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Formerly: alolanraichu
Trainerlevel: 89

Trainerpoints: 19,349/23,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
921327,287 / 2,547,487
1296 / 469

About Me

hi I'm kitty5327,I love cats and pokemon,and online games,and drawing and anime,and I love to roleplay and I'm 33 and my birthday is on december 25,DO NOT ADD ME TO GROUPS CHATS

shiny hunting

13,874 /1,044,000 normal gems for

stuff I want to do on PH 2023

1:save up PD (trying to aim for 60 million or more,trying to save up for more egg storage boxes(PD right now: 4,193,565)
2:save up nuggets for year premium (nuggets right now:5,297)
3:interact more
4:try to get at least one shiny mega able (I do have a list of 43 pokemon to shiny hunt though,so let's just put this in the maybe's file)
5:re do zodiac shiny hunts (fruits basket challenge) (also in the maybe's file)
6:play more of the mini games (including the ones I hate)
7:fish more
8:try to get the fish hat (even though I don't know how to get it)
9:save up game chips (game chips right now:243,123)
10:save up gold game chips (golden game chips right now:96,588)
11:improve my shiny shop
12:do more bug contest
13:do more beauty contest
14:do more in the berry garden (that's not going to last long XD)
15:keep shiny sylveon in the party all year
16:try to finish a pokedex (from any gen)
17:try to get more of the shiny harvest sprites
18:keep PD,nuggets and items in private trade (this is so I try not to think about spending my PD and nuggets while saving up)
19:save up powerorbs (powerorbs right now: 9) (yeah I'm not good with saving powerorbs XD)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #981709253
Registration: 03/08/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 5795:58 Hours
Total interactions: 25,063,572
Money: 4,301,174
Starter Pokémon: Quilava


By PokéRadar - 15 Minutes and 49 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Skwovet hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #81)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

aaw...your a girl,well I guess teddy and big roger (my red squirrel OC's) now have a sister XD
Today, 02:22
last night caught a shiny leafeon and just got a shiny paldean wooper
Yesterday, 23:41
I've been stuck on leader arlo on pokemon go for a while now cause he keeps killing all of my strong pokemon and when I was about to win he one shot my snorlax,for a NPC you sure are a cheater and a sore loser XD
Yesterday, 19:10
why is the weather on pokemon go always wrong? it's raining,it's been raining since last night and pokemon go says it's cloudy? XD so the game thinks it's not pouring down rain huh? XD guess no weather boost for the poor pokemon
Yesterday, 16:49
how come I NEVER learned how to draw snowflakes when I was a kid? I'm so angry
1 Day ago
found 2 shiny vaporeon in a outbreak on violet,I had trouble getting to the first one XD the waterfall was being a jerk,the other vaporeon were like no pick me even though I'm not a shiny XD again I hate weird spots for outbreaks but I got them both
2 Days ago
my drawing got corrupted after I saved it ;-; now I can't open it on any art program
2 Days ago
I got a shiny ditto on pokemon go,and after I said I give up (yesterday) due to not having that many pokeballs left so I felt more discouraged,and the game proved me wrong,thank you pokemon go XD
2 Days ago
I hate when outbreaks are in a weird spot,this is a weird spot for a noibat outbreak =w=
3 Days ago
caught a shiny dragonair on violet :3 finally some good luck after those weird outbreaks that oddly disappeared for no reason,I named my shiny dragonair noodle XD
4 Days ago
seems like even google and youtube don't know why outbreaks just disappear for no reason =/
4 Days ago
that was a waste of a sandwhich to ;-;
4 Days ago
I don't get why outbreaks dsiappear,it's only 7 pm x-x; I was doing a pawmo outbreak....
4 Days ago
I don't get why pokemon go isn't loading,it's been loading for 10 minutes,so I decided to restart my phone and it fixed the loading problem on pokemon go,that's good
4 Days ago
I got the shiny charm,I never gotten the shiny charm in any of my games,I'm so glad I got to complete the pokedex
5 Days ago
nope,couldn't find the last shiny kanto slowpoke,oh well,2 shiny galar slowpoke and 2 shiny kanto slowpoke isn't so bad,I evolved bothof the shiny kanto slowpoke
6 Days ago
hopefully I can find one more kanto shiny slowpoke,I have 3 shiny galarian slowpoke (not going to be able to evolve them anytime soon) and I have 2 kanto shiny slowpoke o3o
6 Days ago
2 shiny galarian slowpoke and 1 kanto shiny slowpoke so far in pokemon go
6 Days ago
it's funny how my OC dandelion was supposed to be a shiny kantoian raichu but she became shiny alolan raichu instead,but I decided to keep the kantoian raichu as an alternate universe idea
6 Days ago
I think I saw a bunny in our yard,he was a fast little dude,he just shot through and I saw him cross the road to,mr little speed demon XD I was like whoa fast little dude
6 Days ago

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shinies I want to hunt in 2023

1:cubchoo ✓
3:kanto vulpix (need shiny ninetales)
5:buizel ✓
12:rockruff ✓ (1 down 2 to go,but will hunt later)
16:oricorio (all forms)
19:scorbunny ✓
21:milcery (all uuh maybe,I'll probably need help evolving them not gonna lie)
26:galar ponyta
27:galar slowpoke
28:hisuian growlithe