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Trainerlevel: 123

Trainerpoints: 25,948/45,509


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Rapidash)
650767,566 / 1,269,451
(Mega Gengar)
484651,761 / 830,631
(Winter Ampharos)
571376,248 / 1,158,759
(Shadow Mewtwo)
516732,266 / 1,000,396
(Mega Luxray)
1,92810,646,443 / 13,331,049

Shiny Hunt

Kuroo is currently hunting Winter Mareep.
Hunt started: 05/02/2021

Chain: 391
10 6 0

Future Hunt Collectibles

🌟 🌟

021% · 02,363/11,250/00,395 · 003%
024% · 02,744/11,250/02,471 · 021%

082% · 082/100 🌟 026/200 · 0013%

I Wanted to Become Worthy

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Jul/2021
Game Time: 12497:34 Hours
Total interactions: 15,184,636
Money: 576,514
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


dunno about you, but I'm not quite sure about keeping the pupils like this yet 👻😂
Yesterday, 16:29


1 Day ago
Pokémon Presents spoilers/ talk in the comments if there's gonna be something worth talking about that is
1 Day ago
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who thought of me today, and spent some of their time sending wishes my way, in whichever way really.

I read all your messages (I hope oof), and you guys are the cutest. Thank you! ♡
2 Days ago
Happiness as an adult is when you're done filling your annual tax return. 💰 Now the waiting game begins.
3 Days ago
(ノ°Д°)ノ︵ dǝǝɹɐW ɹǝʇuᴉM ǝlqɐ-ɐƃǝɯ
4 Days ago
spoopy horse which Maja made very hard to draw last night >:|
7 Days ago
After two weeks, she was finally allowed to drop the collar, and I feel like someone's quite enjoying her reclaimed agility. 🐱
12 Days ago
If anyone's selling their shiny event, lemme know. I need them golden babes! 😫💛
13 Days ago
still no mega-able
whyyyy xD
13 Days ago
It's days like today that I really wish we could scan more than three eggs at a time in the Daycare. 😂 (Just scanning the eggs I currently have is gonna take me almost two hours lol)
14 Days ago
Scout's honor, this is the last feed I'll post specifically regarding updates on the Stylus thingy!

Since I'm tweaking (mostly minor) things every now and then (when I find stuff that bothers me and/or that I've previously overlooked), I've added a changelog to the initial sta.sh folder; there you can see when I've last updated the code and what I did, so you can decide for yourself whether or not you wanna/need to update your code. (I'd love to submit this to userstyles.org to make it easier on all parties, but the site is super buggy and laggy for me, and it simply won't let me, so sadly we have to continue to go the sta.sh+codepile route..) You can come back every now and then and check for updates if you wish to (I've thrown the sta.sh folder in my contact links, so you can easily find it again whenever needed)~

Thanks, byeee~ ♥
17 Days ago
quick Stylus update; in case you're using my PH style (see previous feed) and you've noticed (and are bothered by) the suddenly centered pal pad the things you don't notice yourself because you rarely ever use your browser in full screen oops: edited the code so that it's back in its usual place on the right rather than in the center of the page, pff.
updated code for your c&p convenience

(also, I've noticed that retrieving rumblers still gives you blue buttons but mehh, it's yet another element style I cannot find the parent of and I'm just--nope, we're just gonna deal with the blue buttons. :v)
18 Days ago
Do you want it? 👀
19 Days ago
in regards to my previous feed .. can anybody - ideally somebody knowing what they're doing with codes and stuff unlike me lmao - explain this (index page) and this (PMs/forum posts - same table) to me? like? for both areas, inspect element only gives a div element.style but no individual id or targed, and I just?? how do I work this into the code??? somebody help a noob out, please? X'D

these are the only two thingies left - everything else (I think) I worked out by now - and they drive me insane. orz
19 Days ago
this is probably the brightest and most "girly" thing I've ever done, but it's cute, so whatever. 💁‍♀️

took me entirely too long, and I'm missing a few things here and there that I just can't seem to find/figure out*, but heyyy, definitely more cohesive looking now 'm sorry Tobi for stomping all over your lovely blue color scheme, but it just doesn't fit my background/banner situation very well hahhh. 😤💗
20 Days ago
this chain tho
22 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Winter Mareep hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #53)!

beep beep 🐏
22 Days ago

Art To-Do List

[I] ▪ [Makabe] ▪ [Soushi] ▪ [lining]
[I💥] ▪ [Ardyn] ▪ [Shishineas] ▪ [colored sketch done]
[I] ▪ [ImperialHound] ▪ [Tallulah Firth] ▪ [base sketch done]

[D] ▪ [Ardyn] ▪ [Pal Pad] ▪ [paid ✔]

[sta.shed here]

▪ Request updates on your order any time!
▪ Please don't ask me about getting a slot;
I announce via feed whenever I'm open!
(Thanks for being interested though, it means a lot! ♥)

Favorite Plushies

custom plushies by Akemie & Liffy ☆ avatar art by Furudate, official Haikyuu!!