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Formerly: KingCobalion
Trainerlevel: 53

Trainerpoints: 8,167/8,479


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

About Me

18, game developer, block stacker, rhythm gamer.
Profile picture created by PenguinPowerful.

Hey, I'm Milla, also known as KingCobalion. I've returned from a long break because I wanted to play the game again, but I can't guarantee anything about my activity.

In addition to shiny hunting on PH, I also shiny hunt on Legends: Arceus and will sell you shinies for PD! Please PalPad me for info and pricing!

Trading Policy:
• Only Pokemon in the "Extra" boxes are for trade. Please make a reasonable offer on them if you want to buy them.
• Low ball offers will not be tolerated.

I'm more likely to accept your trade if you offer:
Nebula Stones
Dragon Gems
Flying Gems

I do not have much use for Gems, summoning items, etc. However, if the offer is reasonable I may still accept them.

Shiny Hunt

Milla is currently hunting Mr. Bagon.
Hunt started: 06/09/2022

Chain: 210
5 4 0

Hoards/Notes to Self

Donors for the SM Lord Salamence hunt - The Diary of an Iron Will

Cosmog (joint hunt with Cynical_Cryptid)
Nebula Stones: 0 collected + 203 sent to Cynical_Cryptid, buying at 11,000 each

Raylong (4 eggs in storage + 1 paid)
Dragon Gems: 257 collected, buying at 16,000 each
Flying Gems: 1,408 collected, buying at 1,000 each

Game Center (current target: 10,000 Lottery Tickets)
Game Chips: 849/500,000 collected
Golden Game Chips: 24,877/20,000 collected
2000 Hangman streak on 14/Aug/2022

Need 1x Shiny Porygon for KeroHikari

Royal Tunnel/Game Center Stuff

Royal Tunnel Section

Current stock: All in "Extra Special" box

Regirock: 5k PD
Regice: 10k PD
Registeel: 15k PD
Regigigas: 60k PD
Regieleki, Regidrago: 70k PD

Shiny Regirock, Regice, Registeel: 110k PD
Shiny Regigigas: 190k PD
Shiny Regieleki, Regidrago: 200k PD

I can also get you a normal/shiny Regigigas if you temporarily provide me the normal/shiny Hoenn Regis (Regirock, Regice, Registeel) and 30k PD as the service fee.

Game Center Section (Also visit the shop forum thread!)

You can always buy these as I use an order-based system for Game Center legends; there is no "stock".

Raikou: 23750 PD
Suicune: 31350 PD
Entei: 38000 PD
Manaphy: 80750 PD

The Art Panel

Lilac, from PenguinPowerful

Game Records

Trainer ID: #249229349
Registration: 13/07/2017 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Jan/2023
Game Time: 803:45 Hours
Total interactions: 1,501,615
Money: 86,139
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


I am really hoping I hatch the first SM soon so I'm actually motivated to hunt for the other 9 @[email protected]
Today, 12:58
Today, 05:15
Today, 02:36
Seriously. Where are the Machine Parts?

I am beginning to get fed up with this quest...
Today, 01:42
Today, 00:01
New profile picture by the certain penguin dropped :3
Yesterday, 23:06
Yesterday, 22:53
Yesterday, 20:53
Yesterday, 17:31
Would be funny if Hisuian Zoroark also got a Mega form

Also Ash-Greninja event when
Yesterday, 14:45
Where are my eggs @[email protected]
Yesterday, 14:10
Spent over 1.5 million PD on two artists ^^'
Yesterday, 03:31
Money acquired! Now I wait for penguin to wake up and then I comm her
2 Days ago
About 150k PD away from the money I need to comm a certain penguin :D
2 Days ago
"You have reached the maximum amount of interactions today!
Don't forget to take a healthy break every once in a while!"

2 Days ago
Finally! A buff!

Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)
3 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Mr. Bagon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #183)!"

Very nice influx of shinies! No SM yet
3 Days ago
A certain penguin is opening their art shop again and I'm saving up to commission them at 5x their asking price lol

"Why are you so generous?" Because I cherish my friends and PD ain't hard to make around here lol, put in the work, you get PD easy
4 Days ago
I'm feeling generous so after this hunt, I might SM hunt a certain electric lion to gift to a certain person
4 Days ago


Cobalion, The Iron Will Pokemon
"Be the hero of your own life. Take the reins and journey onwards."

KingCobalion is forever, KC luck is eternal
(This means you can still call me KingCobalion if it's less confusing to you! I like the name still, haha)



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