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Trainerlevel: 51

Trainerpoints: 3,929/7,853


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Glacia! :3 ❄
2,45516,406,532 / 18,088,441
Bella! :3 ❤
2,1732,233,289 / 14,172,307
Pennywise (2OS)
6891,414,983 / 1,782,789
*~Baby Bella~*
1,193364,346 / 4,273,327
17012,084 / 99,638
From Bakugo~
5146,473 / 635,305

Fumiko's Quirk(s)

Fumiko is a Multi Quirk User, inheriting both of her parents' quirks. She inherited the Hair Limb Quirk from her Mother, and the Elemental Emotion Quirk from her father.

Explanation: (Click on the image to clearly see the words!)

Note: Fumiko trains her Hair Limb Quirk frequently so that she can stretch her hair longer than 30 Feet before getting a migraine.

My doggo

I love these three <3

Kirishima is my best bud, you know? Whenever I need help, he's always there to make things so much better! One time, when practicing for the Sports Festival, I threw him off the roof of the school and watched as he activated his quirk before he hit the ground, creating a large crater. It was so cool, I couldn't stop screaming at him about how cool he was! I hate it when he said his quirk is boring, I think it's the best quirk ever! He can withstand any physical attack with his Hardening Quirk. If that isn't cool, then I don't know what is!

Bakugou's quirk matches his own personality. Explosive, loud, and awesome! He's a literal ticking bomb, and that's super cool! Despite his explosive attitude, Bakugou can be calm and rational when he wants to. He once helped me become much more flexible after he found out that I become quirkless for 24 hours if my hair gets cut or damaged! We trained for a whole month, and it was hard! He was much more stronger and more experienced when it comes to physically fighting. I had to deal with punches and kicks from him until I gotten strong enough to defend myself whenever I can't use my quirk! I think Bakugou really likes me, because he always gravitate towards me and Kirishima even though he said that he hated us. I mean, I hope he likes me, because I really like him! N-not like-like him, o-of course. I'm definitely n-not in l-love with him...

I believe Todoroki enjoys my company, even though he can be aloof most of the time. As he slowly opens up, I feel like we're both getting closer and closer to being close friends. Um, he's also super c-cute and cool, too... Don't tell him I said t-that!

Honestly, I really love these three. They're like family to me besides Deku and Uraraka (and my real family, of course). I'm glad I met these three!

Shiny Hunt

~Fumiko_Fukuda~ is currently hunting Oshawott.
Hunt started: 11/06/2019

Chain: 94


Game Records

Trainer ID: #633063333
Registration: 11/05/2017 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jun/2019
Game Time: 1107:04 Hours
Total interactions: 471,506
Money: 550,124
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Like fr though, imma have a meme as my Senior quote

Something like "I should've burned this place down when I had the chance"

Or like "Highschool is easy. It's like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, the grass is on fire, everything is on fire because it's hell"

Or like, "This wasn't anything like highschool school musical at all"

Or maybe just some funny quote from an anime or something
Today, 02:15
So like

When I take my senior picture, I also have to do a senior quote can't believe I'm gonna be a senior :')

I don't know what to say

Any ideas? Something funny, maybe.
Today, 00:05
So after about FIVE FREAKING HOURS, I finally found Nihilego.

I wish there's a SR counter thing I can download. But I can't really use it, tbh, cuz I can't use my laptop and I'm gonna use my phone to watch YouTube videos so that I won't get easily bored.
Yesterday, 23:29
My brain: we're sad today

Me: why?

Brain: *holding knife up to my neck* I said we're sad today
Yesterday, 18:38
So I'm trying to find Nihilego in the Ultra Wormhole so I can start SR for a shiny but I KEEP FINDING BUZZWOLE FOR SOME REASON

Yesterday, 18:11
Oh crap

Gotta take senior pictures Wednesday so I gotta get my hair did

And wear something pretty

I hate it
Yesterday, 17:07
I always have the weirdest lock screen and get so used to it that I forget to change it.

Like I had that E meme as a lock screen on time and my parents wondered wtf was wrong with me when they saw it

now I have a cute picture of Kokichi getting headpats as a lock screen~ ❤ might change it to Bakugou. I have super cute pictures of him in my meme folder in my gallery
Yesterday, 14:03
Me: *has mobile hotspot which is called "Kokichi Ouma"*

Mom: *trying to pronounce the name* why tf your mobile hotspot is called Kokichaw?

Me: *dies internally*
Yesterday, 11:09

Mareep: am I a joke to you?
Yesterday, 03:19
Welp, now that I can't use my laptop, I have to send my written stories to my phone, edit them on my phone (which is much more slower) and then update chapters of my stories on Quotev. Dammit, this will be a slightly slower process and it's going to annoy me.

Well, at least I have to just wait until the 24th when my phone bill gets paid. Then I can use my mobile hotspot again.
Yesterday, 00:53
Aww, Toxic, you're a sweetheart. Thank you ♥

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna start collecting things for a future giveaway.
1 Day ago
Seeing all of these giveaways makes me want to do a giveaway myself.

