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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,822/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Chicken Nugget
1,9326,062,567 / 11,203,669
Teggun Nekcihc
717275,036 / 1,544,419
Ace Communication
1,3694,852,767 / 7,033,239
Tapu Bulu
532476,033 / 1,063,336
Robin Blaze10131,316 / 34,143
Arial Commander
3591,049,403 / 2,569,303


Face reveal/Weedle art

Look at this beautiful art of my nugget!
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Made by rainbowblitzer

Made by: Prinklix

Made by: AliceAngle*Sweets*

Made by: Hipsterpotamus

Made by: SilverFox

Made by: *Fabulous~Weeb*

Made by: Amalee

Made by: Prinklix

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brothers from other mothers

My Strengths

1. Sense of Humor - 85.7%
1. Vanity - 50%

2. Generosity - 66.7%
3. Optimism - 57.1%
4. Confidence - 55.6%
5. Kindness - 54.5%


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KD6-37 1 Day ago
KD6-37 1 Day ago
Mijumarulover1 7 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #999661268
Registration: 16/07/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 789:12 Hours
Total interactions: 77,977
Money: 725,944
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Hey guys, If Im next up in the Big Account Purge, I just wanted to announce my new goal!

I want to get to 1,000,000 Honey!

It may seem tough, yes, but I know we can do it. I've made a progress bar and I already know we can do it!
15 Days ago
I am now Purchasing dangerously high amounts of honey for no other reason than that its gold and Nugget demands it.

If you have the Honey, I will give the Money.
15 Days ago
Anybody selling gold keys or just boxes and key in general? Please contact me in Palpad
16 Days ago
Love pepperoni
21 Days ago
Alright #ImAlive is over. Turtle is truely an amazing pokemon starter and I love the gen 4 music. So lucky winner is none other than


Congratulations and thanks for everyone who participated
23 Days ago
Enlightenment of the day.

Remember, these thoughts of violence and infliction to others never directly makes you a person of identified malace. Rather, it is your actions pertaining to these thoughts that will solitify your view to your peers. Fear not these thought for they are humanity themselves but chose to fall to these levels, prepare to crawl your way out.
28 Days ago
I actually forgot I was a German Weedle in this site.

Huh, how time flies
1 Month ago
Hey guys! Im alive! Time for what I do best!
It's another giveaway!

Share #ImAlive, ❤️, and tell me why Turtwig is the best starter Pokemon to be entered into a giveaway.

Winner will get 900 nuggets so hurry!

I missed all of you.
1 Month ago
anybody still out there?

2 Months ago
Did I tell you guys that I was at the park yesterday pushing my 4-year-old cousin on a spinny thing when a kid about 7 comes in, yelling about it not spinning fast enough and that I had to push faster. He tried to push my cousin out, super annoying, and I said, "hey kid, calm down" and this kid

He replied, "I can't help it, I'm a rager, I rage, it's what I do."

I hate kids.
2 Months ago
Ill be honest with you guys, it feels like the giants are dead. So many influential people, those that made this place what it was, are simply gone. Its disheartening. True, I may spend less time here now, but I feel like this place is fading. Maybe its time for some fun, hu? Ill start thinking............
3 Months ago
awe, I was only gone for like, a week. Thanks, I missed you guys too <3

3 Months ago
this game still alive? I havent been in a while and feel like it might be..well...
3 Months ago
Welp, got my wisdom teeth yanked out. All 4.

My face feels like a balloon
3 Months ago
Heard somebody whistle megalovania at lunch today.

Never have I been bombarded with such emotion.
3 Months ago

Commissioning an artist to draw what they think I look like. Only brief questions and answers.

I will pay millions for this ~.~
3 Months ago
Anybody want to burn down half of Paris with me? We're going for ice cream after~~~~
3 Months ago
Alright, looks like we have a winner. Looks like BewearOfNoah take cake Thanks for everybody remembering me. #GiveawayToStayRelevant
3 Months ago
Flip doodles on a stick! I forgot about #GiveawayToStayRelevant! I'm still relevant, right? Doesn't matter, I'll pick a winner soon.

Oh, and sun and moon ash is absolute trash and never deserved to win the championship. #XandYAshShouldveWon
3 Months ago


(Click me plz)

GOAL TO 1,000,000 Pots of Honey! Buying all honey for 40 a pot!



Potted_Nugget hasn't collected any medals so far.

Badge Showcase

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Set #4

Shiny Hunt

Potted_Nugget is currently hunting Torcharch.
Hunt started: 23/09/2018

Chain: 169
3 3 0


To do before I Kermit un-alive

[X]get shiny mega
[X]get a shiny from the honey tree

[X]get celebi from the honey tree
[X]get ditto
[X]reach 1 million PD
[X]reach 2 million PD
[X]reach 5 million PD
[X]reach 10 million PD
[X]Reach 20 million PD
[X]Reach 50 million PD
[X]Reach 100 million PD
[X]Reach 500 million PD
[X]Reach 750 million PD
[X]Reach 1 Billion PD
[X]Reach 2 Billion PD
[]Reach 3 Billion PD
[X]make it on the biggest money leader board
[]have the most amount of money in the game
[X]legendary bird trio
[]do a face reveal
[X]start a war
[]meet Bruno mars
[X]get married
[] drink 3 gallons of milk in less than 24 hours
[X]survive a week in the wild
[]bathe in Apple juice
[]get over the fear of spiders
[] eat til I thow up
[] Win an argument
[]make a baby cry by looking at it
[]Watch 8 hours of tv start
[]fly a plane
[]see a picture of the north pole
[]be internet famous
[] get all the lied spots on PH
[X] Become a god
[X]intimidate with looks alone
[]Have somebody write fanfiction about me
[]1st OS Weedle
[]write a book
[]have a dog that can skateboard
[]ride a hot air balloon
[X]confess my love to somebody special
[X]do a million PD-giveaway.
[X]have the best friends in the world

My little shortcuts