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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 261/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
600618,920 / 1,280,246
Snowrex17146,890 / 110,296
Chikorita (Retro)19266,082 / 127,728
9201,743,332 / 2,541,961
Kyurem1229,340 / 56,274

Hello and welcome to my profile!

~Hi, I'm Icefox~
~I live in the UK~
~My age is... a secret~
~I have 'X user added you to their friendlist' notifications turned
off so, please dont be offended if I don't add you back~
~I'm not great at conversation~
~I am an aspiring astronomer ~


~Playing my flute~

My Bf on ph

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”-Dr Seus

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First Shiny Mega Able:___

First Event Mon:
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Last Action
Reading a forum thread (6 Hours ago)


Shiny Hunt

Icefox is currently hunting Maneki Espurr.
Hunt started: 10/09/2020

Chain: 35

Game Records

Trainer ID: #307628640
Registration: 08/12/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 364:56 Hours
Total interactions: 777,751
Money: 1,689,869
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


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Yesterday, 20:22
Yay! Maneki egg! Finally!
Yesterday, 17:55
One week of Google Classroom work in and what have I learned?


That under no circumstances should you let my class okay maybe that's being harsh it's not everyone just like, 10 of them near a keyboard and group chat. The spam, the pointless messages, the absolute nonsense that they come out with! I have a headache from bashing my head against my desk a couple too many times.
Also, my internet still hates me and apparently hats me doing work...
If you mean academically, then I learned nothing because internet, idiots and the fact that what they are 'teaching' us is stuff that I have known for years! The Earth has layers, I know! Frankenstein is a gothic novel, I KNOW! You find the area of a rectangle by tims-ing the two sides together, I KNOW we were taught this when we were in year 4 in primary!!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little carried away there, didn't I?
Yesterday, 16:29
Oh my, I just read my last feed and I swear I didn't mean that pun...

My last feed:
I don't know why, don't ask, I just did it on a whim.

It is a post with all of my wimsicott plushies laid out next to one and other. I said I did it on a whim. A whim.
As in a Whimsicott?!
5 Days ago
Country wide lockdown part 3.
Bangs. Head. Against. Desk.
11 Days ago
By Daycare owner - 11 Hours and 17 Minutes ago.
Your Wide Lens just finished scanning your egg and it turned out to be a Maneki Espurr egg.

I scanned this yesterday it counts as 3 in a day!!! My standards have slipped I sence...
12 Days ago
I was just trying to log on to oh on my kindle for SCS and now I am having an identity crisis.
On my first attempt, it auto corrected Icefox to Ice fox which I am used to because it happened before so I deleted it and tried again, this time hiwever, it auto corrected it to Iced Fox.
So now I don't know if I am a fox made out of ice, a fox covered in ice, a fox that is covered in icing or a fox made out of ice covered in icing!
This is a problem I have never had before and I don't know what I actually am!
13 Days ago
Oh that's a good start of the year! The first egg I scanned this year is a Maneki egg! Please carry this on, please let this be forshadowing....
14 Days ago
Happy new year!

Now time to break your mouse/finger
14 Days ago
Ok, so it's just gone 9 here and I have no idea if we are staying up all nigt or not because my oarents were saying earlier tht we probable woldn't nut I have been drawring for a while so I have no idea. I am also very tired already. I'm a morning person not an evening ok! I would just rather go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
Thats beside the point though.
An hour or so ago, my mum walked into my room and said 'I have some good news and some bad news'
I put down my pen and asked her to continue.
A few minutes of convversation later ended with my bashing my head on my desk. Painfully.
So the good news is that is I get to do a weeks home learning instead of going into school.
The bad news?
We are in tier 4 lockdown.

15 Days ago
My first drawing with my tablet and I have to say it is tons easier and quicker to make and a lot more fun and comfortable!
For context it is of a little spaceman cable thing my parents got me for Christmas.
18 Days ago
I got animal crossing for Christmas and I have really been enjoying it. It is relaxed and easy to understand and I am quite enjoying myself on it!
19 Days ago
Oh my gosh its snowing o Christmas!!!!!!
21 Days ago
I got a drawing tablet for Christmas!!
21 Days ago
Merry Christmas everyone!
21 Days ago
Well its 21.35 here at the time of typing this, 24th December that is. Christmas eve somehow. That's scary, where has 2020 gone?
Merry Christmas/Christmas eve, it depends on your time zone and time of reading I guess.

Have a great holiday weather you celebrate Christmas or not, after all of this year, you deserve it ^^
22 Days ago

These eggs arn't going to hatch, are they?

In my panic, I decided to do a giveaway/competition/raffle type thing. If and only if all of my eggs hatch before I log off for the night (around 9 tonight server time) I will copy paste the received interactions for all of my eggs and put them into a randomizer thing until it comes up with someone who also shared the hashtag.
The prize is 10 nebula stones
So to enter, just interact with all of the eggs in my party and share this hashtag.
Good look and merry Christmas eve!
22 Days ago
Can I ask for help hatching these eggs please? Heart and I will return!
22 Days ago

My art

~This is my art section... did you guess~


~General Sprite Doodles~

~Misc Art~

~Traditional art~


~Current Favourtes~

~My Plushie Collection~
~Any missing plushie is greatly appreciated and I will try to resend~

The Dream Team~
Yes, I am aware that there are 10 'Mon here but, it's my profile, my rules

My Goals

~☑Get a shiny Whimsicott~
~☐ Get 8000 Nuggets ~
~☐ Get 100 whimsicott plushies~
~☐ Get 1 medal in the madal rall~y~
~☐ ☐ Get a shiny mega (and mega evolve it)~
~☐ G-max a shiny I hatched~
~☐ Complete a dex
~☐ Own a ditto
~☐ Complete all of the badge sets~
~☐ Shiny hunt cosmog~

100 Nebula stones

~Shiny/ Shiny Mega Hunts ~

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4