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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 3,465/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lapras12 / 10
Lapras13 / 10
Lapras11 / 10

About Me

Hey there! My name is Starflight! I also go by Firefly or Ralsei (or any variation of the three you wanna come up with lol.)

My top ten favorite Pokemon (in no particular order) are: Heliolisk, Salandit, Cyndaquil, Ho-oh, Mawile, Turtwig, Lanturn, Chandelure, Dialga, and Buizel!

I'm not super active on here but I still have lots of fun on the site! I love to draw and animate AND I'M A HUGE SHIPPER and I collect the plushies on here so if you're feeling generous send me one I don't have..? (Shout-out to Galvadyne for single-handedly completing my collection omg you're a legend)

Feel free to chat or add me anytime!!


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Art by the lovely KY4TR4

omw to fine u

Art by the lovely KY4TR4


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #189417397
Registration: 19/07/2015 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 832:58 Hours
Total interactions: 403,459
Money: 2,203,000
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


current status: discovering spin-off tbhk content and having to restrain myself from laughing/sobbing/squealing/frustratedly yelling/banging my head on the table in public

this series will be the death of me i swear

for those wondering, yes, it is possible for your brain to actually make the noise that aldsfkjalsdfkj is, and it's the sound of combined frustration and elation
Yesterday, 02:44
me, consuming literally any form of media: aww this is very nice. a good experience. i am enjoying my peaceful time h-

one (1) vaguely romantic moment happens:



me: aaaand now i'm obsessed, fRICK
1 Day ago
Holy cow. If anyone's looking to have their mind absolutely blown to shreds, I recommend reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Nobel lecture. Seriously, I think my whole worldview just shifted a bit. This man describes art and literature in a way I've never even thought about, like the whole time my brain was just going oh shoot oH sHOOT OH SHOOT OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH-
1 Day ago
literally there's no better feeling than knowing that there's nothing you have to do during a day. i feel like i can b r e a t h e

the downside is that breakfast doesn't open until 10 AM and i've been up since 6:30 so uh, oof

but seriously, i can feel the productive juices running, i will actually accomplish things today and it feels amazing
2 Days ago
Matching avid with Xurkitree :)
2 Days ago
guess who is not looking forward to her 6-hour work shift where she will do no more than sit at a cash register and occasionally rearrange bottled water in the fridge (the highlight of the shift)
3 Days ago
So I may or may not have spent the past...uhm, 6 hours...drawing Hananene fluff???

in my defense i did not plan to make a completed background and shading and lighting and also i enjoyed it

let me know?? what you think? also i am well aware that i do not know how to shade or draw tables i apologize in advance please give me tips on shading PLEASE

unfortunately now i only have 2.5 hours to finish the stuff i was supposed to be doing for... the past 6 hours.
5 Days ago
im actually sobbing the english dub of TBHK is WILD here's some highlights, if you want the full highlights please i'm begging watch this video (but ONLY if you've seen the anime already hehe spoilersss)

- "That's a whole bag of no, dude!"
- "What kind of class are you taking??" "NUNYA"
- "Did ya help a vegan cross the street yesterday or something?"
- "Are you talkin' smack about me?!" "I am, please get down."
- "All right, the rumors were like nerdy percent accurate."
- "You should really just mind your own business! Mr. Spider Legs." "You're just angry because you don't have spider legs."
- "My hobbies include fishing, karaoke, and going on dates with sWeEt liL sNaCCs like you~"
- "nothin' honeybeaaaar~"
7 Days ago
*sitting in cafeteria eating dinner*
*real tough looking guy rolls up to the serving station*

Guy: hey, is there like a chef or manager I can talk to bout the waffles?
Server: oh yes, of course *gets a chef*
Me: oh crap please don’t start yelling at the poor-
Guy: Sir, those were the best damn waffles I’ve ever eaten. Thank you so much, I’m literally in awe *proceeds to also congratulate the manager and other chef*


Me: w-wholesome ,,
8 Days ago
a typical mid-morning for college students

*peacefully doing homework in my dorm room while my roommate chills on her bed*

*distant sound of the start of "stayin alive"*

*it slowly gets louder*

*the bathroom door creaks open*

*my suitemate pokes her head in the room*

suitemate: are any of you guys mad at anything?

my roommate and I: ...no, why?

suitemate: darn.

*she disappears for a second and then kicks the door open*

suitemate: WELL I AM *breaks a giant piece of styrofoam over her knee, resulting in a very loud bang at the same time the chorus starts in "stayin alive"*

my roommate and i: *processing*

my roommate and I: *laughing hysterically*
8 Days ago
9 Days ago
okay this "i walk up and hug you thing" like please. please actually do this im begging you

i really really really love hugs like i will legit be driven to happy tears if someone just. walks up and hugs me

my love language is touch so i naturally tend to like, hug or lean or just like, idk give comfort pats and such but i know that it makes some people uncomfy so i've trained myself to not do any of that for the most part but ugH it sucks so like PLEASE feel free to just hug me i will love you forever
12 Days ago
crying watching a reaction to tbhk's ending and the reactor goes "oh crap I gotta watch this now" and if that's not me with literally every single series i come across that even remotely piques my interest-
13 Days ago
aah anon?! thank you so much ;o; i would love love love to talk about any shared interests, trust me i get really anxious talking to people too but i promise i'll do my best to make you feel comfortable <3 anyway thank you for the valentine you're so sweet!!
14 Days ago
um ok this is a trend apparently so get to...hmm, 30 likes on this post and I'll sing a song (maybe multiple?) of your choice, comment below and i'll choose one or two when we reach the goal. honestly you can put anything, but if it helps, i'm a mezzo soprano (i sing higher notes but nothing crazy), and a tenor (i can sing higher male voiced songs in the original key)

not that i'm actually a singer lol i've just been in choir for a while
14 Days ago
this is why college is amazing literally the best part of college is:

during highschool, wearing full/partial cosplay:

"what are you wearing"
"um, okay, weird but whatever"
*ignores it completely*
bonus, parents: "you're wearing that?"

during college, wearing full/partial cosplay:

"oh my gosh is that ___?!"
"i LOVE your outfit"
"*insert character name*!!!"
"yo that outfit is cool" (has no idea what it's from)
bonus, parents: *have no idea what you're wearing*
14 Days ago
gUYS i just had an even better idea---

get a hanako-kun cape and rep while also getting ca p e
14 Days ago
guys i'm on amazon during english (the teacher has completely derailed from the subject matter at present don't worry, i'm not missing anything) and found a freaking c a p e and i WANT IT i'm this close to impulse buying iT capes are SO COOL
14 Days ago
ahahahah no spoilers but man i read all of the tbhk manga (that's currently out) last night and um it messed me up man, i did not sleep last night that's for sure and it was a REAL emotional rollercoaster that made a huge crash landing
15 Days ago

We don't know if Pokemon dream.

But let's hope that tomorrow,

the day after,

and even beyond that,

when they wake up, they will be with the one they love most.



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