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Fun in triplicate!

My favorite type of car is a Mini cooper, they're just so gosh darn cute!

I also love Mario-Daisy's my favorite next to Bowser!

Undertale, and Deltarune are two other favorites.

If I'm not listening to Pokémon music, or music from any of the games above, I'm probably listening to Celtic music.

Celtic Music

Name: Emerald
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

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Trainer ID: #71269891
Registration: 04/11/2018 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 133:44 Hours
Total interactions: 1,258,438
Money: 269,076
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


6 Days ago
Arceus that scared the crap outta me!

First Thunderstorm of 2019!

Ever been in a dark room, just about to boot your computer when both your windows light up, followed by thunder?

(I need to check my Flight Rising dragons, they need to be fed)

Welp, that just happened to me....I despise thunderstorms!


My lamp's on now so as to avoid being spooked by another flash, I need my music, fast!

Not funny................, my phone just flashed (I have the setting that it flashes when I get a notification), and I freaked out!
9 Days ago
Sorry I haven't been on, I got addicted to Flight Rising.

My name there is the same as on here.
17 Days ago
Sat, March 2nd
04:00AM - 04:10AM
17 Seconds ago

Global interaction goal:
332,074 /
220,000 interactions ✓

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That sounds like a really low number, or is it just me?

With all the lag people have been having, I would think more people would be participating......Like in the thousands....

Ah well, at least I got more interactions than my first time at 7!
23 Days ago
By TheRealMew - 3 Days and 3 Hours ago.
Time to do a giveaway to celebrate Kowalski getting to level 222!
To enter, all you have to do is make a feed with the hashtag:
I'll pick three random winners on the 8th of March.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place will get a Retro Mew, a Megaable Scyther, a Shiny Combee, and a Megaable Spring Ampharos.

2nd will get a Megaable Spring Ampharos and a Shiny Combee.

3rd will get a Megaable Spring Ampharos.

Good luck everyone

Cool, I have no idea if I already entered or not, I wish there was a way to keep track of all the giveaways you've entered.....

Sorry to say, but they all start to look the same after a while, and it's not anyone's fault, but there should be some way to know which you're entered into.....

Some of us have the memory of a Goldeen with almost all four moves being Amnesia...
23 Days ago
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

If you could toss these Pokes a berry when it’s a x3 slot that would be great! Thanks!!

Let Ravenswing know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

Click to Share It

Fed all on a times three!
23 Days ago
Fri, March 1st
07:00PM - 07:10PM
2 Hours ago

Global interaction goal:
367,979 /
290,000 interactions ✓

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Had both my phone and computer going, I wonder if it counted them both...Funnily enough, they both had the same exact money totals, and are you human tests, even though the interaction numbers were different.

I fell asleep, so I missed the 9pm SCS, I may or may not do the others, I haven't decided yet....

It's kinda funny, the next one starts when the CBS news starts.
23 Days ago
Okay I need this Sigilyph to get healed for Reshiram so we r gonna do a mf RAFFLE! Train up the Sigilyph in my party, do #HealSigilyph and I will pick one person and they will get 50k PD plus some other stuff

I love Reshiram!

