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Trainerlevel: 71

Trainerpoints: 2,085/15,193


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
YangXiaoFloof [2•OS]
(Mega Candaria)
3,62711,979,186 / 23,685,762


▪︎Don't PM me for bidding unwanted mons in the Auction house▪︎
Read the rules, yo. I like to fill my boxes.
Or I will report you.
Quote from CatLadyYeah, you can report them. Clearly, they're harassing/messaging you, simply because they don't like what you're doing

on Most Pokemon Ranklist since 06/Nov/2021

Me, when I bid in Auction House:


If I ever get banned in this site, my username is everywhere in Google. I'm hard to miss.
Jowee | Shapeshifter [he/she] | Lesbean | Blood donor #2
I love Katy Perry, RWBY, Disney, Pokemon, Harry Potter and Digimon
I hang out in auction house and berrygarden.

I have trust issues, once you hit my boundaries, you're blocked.
I also clean my friendlist monthly. Removing users who are one month inactive.

I ignore "hi/hello"s or random PMs.
I will only answer if you have questions about my trade shop.

If you have q's about this game, visit the Wiki or ask the staff.

First ever mega-able and shiny event mon that took months, one single chain without premium or flutes
(Chain #181) [19/June/2016 - 25/August/2017]

My 1•OS Shiny Galar Meowth!

Shiny hunt

AlienSnowflake is currently taking a break
from hunting Mega Spring Ampharos.

Hunt started: 14/03/2022 - 03/05/2022

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #899292223
Registration: 28/05/2016 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 05/Jul/2022
Game Time: 3011:34 Hours
Total interactions: 3,268,582
Money: 10,041,245
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Poeple be like wanting events and something crazy big... but remember we had like 3 or 5 events at once months back and everyone STILL COMPLAINED coz it was too much ??

Yeah, poeple are never happy if we have events or no events :D Just sharing this to the tag.
(I'm not entering the contest or whatever. Just getting this out there.)

Yesterday, 23:46
Congratulations! A shiny mega able Trapinch hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #998)!

Whoo hoo! Not even over 1'000 eggs. Thank you, awesome chain!🥰
3 Days ago
99% of users here: plz donate some pd for me to reach my goal!1!!

1% me: *works hard for the pd and doesn't ask for help* now that's an achievement.
1 Month ago
People getting blocked then sending trades is weird af.

Like this story i heard years ago how this woman blocked her ex from everything, so he decided to keep" texting" her through her bank account. He paid $0.01 per transaction just to send her messages there😂
2 Months ago
Me: *le visits someone's profile*
Them: I love pokemon
Also me: ....wait. I'm in a Pokemon site, duh AAAAA
3 Months ago
Gets private trades from a person you've blocked: ✅
Giving a like on someone's feed/comment that you've blocked: ❎

4 Months ago
*clears throat* Well, incase if you fellas didn't know. I've made it in the Most Pokemon in Ranklist.
Took roughly 7 months of endurance of people reporting me for spending my rough earned PD in Auction House XD
6 Months ago
E L E C T R ⚡ C

Finally, after over a decade I got to see Katy Perry and Pikachu together.
My childhood is very happy <3
1 Year ago
.... my Gradndma is gone. ..
Rest in piece... I hope you'llbe in a better place..
I mean she was suffering.. she had a bad fever..
(Not covid related)
1 Year ago
I am new here. So bare with me.
5 Years ago



I visit your profile when you comment in my Trade Shop. Just checking if you're in my blocklist to proceed the trade or not.
I'm very tired afterwork. I work my butt off being a caregiver. I work 5 - 6 days in a row. Whole day I'm on my feet. Just coz I'm online, doesn't mean I can reply or do stuff here.
Sometimes I just wanna hang out here without being bothered to do anything. I'm 29 years old, not 9. I have responsibilities outside this site.😊
If you can't follow up that, bother someone else😁



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