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About Me

Hey there! My name is Starflight! You can call me Star, Starry, or whatever you can come up with lol

My top ten favorite Pokemon are: Cyndaqul, Luxio, Fletchinder, Salandit, Ampharos, Roserade, Manectric, Bisharp, Lanturn, and Breloom! Cyndaquil's my #1 though!

I'm not super active on here but I still have lots of fun on the site! I love to draw and animate AND I'M A HUGE SHIPPER and I collect the plushies on here so if you're feeling generous send me one I don't have..? :3

Feel free to chat or add me anytime!!

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Shiny Hunt

Ralsei is currently hunting Luvdisc.
Hunt started: 13/02/2020

Chain: 69

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Trainer ID: #189417397
Registration: 19/07/2015 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Aug/2020
Game Time: 592:18 Hours
Total interactions: 234,653
Money: 619,672
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Everyone please welcome TheGoldenJirachi!! They just joined and are very sweet, send them a plushie or two or just say hi! Their favorite Pokémon is Dragonite!
Today, 14:53
@ my last feed, still looking for name suggestions for those characters!! <3
Today, 02:23
I’m trying to name a couple characters that I’ve got loose concepts for; any ideas? The first is a male Buizel who is very confident but not in a cocky way, and he can be a bit scatterbrained but has a good head on his shoulders. Think similar to Sokka at the end of AtLA. The second is a female Pikipek who is a closet nerd and very passionate, super generous but also has a slight temper at times. Any suggestions? :0
Yesterday, 17:55
S-so the friend I had plans with bailed... ;w; just not feeling the love (or self-love) today I guess
1 Day ago
ok seriously tho where are my eggs daycare, I've gotten like 4 over the past 3 hours which is how many I get on a normal day :\
2 Days ago
Getting my passport renewed now :0
I better have some daycare eggs when I’m back >:0
2 Days ago
daycare where are my eggs >:|
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Well I’m still very single this Valentines Day so nothing new there xD but I am gonna go on a ‘friend date’ with one of my good friends from school so that will be fun!! Anyways, happy Valentines Day to you all! You guys are so awesome, I love this community a lot <3
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
Aaaa thank you all for the plushies and Valentine’s cards ;0; you guys are so sweet aGh <333

P.s. hiya to you too, anon!
3 Days ago
Aaaaaah can people please send me the limited plushies I’m missing i will return with the same plushie if I can or with equal DP :00 (please include a comment here or a message with the plush that you want plushies back or I will think it is a gift <3)
3 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 5 Minutes and 5 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Wurmple hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #364)!

3 Days ago
*glares dagger eyes at my wurmple eggs* I swear if we go through 100 again with no shinies and I can’t start my Luvdisc hunt on Valentine’s Day it’s not gonna be pretty

P.s. thank you o fountain for the mega bonus really appreciate that
3 Days ago
By TremorzGG - 1 Hour and 30 Minutes ago.
I got shiny boost today! Let's hatch this shiny mega before reset tomorrow. If a shiny mega hatches before then I will buy 2 users 1 month of premium (800 nuggets each.) All you have to do to Enter is share the ENTIRE post, like it, share the hashtag, interact with my party and comment down below. Good luck everyone
3 Days ago
Lol the school bell rang just now and I was like “oh it’s a new hour lemme get my DP” xD
4 Days ago
Who wants a plush? Comment any combo you want up to 50DP total, or just heart the feed and I’ll send you ones that you have favorited or are missing (still up to 50DP lol.) Have fun!!
5 Days ago
Please check my recent feeds to see what I'm selling for nuggets! I also have a few Pokemon in my selling box that are for sale, as well as a Light Stone! Comment/PP/PM me!
5 Days ago
By Awolfnamednova - 9 Hours and 1 Minute ago.
Okay, since i realized my birthday is coming, i'm gonna do one of those big box openings, all donations of any and all mystery items is appreciated and i will open them all on the 22nd, Share #NovasBirthdayBoxes , Like and Share this post, you can comment too if you so desire, and i will give away pd and shinies from previous hunts, after i open the boxes, there will be multiple winners, good luck and have fun^^
7 Days ago
Looking to sell my items for nuggets! I want to do a Luvdisc hunt so I’m looking to get premium again, but yikes I don’t have enough for 1/2 year yet xD so I would love if you could have a look and/or spread the word! Thank you so much!

Here is what I have:
Gems and Valuable Note: Fire and Flying Gems are NOT for sale. Saving up for Moltres
Mystery, Maps, Vouchers

Just offer a price, I will be going roughly by Price Check prices <3 You can comment here or PM or PP me!
7 Days ago



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