Of course I'll help!
27 Days ago
By WUT_Beat3 -

I’m shiny hunting eevee and I don’t really feel like keeping it for when I get it. So because of this share this whole feed + the hashtag to be able to win the eevee once it hatches
27 Days ago
By Hacked~Project4 -
Share the hashtag #SnowBlossom to win :
10 pokemon of your choice
My Boxes / Keys
A Eevee evo
~~~~~~~If you are lucky~~~~~~~~~

Already know no one will share but oh well
27 Days ago
By -uta-
Hey all, so I'm going to be raffling out every pokemon and (good) item I have left

How to Enter:
1. Sign up on Xanje using this link (no other link will work)
2. Comment below your Xanje Username
3. Log in Xanje throughout the week

Xanje Username:

1st Place: 4 Pokemon of their choosing & an Egg Voucher
2nd Place: 3 Pokemon of their choosing & an Egg Voucher
3rd Place: 2 Pokemon of their choosing
4th and Beyond: 1 Pokemon of their choosing

This will end on March 31st.

Please, share this around by using the hashtag: #utaisquitting
If you have any questions, pleasepalpad me.

Note: Because of a numbering mistake, this will be the new official post for the raffle. All entries are here
1 Month ago
In order to survive hard times, you need a reliable partner.

Hatch an egg and train it to Level 100.
Strongest Pokémon: Toshinori the Eevee



Kudos if you get the reference!

1 Month ago
You found 1x Jade Orb in this treasure box!

1 Month ago
Okay guys. I'm trying this again. Been putting it off but I have a good feeling about it this time. If I win I will give away 2 shiny beldum to one random person who shares this post & interacts. Just a few things.

-interact with this beauty
-share the post for a chance to win!
-comment on your shared post every day with proof of interactions <3
Click to share!
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
By Potted_Nugget - 10 Hours and 25 Minutes ago.

Meh, giveaway, idk I'm bored... Share and...idk...tell me something in your post. I'm just kinda down and I need attention. Ends when I say so...

Prize: 700 nuggets or something idk...

Why would I forget you bud?

You will forever be the shiny Weedle king!
1 Month ago
100? Nah what about 500? No wait I know 8k!

Wait no that's what people expect, how about 9k?

Okay so 9k it is

Hey just comment and share hatch my party and enter this givesway

It's only 9k nuggets for one winner ends at reset Tomorrow

Have fun

They were eggs until I interacted with them, now I know what a Rokkuyu (however you spell it) egg looks like!

Hope I'm not too late!
1 Month ago
By ProudWeeb

Quick giveaway cus why not Um comment (on their feed, not mine) to enter prize is 100k so yeah share it so people know

1 Month ago
By IcyWolf
Welp today makes the 15 year I’ve been single let’s do a little celebration *trumpets playing something so cool music* that’s right a giveaway kinda late but cool share #singlecauseican to win a *cool music* my LOVE!!!! and 300 nuggies ends on Monday
1 Month ago

My OC's

You can draw em' if you wish!
The OC's are mine, but the bases belong to others.

Lola Breon

My main OC, and possibly my Pokésona.

Her dad was a Zorua, so she can shapeshift, and her mother had a Kecleon in the family, so she can change colors.

She can hold her shapeshifting throughout a battle, she just can't hold it sleeping, or knocked out.

Her mother is a Vaporeon, so she's great in the water.

Base is by

Azura Breon

Lola's biological mother.

She can change her colors because one of her relatives was a Kecleon, and because she doesn't have the stripe, she can do it completely, even becoming invisible!

But she'd never do that! Being a former Pokémodel, she adores the limelight, and wants to stand out in a crowd!

She married a Zorua, layed Lola's egg, and co-adopted a Fenniken with her husband!

Base is by

Leonardo Breon
Married to Azura, Lola's bio father.
Used to be a P.I., but is Cyllage City's sheriff.
Likes to prank bad guys, exceptionally cunning.
Base is unknown.

I like Anime!

I made the GIF that's my avatar, but the pictures themselves aren't mine.

I like certain kinds of Anime, My Hero Academia being a current favorite- I'm a sucker for heroes/good vs evil stuff like that.

I'm on S3 E19!

My top three favorite characters are
Izuku, Kirishima, and Uraraka

I like IzuOcha, TodoDeku, DenkiDeku, KiriDeku, KiriBaku, KiriMina,TodoMomo, JiroDenki!, and SeroDenki


22, Ace, Introvert, Artist

If you would like to talk, I prefer PM's to Palpads, seeing as though you can use GIF's, and emoji.

I'm not really a huge fan of messaging, but a little here and there is fine.

You can also PM me if you need something, and for Buiesness inquiries.

I'd love to help!

Please don't add me to any group chats, I get enough of that on Facebook, and I already don't care for those.

The Fun has been doubled!

Shiny Hunt

Lola96 is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 02/02/2019

Chain: 172