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Trainerlevel: 124

Trainerpoints: 32,437/46,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,8953,906,434 / 13,473,451
(Mega Dunsparce)
632249,924 / 1,200,169
Mega Arcanine214137,050 / 172,539
23643,515 / 167,797


I'm not playing the game seriously anymore; so uhhh please do
yourself a favor and ask someone else for help or whatever because
I sure as hell don't know nothing no more. Toodeloo~ ✌

🖼️ avatar art by ikipins

Game Records

Trainer ID: #937463883
Registration: 05/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 13220:57 Hours
Total interactions: 16,086,767
Money: 9,219,283
Starter Pokémon: Infernape



Rowlet/Litten bestest combo
Yesterday, 08:27
me: cruising my way over to Iron Treads
borb: hewwo
2 Days ago
[insert I wanna go hooome meme here]

5 more weeks at this hell place, just 5 more weeks ...
10 Days ago
Miraidon and Koraidon are just Toothless in disguise and I'm so here for it
12 Days ago
Shroodle 💙
13 Days ago
oh yeah, with the new Pokémon season coming up


God knows we're all gonna need help with the raids and stuff
15 Days ago
me trying to spot the ⭐ on my customized color scheme like
15 Days ago
official Pokémon: new games in a week!!!
PH: eyyy, new random interaction legendary that you have to sacrifice sleep and basically everything else for in order to get a shiny of

the timing oof
21 Days ago
I probably sound like a broken record but watching all these leaks unfold is wild
22 Days ago
ohhh the leaks 🙏
23 Days ago
I maaay be having too much fun sculpting him 🙈
he's a model now whether he likes it or not; sorry not sorry but I don't make the rules :v

(also, it's a very early WIP, don't come at me for any mistakes, especially anatomically, still present; character belongs to Tesoro, sketch by me - don't steal!)
25 Days ago
probably a long shot but anyone happens to be selling a Shiny Mega Froslass or Shiny Mega Garchomp? Shiny Mega. Not shiny. Not mega. But SHINY MEGA.

if yes hmu please 👀
1 Month ago
You might not want to stand in their way 🔥

I'm admittedly not very familiar with Hollow Knight, other than having heard of it by name ofc, but they were very fun to draw. 🙈

(character belongs to Noir, art © me - don't steal!)
1 Month ago
Pshhh I did a thing - future art commissions will all go through my new Art Shop! ✨


I just thought I would put it up already so y'all can read through it beforehand. uwu ♥
1 Month ago
I see galaxies in your eyes 🌠🌌

(character belings to ~Riko~, art © me - don't steal!)
1 Month ago
a storm is brewing 🐲⛈️
1 Month ago
t-minus 105 days (and about 19-ish hours) 💪

today, I finally got the confirmation I've been waiting on for weeks now!!
and even though my leaving date is not as soon a date as I wanted - because of some bs hidden/massively vague contract clause - I'll be quitting my current job at the end of the year. 🥳

I'm gonna be starting into 2023 with a new job that (hopefully lmao) will be so much better and, most importantly, have a way better working environment (which is the main reason I'm quitting my current job in the first place).

it sucks that I have to endure (almost) another 4 months at my current work place but I'm super thankful that my new employer actually agreed to wait until then for me to start working for them! they sure as heck didn't have to and could've very well chosen a different candidate in my place.

I'm super excited for the new job, and I can't wait for 2022 to be over, so that I can start looking forward again! ✨
2 Months ago
3 Months ago
I'm as much dreading as I am looking forward to coloring her 👑👑👑

sketching and lining took me approximately 1542413425673 years but boiii is she Queen™️ and deserves all the attention or what?? 😫👌
also, professional censorship is professional
4 Months ago
First, she wasn't allowed to have breakfast today and then, on top of that, I dragged her to the vet to get some blood drawn for a general checkup on her vitamin levels and all that fun stuff.
Save to say the poor baby was not amused. 😂
4 Months ago