

A) Ember
B) Tackle
C) Helping Hand
D) Growl
Yesterday, 21:27

You and Akane head to the tall grass to train, most of the wild pokemon are weak so you can take them on no problem. You work with each of your team members with no troubles. But the more you go on the tougher the Pokemon get. You spot an ice type walking around in the grass, it seems like an odd place for it, being a sunny village and all. It was a small bird your pokedex beeped at you, this was the ice-flying type Snowturk that evolved into Winterkey. You have a spare slot for another party member if you want it.

A) Catch it
B) Battle it
C) Flee
D) Other (Comment)
Yesterday, 20:10

(Question: If I made the option to date Akane in the story who would?)
Yesterday, 04:20

She frowned. "I'm not formillar with it, it must be a legdendary that hails from this region." When the two of you finish and clear the dishes you call back your respective teams and get ready for the day ahead. You both know you'll have to fight the gym leader, who's a grass type. Both of you have party memebers who can take the gym leader out with little to no issues. You have Bastet and possibly Thoth in your corner while Akane has Lucy, Flare, and Snowflake. The question remains though how much you'll have to train. A few ideas run through your head.

A) Train in the tall grass
B) Train with Akane
C) Head to the gym
D) Other (Comment)
1 Day ago
So I got kicked in the leg by one of our cows, and I can already see a big bruise forming. Work tomorrow's going to suuuuuuuuuuuck. 😒
2 Days ago
I can't tell you how many times I've run out of confetti in Paper Mario, The Oragmi King and made the comment "It's time to go smack a tree and get more confetti."
2 Days ago

"No, I had a nightmare in the form of a vison I think." You admit, Akane looked at you and you told her everything from the nightmare. Akane frowned but listened as you explained, giving a nod to inidcate she was listening on occason.

When you finish Akane fished out her pokedex and pressed a few buttons before holding up a picture of a bird Pokemon, Ho-oh acording to the dex. "Is this it?" You shook your head and she pressed a few more buttons before showing another entry, Moltres it read. "How about this one?" You shake your head again and she frowned. "Then it must be one from here, maybe you can draw it?"

You take out a small notepad and pencil and started drawing until you finally finished. You showed Akane the drawing.

3 Days ago

As you eat, you find it a bit hard to catch the upbeat feeling at the table, Akane notices. "You okay *nickname*? You look like you saw a ghost."

A) Tell Akane you're okay
B) Tell Akane about the dream/nightmare
3 Days ago

You wake up with a gasp, a hand goes to your heart and the thumping reminds you that you're awake and very much alive. You look over to where Akane was sleeping to find her sleeping bag empty. For a moment you panic until you smell curry cooking, not the same curry you had last night but something sweeter. Remembering the haunting dream, you feel your pocket, your hand brings out a red feather, but now it's in a circle and made of crystal. You quickly pocket it and leave the tent.

Akane and the pokemon are sitting at the table again and starting to eat the curry before them. Anubis sees you, gives a yip and runs to you, wagging the bushy green tail. Smiling you pick him up and and rejoin the others at the table where a apple curry is steaming. It smells delightful, and tastes even better.

(Continued in next post)
3 Days ago

"She's my friend," you say as clearly as you can muster,"she's helped me out and I'm helping her."

"Then it would concern you that her life and everyone else's is in danger." The Phoenix pokemon flapped its wings until a large feather came loose from the bird and fluttered slowly towards you until it landed at your knees.

*You obtained a red feather! It shimers slighty like fire.

"Little clover, in due time you'll learn about everything, but now it's time for you to wake up. I'll be seeing you soon."

(Continued in next post)
3 Days ago

You hold Akane in your arms, your voice cracks in fear. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you-"

"Slience." The voice from the powerful Pokemon in front of you is oddly feminine, and slightly commanding. You have done no wrong, little clover. There's no need for appolgy.

"You can talk?" You sputter out somewhat stupidly.

"No. I have no mouth. No lips form words. No tongue to move. How would I ever breath a single word? But...I don't need to talk for you to listen." The Phoenix cocked its head at you as if curious. I'm curious, little clover, what does Akane mean to you?

Your mouth goes dryier then sawdust as you fight for a response.

A) Aquantace
B) Friend
C) Ally
D) Other (Comment)
3 Days ago

With shakey legs you start walking, but you start running when you see her motionless. You kneel down beside her and pull her into your lap, she's limp and not breathing. Now you're in danger of tears, you hold her close as they prick your eyes. From above you, there's the sound of flapping wings, large ones. You look up and perched not far from the crystal ball is a reddish-orange large bird. The word coems to you as you look on at the beauty of the Pokemon in front of you: Phoenix.

The large red/orange Pheonix has a long tail, large wings and a small stubby beak, the eyes are stragnly human and they fix you with a firey red stare.

A) Call out to it
B) Threaten it
C) Beg for mercy
D) Other (Comment)
3 Days ago

Fires are spreading everywhere in a small town. Quickly consuming buildings. Breaking apart families, a motherless infant wailing there and a young child trying to rouse the unresponsive parent here. A ball of fear rolls in your stomach as you put a hand to your mouth, the town is yours! Martinville's in danger? Or is it just a vision? Suddenly more places flash before your eyes, some you recgonise and some you dont, but it's clear that the whole region of Wincunina is in danger, and so are the people living there!

A noise from behind you makes you jump, you turn and spot Akane where you'd been standing not long ago, but she's on the ground and doesn't seem concious.

A) Call out to her
B) Try to revive her
C) Go back to veiwing the crystal ball
D) Other (Comment)
3 Days ago

Your hands brush against the feathers, they're gems made of precious crystal, and there's not three like you thought, but rather four, an icy blue one is there as well. The redish-orange feathers light up slightly as you tenativly peer at the ball and a sight is one that you wish you hadn't seen.

(Continued in next post)
3 Days ago

You carefully walk to it, treating it as though it might explode at any moment with a wrong step. As you get closer the light is warm and inviting, around the crystal ball's stand is decorated with feathers of three colors, red, blue, and green.

The colors in the ball are shifting and changing, as though trying to pick up on something to show you. Do you see what it has to offer you?

A) Yes
B) No
3 Days ago

You look around, trying to find something that stands out of the darkness, but you find nothing. At least at first. A few feet ahead of you there's a crystal ball of sorts, the soft glowing cutting through the darkness like a knife. Do you dare check it out?

A) Yes
B) No
3 Days ago

It's now night you and Akane call your teams over to the tent so you can all sleep, you and Akane each take a sleeping bag and take a side of the tent so you both have room for your teams. You're on the right and Akane's on the left. The two of you bid eachother good night and go to sleep

You dont normally remember your dreams, let alone control them. So to your shock you find yourself in a pitch black room. . .or is it an area? There's no light, yet you can see your hands but just barely.

A) Call out
B) Gather your bearings
C) Take a look around for anything that might stand out
D) Other (Comment)
3 Days ago

You smile and take the ball with the bell inside and gave it a small toss. Rita watched the ball go in its arch before going after it. She floats over to it, picks it up, and brings it back to you. You repeat this a few times, Rita getting quicker with each toss, slowly rasing her speed.

All that's left is the stick with the bell and feather. You wiggle it in front of Rita and she smacks it as hard as she can. By doing this over and over again you increase the Ratls' strengh and attack, you do this about ten times before you call it quits.

(Continued in next post)
3 Days ago
Meanwhile in PMatOK:

Mario: *traveling in the sewers and gets trapped by rats one one side and swoopers on the other, then they start closing in*

Also Mario: *Shrugs* Welp, guess I'll die-
4 Days ago


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