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Trainerlevel: 123

Trainerpoints: 39,320/45,509


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Gardevoir)
516215,440 / 1,000,396
(Mega Gallade)
1,3033,664,718 / 6,371,671
Zoroark (Hisuian)9915,942 / 32,757
7701,842,996 / 2,226,264

[💥] Akaza · Iman · [paid] · [not yet started]
[❗] Asmo · Nova · [paid] · [not yet started]
[❗] Mafia · Najem · [paid] · [not yet started]
[❗] pucky · Aska · [paid] · [concept sketch done]

I'm not really playing the game anymore; so please do yourself a
favor and ask someone else for help or whatever. Toodeloo~ ✌

avatar by 0wl_lord

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 12795:50 Hours
Total interactions: 15,257,017
Money: 2,488,740
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


also, on another, related note, there are pros in having gone like 80% white already (nothing makes you feel older than starting to find white hair at the age of 15 👩‍🦳) - I don't need to bleach my undercut to do fun colors on it 😂
6 Days ago
ngl cutting.. well, buzzing your own hair is equal parts liberating as it is scary. like, I have no clue what I'm doing, I just turn on the clippers and tell myself, let's gooo. |D

buzzing it all off like I did a year ago was certainly easier than maintaining an undercut and not accidently cutting off hair that is suppposed to grow out (for now anyway.. I like to change things up every now and then, so who knows what I'm gonna do in a few months lol)
6 Days ago
me: opens icon comms
A: shows character
me: falls head over heels in love

iiit was supposed to be a simple icon, but yeah .. that kinda didn't work out and I had to get seriousss. it's been a while since I did a lil more elaborate piece/background scene, and boy was it fun to draw (mostly thanks to the amazing character design - that one's right up my alley)! ✨

(character belongs to Amelyanna, art © me - don't steal!)
14 Days ago
[🖼 Icon Commissions 🖼]

I'm offering icons of your characters, on the understanding that I have free rein of what I wanna do with them.¹'²

2-3 Slots
A slot is 1,000 Nuggets³ for a single icon, or 1,600 Nuggets³ for a set of partner/connected avatars (2 characters interacting with one another in some way). They will not be first come, first served, but I'll pick those I like.⁴

💥 1 Super Slot
This special slot is 1,300 Nuggets³ for a single, or 2,000 Nuggets³ for a set of partner avatars, and is first come, first served. In addition, these icons'll most likely be glammed up a bit more than regular icons, as a little thank-you. ♥

Annotations, more info on what I will/won't draw, as well as examples and payment options other than Nuggets here! - Please, read before requesting!
15 Days ago
is it really my art if I don't work in rainbow colors somehow? 🌈

(character belongs to Taavi, art by me - don't steal!)
16 Days ago
yoo my digital mains, Clip Studio is on sale again - go grab it if you can and haven't already! 🖌 CSP is the best thing, for real. don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise, they're just lying at that point, plain and simple.
17 Days ago
my old bitter heart can't handle how frigging cute Heartstopper is
27 Days ago
everyone's bi panic over the new profs aside, have we btw appreciated that "It has also been confirmed that Toby Fox has returned to create the field music for the games, which are rearranged throughout the game" yet??
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
dropping my (very professional) PH Style for Stylus here again, since apparently Stylus deleted it for some people o3o
1 Month ago
POV: you took a nap and are greeted with this weirdo upon waking up
1 Month ago
thank god Mermay is only once a year - I'm getting way too many new characters---
1 Month ago
have a cuddly Maja being all cute and stuff 🐈
1 Month ago
so my boss literally dropped dead on the tennis court today, and I'm just, in shock. like, what. he turned 69 a couple of weeks ago, but he was super fit and lively. I have no words. I've been trying to process this information for the past 5 hours and I just can't-- he was such a wonderful man, a little weird and hard to handle if you didn't know him well yet, also lowkey intimidating, but oof, always, always helping others (he did so much for me the past 13 years, when he gave me a job when I was just a stupid school dropout with no direction, much less any qualifications, and then kept entrusting me with important work, especially over the past two-ish years) .. and all he wanted was to just slowly retire, but couldn't find a suitable replacement to take over his business. and now he died out of the blue. just like that. what the heck. I talked to him on the phone earlier today - everything was fine. then he goes to play his weekly tennis match with friends and collapses.
1 Month ago
she angery 💥

(character belongs to Akaza - don't steal!)
2 Months ago
planets heh? nice :v

personally not a fan of Jolteon's variant, but Vaporeon and Flareon are rad af

if I was still active I'd definitely hunt these ngl
2 Months ago
5 hours of resetting but she was worth it ♥
2 Months ago
no one: how many edges can a round face have?
me: yes

This, by the way, is how my concept sketches look like; which is usually the stage right before I start lining and coloring for real (sometimes they are a little rougher than this, sometimes a little more tidy [though very rarely the latter pff]).
At this stage, I often have played around with various settings already to try to get an idea where I wanna go with a piece. Doesn't always mean that the finished piece will look exactly like this (but cleaner), because sometimes I have a different idea along the way or whatever, but it sure helps me visualizing the final project and serves as a guideline for sure. Also, definitely motivates me more than a blank canvas, personally.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk, byeee~

(Character belongs to Akaza, reference art by Akemie or official art - don't steal!)
2 Months ago