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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 4,516/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
25968,465 / 161,617
248123,171 / 148,206
1,090315,966 / 2,854,056
Siphareth(1st OS)
(Giga Orbeetle)
499339,048 / 748,501
6712,282 / 14,478

Welcome to my Profile 💫

Hello! My name is Silvesary! Feel free to call me Silv, Silve, or Sary! I’m a very simple and small artist! My favorite pokemon is Togekiss and my favorite starter is Bulbasaur!

Feel free to send friend requests, I don’t mind!

Owner of first OS shiny Giga Orbeetle!✨

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Pixel art on my page is all drawn by King-Lulu-Deer
Branch pixel art is done by ProfileDecor
Avatar made by my friend GilGuardGo
Custom Wish Plushie commissioned for by Akemie


Game Records

Trainer ID: #922682567
Registration: 22/01/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 617:40 Hours
Total interactions: 642,667
Money: 3,327,539
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Might as well share here, but if anyone is interested in flipnote studio brushes for clip studio paint, I made some here which can easily be downloaded for free!
Also happy anniversary Flipnote Studio, it’s officially 11 years old now! Happy Flipnoting everyone!
1 Day ago
Thinking about how cute dottler is...
It is baby...
2 Days ago
Wish I could delete art from ArtFight, I think it’s unfair I have to keep up art for people who didn’t care I did art for them :/
4 Days ago
Does anyone here know of or ever played Monster Racers for the ds?
It was a game I really loved and owned at one point, replaying it now and it’s still so much fun!
4 Days ago
I’d love it if you checked out my previous artwork on my page, it’s my last feed :>
5 Days ago
Undella Bay Piece
Pokémon White means a lot to me and was there for me at a huge point in my life. 💚
5 Days ago
Btw, wonderful event, love the bait and switch for what it actually is! ♥️♥️
6 Days ago
Got a Zarude and shiny celebi through a giveaway for SwSh, thanks giveaway person :>
It’s really annoying when these Japan only events keep happening
7 Days ago
Everytime I see a feed on the notification wall asking for people to interact with their eggs/Pokémon, I can’t help but to do it or feed the Pokémon a berry
It’s just a habit I have 😅
8 Days ago
9 Days ago
You push the red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Meltan Candy found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

heyyyyy that’s pretty good 👀
9 Days ago
By I_Like_Turtles
I forgot bout this account and relogged to give away everything i have to 3 lucky winners.

1st place will get my ditto + zapdos (these were expensive)
2nd place will get 86 star pieces 7 dragon gems and a lot of shiny's i guess?
3rd place will get my 'rare' shinys such as retro ducklet and some more
(i also have 2142 nuggets and some money which i will split between the 3)

i probably have some more stuff that you might like, just palpad me and i'll consider giving it.

if anyone has any suggestions palpad me

to enter spread this message and hashtag (please spread so maybe a new player can get a headstart)


10 Days ago
Happy Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Day!
Drew my fav team from my PMD2 anniversary flipnote to celebrate!
11 Days ago
Ahhh I’m out of premium, darn :<
I’ll have to save up to 10k Nuggets again to continue the hunt, shame.
I’ll probably end up opening commissions soon to pay it off then, not sure if anyone would be interested in art from me in exchange for nuggets or pd!
13 Days ago
Amity icon? Amity icon.
Drew this while away from home, used an old brush I haven’t used in a year!
15 Days ago
By Item Shop - 5 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.
Alert: Your Premium Account expires in three days!
Go to the Item Shop in order to extend your premium membership.

→ Extend Premium Membership
I doubt I’ll get shiny mega before my premium runs out, so I’ll probably just have to start saving up for it again and resume it whenever I can, dang!
16 Days ago
Mega and shiny in same party, it hurts :”<
18 Days ago
Adopt Auction
Raspberry Dusk Eevee

Starting bid: 20k pd! Or a nugget equivalent.
AB: 1 mil pd(don’t expect this)

End date: Reset of the 25th, July.

Simply just be nice and adhere to the usual adopt rules, good luck! :>
23 Days ago
Anyways, adopt incoming today!
It’s an eevee adopt, and I’ll have the auction open around reset today and last for 3 days!
23 Days ago
If anyone is interested in buying a shiny Audino or a mega-able audino, let me know!
23 Days ago


Looking to collect new plushies! But also collect these ones!

Collection Gift Log

✨Art Status✨

Requests: Closed!
Commissions: Closed!
Art Trades: Ask!

Current Slot List:




Shiny Hunt

Silvesary is currently hunting Audino.
Hunt started: 02/07/2020

Chain: 460
11 15 0