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Trainerlevel: 62

Trainerpoints: 10,916/11,593


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
MissingNo.205388,301 / 514,368
MissingNo.185138,721 / 384,710


🌸 Maddie, a 28-year-old gal

🌸 Christian

🌸 Food fanatic/aspiring professional cook

🌸 Enthusiastic tea drinker

🌸 Sinnoh/Unova fangirl

🌸 Team Instinct

🌸 Wannabe polyglot

🌸 Cacti collector

🌸 Cat person to the extreme

🌸 Major k-pop/k-drama/period drama fangirl

Train Wild for me, please! ♡



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MulberryFlower is currently hunting Bulbasaur.
Hunt started: 14/03/2022

Chain: 301
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #749722577
Registration: 27/02/2019 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 31/May/2023
Game Time: 1197:35 Hours
Total interactions: 2,999,343
Money: 651,276
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Shoutout to Duolingo for fixing their microphone so that it actually picks up your voice; that was long overdue
5 Months ago
Literally I wasn't even the only one hollering over Hobi's radiant charisma last night; 5300 other people had the exact same thought
5 Months ago
Okay not to be That Person who is just incessant but you all already know that I'm incessant, so

Jung Hoseok out here in the front row really looking like a million bucks; that smile is enough to power lower Manhattan for a year
5 Months ago
They restocked the preorders for Jinki's solo album ahhhhhhhh
5 Months ago
I made the potato mochi recipe from Legends Arceus and it was amazing -- here is the recipe in short form and here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the process ✨

Side note, apparently there is no mochi emoji? There's a vague amorphous dumpling and some dango but nothing actually resembling a mochi,,,
5 Months ago
Since I'm sure we all fell for some April 1st pranks today, let me present you with a video which is exactly what I'm telling you it is:

Turn off all the lights in your room, pop in some earbuds, and watch this beautiful immersive video of a moonlit drive through Tokyo set to some bubblegum pop 🌸
5 Months ago
I actually have nothing to do and nowhere to go this afternoon, for once, so I'm going to spend the whole thing playing Legends Arceus and reading

Could this really be happening????
5 Months ago
Strawberry-scented nail polish remover exists and if that's not the most thoroughly Maddie thing you've ever heard,,,,, 🌸🍓✨
5 Months ago
I changed my text notification sound to Irida's flute and every time I get a text it makes me smile 💚
5 Months ago
Um, there's a toasted cashew lying on my bed right now
6 Months ago
6 Months ago
I like how there are certain things which need no explanation within the Pokémon fandom, like someone can just say "7.8/10" and literally everyone else knows exactly what they're talking about

Or you can just toss out keywords like

"The piano in that one house in Undella Town"

and everyone just gets it
6 Months ago
I really want to add Flabébé to my "Plushies I'm Collecting" panel but it looks so nice with two rows of four askdfjsksj
6 Months ago
This call has now been going on for upwards of two hours, so here are some more highlights:

[Raj unbuttons sweater on camera]
Raj: "... ... ...Can I borrow it?"

"I will literally trade you Raj for one packet of microwave mac and cheese"
"Keep him, I don't want him"

"You know what I want right now? Coffee"
"Maddie and her endless love affair with seeing how much caffeine it takes before she gives herself a heart attack"
"Maddie, if you die in this call I'll never forgive you"

"Reminder this Fourth of July is the ten-year anniversary of Raj shooting me in the face with an airsoft gun; I still have the divot above my eye"
"Raj, this summer you should shoot her on the other side of the face so it'll be symmetrical"

"He told me he wanted to major in psychology, but he also spelled 'psychology' wrong two different ways in one text message, so I don't have very high hopes"
6 Months ago
Without further ado, may I present this week's episode of "Highlights from the Call":

"Look who finally decided to join the call"
"The first thing I heard when I connected was Nate saying 'very attractive' so I can only assume you guys were already talking about me"

"Good things come in small packages"
"Like what?"
"Gold coins"
"Fruit snacks"
"Fruit snacks are not an item of value"

"Guys, I've got an idea"
"Oh no"

"Maddie, who's your fictional crush of the week?"
"Oh, look, the carousel of unceasing nonsense"

"I was in Oceania twice and it was beautiful"
"Where's Oceania?"
"West of Mordor"

"Do you guys want to go to Denny's tomorrow?"
"I'm not emotionally empty enough to go to Denny's"
6 Months ago
Bro I want a shiny Goomy so badly but I do NOT have the patience for 10k EHP eggs at present
6 Months ago
By TheUnknownCollector - 8 Hours and 10 Minutes ago.
I'm bored sooo... Giveaway time!
just share the above hashtag/like the post and I'll pick a winner when I reach 50 cosmogs hatched!

first place: 10 lugia egg vouchers, 1 retro starter egg voucher, 3 nebula stones

second place: 5 lugia egg vouchers, 1 retro starter egg voucher, 2 nebula stones

third place: 3 lugia egg vouchers, 1 retro egg voucher, 1 nebula stone

Good luck to you all! :)
6 Months ago
Got my new Korean textbooks today and I'm still working on the previous course level, but I'm really excited to start this one next. Hybe Edu did a great job putting together an interactive learning experience, it's been really useful for me ♡
6 Months ago
I have a bag of dark chocos, a toasted sea salt candle, and a newly-restarted Viki subscription so I can watch kdramas while I work my way through my clicklist. Perfect afternoon 🌹
6 Months ago


Plushies I'm collecting



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