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Trainerlevel: 13

Trainerpoints: 165/519


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Feebas7118 / 305

About me

Hi, Neko's here, I love Pokemon, especially Milotic (cuz she's a beauty) and some other ones(see my Breeding Box to know which)
Also, I just battle to complete tasks. If you want real battle, go to Pokemon Showdown.
Also, I love spriting too ^^

Name: Dance with me!!!
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage


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Shiny Hunt

Maneki_Neko is currently hunting Feebas.
Hunt started: 21/02/2019

Chain: 40
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Maneki_Neko hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #770204327
Registration: 05/02/2019 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 39:25 Hours
Total interactions: 2,435
Money: 20,972
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


By MysticalArceus - 1 Day and 20 Hours ago.

Making my own giveaway since I'm kinda leaving the site.
I don't know how to work these things though but I should since I've been on the site for a year rip me...

Anyway, just share the hashtag #SeeYaArceus with a kind goodbye of some-sort. There will be 3 winners, these are the prizes:
#1 Prize: Hoopa
#2 Prize: Gyarados w/ Mega Stone
#3 Prize: 15K Gold & 10 Nuggets

You also must comment this post(and possibly a heart ) saying that you used the tag because I'm too lazy to look for you xd

Ends in 3 days!
3 Months ago
The winners of #MareepFlaffyAmpharos is...
1. 2 Autumn Marreep: Number 4, Quinton!
2. Random Gems: Number 13, CryptidHunter129!
Congratulations to our winners. If you won the Mareep, you have 24 hours to get them.
3 Months ago
Ok, I'm back from school and the winner of #MareepFlaffyAmpharos will be announced soon (so lucky that I have only 2 lessons in the afternoon today).
3 Months ago
By Kidkalamity - 13 Hours and 51 Minutes ago.
Giveaway time~♡
I managed to get several shinies from my hunt so here you go~

Just share #kalamityborfborf for your chance at a Shiny Houndoom
Ends next reset~♡
3 Months ago
I’m doing my first giveaway! Share #MareepFlaffyAmpharos and like this feed to have a chance to win:
1. 2 Autumn Mareep
2. Random gems
Ends tomorrow when I get back from school. Prizes will be more in my next giveaway. <3
3 Months ago
By UnfathomableShadow - 15 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.
I need contest ideas, and I figured.... many people have enjoyed my surprise visits, perhaps the dark magic wizard darkrai will stay awhile


I couldn’t figure out a contest idea... I wanted something grand, like a storyline where you followed clues from other people on this site and stuff, but time screws us over, so I figured it out

I am an UnfathomableShadow, the way I affect others is by giving... I’ll be looking around this site for other users... and they will be seeing something from me... I suggest you all start posting a want/need, I’ll be everywhere, hopefully able to give to many, but SHARE THIS *ENTIRE* HASHTAG AND you’ll be noticed in my list (of hashtags lol)

... the giftmaster is coming, make me seen everywhere, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol

;D Oh my
3 Months ago
By AmberLikeEmber - 4 Hours and 28 Minutes ago.
❤ Giveaway Time! ❤

All you need to do to enter:
LIKE this post
SHARE the hashtag #HelloVivi

Prize: Shiny Vivillon hatched and raised by yours truly! Good luck everyone!
3 Months ago
Giveaway by Hacked~Project4
Share the hashtag #QuitStealingMyHoney for a chance to win :
1.Combee or any Pokemon you want
3.A special something
Also, sorry that this giveaway is bad
3 Months ago
By tiktok - 10 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.
hey im gonna do a small giveaway of 50 nuggets

just share #SaphTheRat to enter

ends next reset
3 Months ago
By Daycare owner - 2 Hours and 31 Minutes ago.
1 Hey, Maneki_Neko! We recently found an egg in our daycare. We're sure that this egg belongs to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take it as soon as possible, or I'll release it to the wild!

If you are seeing this...
Help me!!! #interactionexchange please!
3 Months ago
By Blush - 9 Hours and 17 Minutes ago.
To celebrate not only getting a complete kanto dex but also getting a mewtwo i have decided to host a giveaway which im very excited about

The rules are very simple all you have to do is share the # and kind of like my articuno giveaway give me a suggestion of what role my mewtwo should play in my mew kingdom (ex : warlord, past king, rouge etc.)

There will be only 4 winner and as for the prizes each winner will receive 22 mystery boxes/keys but winner number 1 will also get a sky pillar map

And thats it! Dont forget the rules #blushgiveaway
3 Months ago
By SolaCookie - 3 Hours and 46 Minutes ago.
Since I've been breeding Mudkips for a while, trying to get a shiny megable, I've accumulated a few shinies, so I've decided to do my first giveaway.

I will begiving away 1 Shiny Mudkip and 1 Megable mudkip, this means there will be two winners. To enter please share #PurpleKip and comment on this post. The giveaway will end on Tuesday reset, thank you!
3 Months ago
By SgamingFTW - 9 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.
Hey all, I will be offline for a week or so to take care of my new Puppy! ^-^

While im gone I will do a giveaway for 10k pd if you use the hashtag #SgamingFTW10kPuppy

Will be drawn when im back!

(To enter, you'll need to like this post and share the hashtag!)
3 Months ago
By Kidkalamity - 1 Day and 10 Hours ago.
While I hunt for a another shiny for my next giveaway, I'm going to hold a lottery
Entry fee is one mystery item sent as a gift trade and share #kalamityspooks

1st place is my Mega Gengar Spooks
2nd place is a Crystal Aggron
3rd place is 250k pd and a pack of evo items

Lottery will end in 3 days following the next reset~♡
Best of luck~♡
3 Months ago
By XxToxicxX
I'm doing another giveaway now
1st Shiny Eletrike and maybe one event Pokemon (non shiny)
2nd Event pokemon

Like this post and share this hashtag
3 Months ago
By Silvesary - 3 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
It’s my birthday today, and I figure to celebrate things I’d try my own little giveaway of sorts! I don’t have much to give since I’ve only been on here for a month, but I just want to give something away on the day of my birthday to share some joy around!

So, like and share the hashtag #birthdaycloud for a chance to win a Maneki Espurr breeding pair, 10 water gems, and a completely free icon/avatar of your choosing drawn by me! Ends next reset!
3 Months ago
By BraixieYT
Okay so I hit search level 999 for Zigzagoon on Alpha Sapphire and I found 1 shiny. No one wins the 50K prize as no one guessed 1, the 25K prize has been given out to the person who guessed closest to 1, the winner was: Jacharias who guessed 2.

Now I'm moving on to Lillipup so how many shiny Lillipup do you think I will find until I hit search level 999 (number 999 is included) The Prize is again 50K if someone guesses the exact number or 25K to whoever gets closest.
1 guess per user.
Leave your guesses in the comment section of this feed.
Please consider sharing so more people can enter, ends when I hit search level 999.
[Share It]
3 Months ago
Help Nagisa hatch this egg please!!!
3 Months ago
By RastaPastaPanda - 9 Hours and 46 Minutes ago.
Alright I'm excited to say that #IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt has started ❤️ winner get this beautiful girl *3* ends in 2 days at reset. Good luck everyone don't forget to like this post AND share the hashtag to enter.
3 Months ago
By N0T_S0AP - 1 Hour and 27 Minutes ago.
Heatran is a great legendary right?

It's gotta be like 200lbs

I broke my big toe by dropping something 200lbs on it

I'm giving away this shiny heatran to a random person, just comment and share

Will end in about 2-3 days, after each reset you can comment and share for another entry

Have fun
3 Months ago


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