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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 4,825/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Happiny14034,537 / 47,376
Happiny1419,127 / 48,054
Happiny14039,647 / 47,376
Happiny14013,249 / 47,376

Shiny Hunt

Johto is currently hunting Happiny.
Hunt started: 30/07/2021

Chain: 248

☒ 10 Friends - 6/21/2019
☒ 25 Friends - 6/30/2020
☐ 50 Friends
☐ 100 Friends
☒ Gifted 5 Plushies - 6/18/2019
☒ Gifted 25 Plushies - 10/28/2019
☒ Gifted 100 Plushies - 6/16/2020
☐ Gifted 500 Plushies
☒ Level 100 Pokémon - 8/28/2019
☒ Level 250 Pokémon - 10/19/2019
☒ Level 500 Pokémon - 6/12/2020
☐ Level 1000 Pokémon
☒ Complete Badge Set #1 - 6/17/2019
☒ Complete Badge Set #2 - 9/14/2019
☒ Complete Badge Set #3 - 7/1/2020
☐ Complete All 4 Badge Sets
☒ Hatch a Mega-able Pokémon - 6/22/2019
☒ Hatch a Shiny Pokémon - 6/24/2019
☒ Hatch a Shiny Mega-able Pokémon - 9/13/2019
☒ 50 Pokémon Registered - 6/15/2019
☒ 100 Pokémon Registered - 9/29/2019
☒ 250 Pokémon Registered - 10/22/2019
☒ 500 Pokémon Registered - 6/13/2020
☐ 1000 Pokémon Registered
☒ Kanto Dex - 10/31/2019
☒ Johto Dex - 11/11/2019
☒ Hoenn Dex - 6/14/2020
☒ Sinnoh Dex - 6/22/2020
☐ Kalos Dex
☐ Unova Dex
☐ Alola Dex
☐ Galar Dex
☐ Emera Dex
☒ Boil my first Mega Stone - 6/27/2020
☐ Boil 5 Mega Stones
☐ Boil 10 Mega Stones
☐ Boil 25 Mega Stones

Awesome People!

Just a spot for me to shout-out some really great people who have helped me along my PokéHeroes journey. I am happy to of made new acquaintances, some I would even call friends! If you make it on this list just know I appreciate you and cherish your kindness!

MiniEarth - My newbie mentor, helped me start my journey!

PapaBear339 - Plushie bombed me on 7/1/2020 - helped me earn the Plushie Cuddler badge which was the last badge needed in my third badge set - shiny charm *unlocked*!
{48 Plushies in a 5 minute span OwO}

Scarlet_Witch - Took time to breed and help me complete my Kanto and Johto Dex, including trusting me to borrow a very valuable ditto really early on in my PokéHeroes adventure.

Zellane - Consistent Oak/Rowan feeding quest helper, dedicated to helping people overcome the pesky professors.

Technoking - Has been a great friend and has also helped me complete my Hoenn and Sinnoh Dex! Also is the host of a conglomerate service thread which I am proudly apart of to help people complete their dex! Check it out here!

TremorzGG - Helped me finish the Kanto Dex, has hooked me up multiple times when they didn't have to!

Some Plushies I Like!


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Newest gifts
Professor~Adminus 1 Month ago
LucasTupelo 1 Month ago
LunaShadow 1 Month ago
SuperDucky100 1 Month ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #135930102
Registration: 11/06/2019 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 368:16 Hours
Total interactions: 645,964
Money: 876,551
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


Never thought homophobia would be rampant in a POKEMON community of all places. Do better people, jeez.
1 Year ago
i need to learn to stop comparing myself to others :c so bad for my mental
1 Year ago
By TomatoSoup - 3 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
Aight. Here we go again!

2,000 nuggies.
Ends on Sunday after reset!

To enter, heart this feed. Don't forget to share!
1 Year ago
TODAY is the DAY!!! everyone ready for these new pokemon announcements :''3???? HOOORAAAAAHHH
2 Years ago
I always get scared hatching eggs on SCS because of the shinies I've hatched that have evolved before I had a chance to put on everstones :(! At the same time it's so nice to be able to hatch 20+ eggs in a manner of minutes :3
2 Years ago

ayo happy new year!!

To kick this year off a good note I'd figure I'd do a 100mil PD Giveaway where 5 users each win 20mil

All you have to do is comment and make a feed or something letting people know this is happening with #helpinghands

have fun ily all <3 ends reset jan 5

--Big one to kick off the new year, good luck to anyone who decides to enter!
2 Years ago
people that put certain common gems in item market for 3,000 pd or more deserve coal in their stockings this year :(
2 Years ago
What a sweet sentiment from Riako to try and spread some cheer.
#MyBestExperience of 2020 was finally finishing my shiny Castform set after a 5 month long hunt.
2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Goomy hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #68)!

feels good to finally see a shiny that isn't a castform ;-;
2 Years ago
Need to break my chain ;-; interactions please!
2 Years ago
Finishing my personal castform hunt with the B2B!!!!

By PokéRadar - 8 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #912)!
By PokéRadar - 8 Hours and 14 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #911)!
2 Years ago
Beep beep...

Check the weather report, a rare AURORA is coming soon, ready your weather balloons!
2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #868)!

16/18, just two more left for my full shiny line ;-;.. but only about 3/4ths of the way done with the Castform hunt for the few slots I have fulfilled <3
2 Years ago
100x Weather Balloon are currently available for 100,000 per piece!
2 Years ago
9 eggs in the last hour???? castforms are getting really busy today. pls interact :D
2 Years ago
You obtained a new badge (Shiny Chainer)!

Congratulations! Your 50th shiny hatched out of one of your eggs.
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #659)!
(12/18 Shiny Castform)
2 Years ago
Currently Cooking: Mays Secret Recipe

UUGH finally lol, can't wait for the next berry grind 🙄🙄🙄
2 Years ago
6x Weather Balloon are currently available for 10,000 per piece!

2 Years ago
Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #304)!

Woohoo :) (5/18), nearly a third of the way done!
2 Years ago
By RandomPlayer - 7 Hours and 45 Minutes ago.
Because I feel like it and why not, i wanna do a giveaway

Winner gets 500k pd
Second place gets 100k pd
Third gets 50k pd

(giveaway will not happen if less than 5 people enter)

To enter, interact with either my Groudon (egg) or my Smol boi, share the hashtag #RandomGiveaway, comment your proof in the original post and like the post.

Giveaway will end in a week's time.
Good luck.
2 Years ago

My Biography

PH and PFQ

Currently hunting shiny pokemon originally found in Johto!

♣♦♥ 3DS Friend Code: 0662-9661-8024 ♣♠♥
♣♦♥ Switch Friend Code: SW-2536-5308-1023 ♥♠♣
♣♦♠ PoGo Trainer Code: 1082 7559 7907 ♣♠♥

○ Please add me! ○

Currently I've got:
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Ultra Moon
Pokemon LGP
Pokemon Shield

[email protected] Known As: Justehn and [email protected]~

~☼ Name: Justin ☼~
~♫ Age: 25 ♫~
~♪ Location: NY ♪~

Me 🤓

Pokemon I've Hatched

- Hatched September 14th, 2019 - Chain #886
- Hatched November 16th, 2019 - Chain #583


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