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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 9,095/17,403


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
YangXiaoFloof [2•OS]
(Mega Candaria)
4,69632,415,118 / 39,702,802
Spring Mareep
1501,540 / 77,126
Spring Flaaffy
17675,835 / 106,953
Big Boss
(Spring Ampharos)
17039,362 / 99,638

Ranklist logs

🚫Currently inactive🚫
No time for small chit-chats.
Timezone (New Zealand): GMT +12.

After 17 months, I've made it to #2.

My Ranklist logs:

▪︎ 19/08/22 (2nd)
▪︎ 10/06/22 (3rd)
▪︎ 09/06/22 (4th)
▪︎ 07/06/22 (5th)
▪︎ 20/11/21 (6th)
▪︎ 14/11/21 (7th)
▪︎ 06/11/21 (8th)
▪︎ 05/11/21 (9th)
▪︎ 04/11/21 (10th)
▪︎ 20/03/21 (Started to raid the Auction house.)

Note: Not aiming for #1. Nymph can have that spot.
If you PM me when I mass-bid the Auction House, I will report you for harassment 😁😉
Please don't ask/offer for trades/mons/items in my PM/Pal Pad. Check out my public trades or my Trade Shop.


AlienSnowflake is currently hunting Spring Mareep
without Premium. Hunt started: --

162 | 2 | 2 | 2 (Resets) | 1,983
Future SM Event hunt without Premium:

If I ever get banned in this site, my username is everywhere in Google.
I'm hard to miss.

Jo | Shapeshifter [he/she] | Lesbean owo | Blood donor #4💉
I have trust issues, so don't ask for free stuff or beg. You're asking to be blocked.
I add anyone, but if you constantly post feeds, I'll remove you.

I ignore "hi/hello"s or random PMs.
I will only answer if you have questions about my trade shop.
If you have q's about this game, visit the Wiki or ask the staff.


Berry Garden berry stats:
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Berries on Lv100:
Berries soon Lv100:

☆ Wacan
☆ Aguav 100,012 50m
☆ Aspear 64,566 50m
☆ Cheri 3,301 25m
☆ Chesto 10,017 25m
☆ Durin 653
☆ Grepa 0
☆ Kelpsy 553
☆ Mago 0
☆ Nomel 302
☆ Pecha 620 25m
☆ Rawst 442
☆ Spelon 242
☆ Tomato 0
☆ Watmel 0

Collecting Mewton's bros:
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Mewton ✔️
Shiny Mewton
Mewton Coinflip✔️
Shiny Mewton Coinflip❌️
Mewton HoL
Shiny Mewton HoL
Mewton Treasures✔️
Shiny Mewton Treasures❌️
Mewton Lottery✔️
Shiny Mewton Lottery
Mewton Slots✔️
Shiny Mewton Slots❌️
Mewton Hangman
Shiny Mewton Hangman
Mewton Concentration✔️
Shiny Mewton Concentration
Shiny Newton


First ever mega-able and shiny event mon that took months, one single chain without premium or flutes
(Chain #181) [19/June/2016 - 25/August/2017]

1•OS Shiny Galar Meowth!

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

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~Empress~Today, 12:58
NymphrasisToday, 12:49
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TAIMURESUToday, 12:06

Game Records

Trainer ID: #899292223
Registration: 28/05/2016 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 3999:42 Hours
Total interactions: 6,506,576
Money: 17,398,157
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Suddenly-- 17mil xD
Today, 11:55
Coin flip, within 30 min: 1'000k coins --> 1'200k coins :D

Also coin flip, within 30 min: 1'200k coins --> 800k coins D:

Btw I gamble 5k coins at a time.
Today, 09:59
Rant incoming.

I feel sorry for those users who purchased premium for a year or longer (not recently but all of them in the past too) and got perma banned.
They can't even get their money back.

That's....stealing :/
Idc if they done something bad to get banned..still sad no matter what :T
Today, 06:42
Am tempted to do 1k or 10k coin flips at a time to get rich there fast🫣
Yesterday, 14:39
Why poeple selling azure flutes very expensive when it was an advent calendar thing..and easy to get O.o?????
Yesterday, 08:04
Guess what, guys?!
It's my trade shop's first birthday today - almost forgot😆😋
2 Days ago
I hate seeing ds's in marketplace names in the past few months like:

"playstation foldable console"
"Nintendo console with camera"
"3ds not foldable nintendo" (this was a 2ds xD)

There's more but i don't remember all
Like bruhhh. The name of the console is at rhe back aaaaaAAAaaaaAaa XDD

There was even a Dedenne plushie named PIKACHU ...😶🫣
2 Days ago
Poeple: *announces they are leaving like PH is an airport*

Me: when I leave, I'll just leave without announcing coz chances are I'll come back anyways. Took 2 years break before
5 Days ago
I'm chill. I add anyone in my friendlist, but I will unfriend if you spam my feed😆

Done that to couple of poeple in the past already🫥
There's a diary thread if you do updates or something worth there
18 Days ago
I've earned a star seller in my Etsy. Whoo🥰
First time too
28 Days ago
Let's-a go in a feel trip??

Imagine being so close to your mon and you trade it away and it thinks you abandoned it.. .
Reality you just tryna trade evo it and its friendship/happiness thing goes down coz it thought you abandoned it 🥲
2 Months ago
Them: blocking me won't do gud so what's the point ??

Me: well.. it blocks you offering in my trade or art shop, soo.. . xD
2 Months ago
Riako updated the Ranklist stats, but didn't give any updates on the actual Ranklists.

Wish we had our own medals or atleast anything in our profile's saying that we're in the Ranklist. Our "Ranklist is your medal" doesn't rly sound like any accomplishments.
No wonder people avoid that place.

So Yeah. Incase yall wondering, we get nothing being up there.
Already tried to put this in the suggestion forum, it got rejected.

3 Months ago
After a godforsaken year— Yes a year of raiding the Auction House.
I started like March 20 2021 and made it to #2 today :D

No I will not aim for #1. Nymphrasis can have that spot hahaha!!
3 Months ago
I have a funny story just now.

I was talking to chopper_45 and i sent this text to them:
Shiny Oshawott
Chain #192
July 31st

Then I was bidding on a mon, the text came out like this pasted:

I almost-- ALMOST had a heart attack and died there on the spot and leave PH if I spent my whole millions on that mon😭😶😂
3 Months ago
I thought there was a famous (RWBY) artist in this site. Mistaken it the user called ImperialHound. Turns out I was thinkin of the artists: EmpirialDawn and CoconutHound.

Forgive me
3 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny mega able Trapinch hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #998)!

Whoo hoo! Not even over 1'000 eggs. Thank you, awesome chain!🥰
6 Months ago




If you like my art, click above here to commish!!

I visit your profile when you comment in my Trade Shop. Just checking if you're in my blocklist to proceed the trade or not.
I'm 30 years old, not 10. I have responsibilities outside this site.😊 If you can't follow up that, bother someone else😁

🚫Currently inactive🚫.
Timezone (New Zealand): GMT +12.


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