But I literally have nothing to give. And I'm saving my PD to buy art of my Pokesona so rip
1 Day ago
I know shinies aren't going to be revealed until you actually play the game but I'm gonna guess what the new Pokémon's shinies would look like

Scorbunny: Maybe a darker red where the orange colors are placed?
Grookey: I'm getting like either light blue or yellow vibes from him.
Sobble: since a lot of water type shinies are pink, Sobble might either be a pink/magenta or gray.
Corviknight: I feel like this Pokemon might have a shiny where it's a slightly different color. Like a darker black or a slightly lighter gray. Or maybe an ugly green/yellow color. Kind of like Skarmory.
Yamper: Hmm, pink and yellow, maybe.
Impidimp: tbh, that thing's regular form looks like a shiny form lmfao.
Gossifleur: might be similar to Flabebe. Where it's green body might just be a different color.
Drednaw: dark blue, maybe?

I can't really think of what good colors Zacian and Zamazenta would look like tbh
2 Days ago
So we do not have any Internet at home. I'm the only one with Mobile Data so I wasn't really worried about that.
My brother had one asked if he could use my hotspot. I was cool with that but then a few days later, my parents found out about the hotspot and asked if they could also use it on their smart TV. I was about to decline until they offered to pay me five bucks hell yeah I can buy some ice cream with that. Um, YES. Then like 5 hours later, mobile data stopped working on my laptop. Then my parents came and told me that it isn't working on their TV. So I checked my hotspot data on MyMetro app and I only have 15GP of Hotspot data and I already reached the limit. So I'm pissed that I can't even use my laptop at all anymore. God I hate the fact that they knew I was letting my brother use my hotspot and if I would've refused, they would've guilt trip me into letting them borrow my hotspot. Plus, my Hotspot password is embarrassing. It's literally 'nagitoisbesttrash'.
2 Days ago
Gotten quite obsessed with this game lmfao

tryna get that Shiny Melmetal but I doubt that I'll actually have the highest score. Best I can get is a normal Meltan pwp
2 Days ago
What to name her? :3c
3 Days ago
This is kind of irritating.

The broken images I mentioned earlier? Turns out it's only a problem on my laptop. I can see just fine on my phone, but on my laptop, broken images are E V E R Y W H E R E

I can't even use the Tall Grass to get Oshawott eggs. It's a lot more easier to do it on my laptop so that's why I don't want to do it on my phone. I don't know why it's like this. It wasn't like this yesterday so why is this happening now? I don't even think it has something to do with my Mobile Data as I have been using that for like two weeks now and I never had a problem with it on my laptop. God, this is so irritating and stupid.
3 Days ago
I don't care what y'all say but users that's at least 4 mouths old and has the default avatar scares me
3 Days ago
So like I decided to play with the Snapchat filter and tried that one filter that can make you look like the opposite gender


I kinda want to show y'all but I don't want to scare y'all for life
3 Days ago

Hiyah, I'm Fumiko~!

Hello! My name is Fumiko Fukuda, and I want to be a Hero!

I've always wanted to be a Hero. I wanted my parents to be proud of me. I wanted to save people from harm. I wanted the world to be a better place. And it starts with U.A. High School!

Hmm, let's start with the basics. I'm the middle child, being loved by two wonder parents! My mother, Emiko Fukuda, is the sweetest lady you would ever meet. Just being around her makes you feel calm and happy. She has the prettiest smile, sometimes she says I inherited that smile from her, teehee! My father, Takashi Fukuda, is a strong and confident male. He believes that no matter what happens, you must stay calm and positive, because everything will turn out fine! I have an older brother, Akihiko Fukuda, that I look up to. He's currently in college in America, practicing to become a Hero. He has my father's quirk and he has a laidback personality.

And I have a younger sister, Momoko Fukuda, who has just unlocked her quirk! She has mom's quirk and she really looks up to me and my brother. She wants to be a hero just like me!

I really love my family. They all support me and they make me want to succeed even more!

Fumiko's friends?

Do I have any friends? Of course I do!

When I first gotten into U.A High, I quickly became close friends with Ochaco Uraraka. She's my girl friend and she always seems to be there for me, you know? She's such a sweet and hyper girl, and I feel like we'll be best friends for ever!

When I first met Izuku Midoriya (affectionately nicknamed Deku), I thought he was the most adorable boy I've ever met! He was so sweet and he blushed all the time at the most simplest compliments! He also has a really cool quirk! He also has this very sweet smile, and I always get lost in those beautiful green eyes and those chubby cheeks and... and...!

A-Ah! A-Anyway, Eijirou Kirishima is my right hand man! I think he's so cool with his awesome quirk and his manly speeches! He always make me laugh when I'm feeling down and he's willing to let me hug his soft body when I'm super sad. He's always a shoulder to cry on, y'know? He also has this, like, super manly smile and his adorable manly laugh and I just want to-

N-No! D-Denki Kaminari is always by my side when it comes to my electrical quirk! Whenever he's draining, I always lend him my electric static to charge him up! He's so cool to be around, and cute-!

Eeep! N-Next! Um, Katsuki Bakugou! Yeah, h-him. I.. uh... definitely don't have a crush on him or anything! I-I only think of him as a close friend (even though he doesn't like to admit that he likes both mine and Kirishima's company)! I think he's a sweet guy under that rash attitude and I believe he's slowly opening up to me and Kiri-kun! Like that one time we both gotten trapped at the school's rooftop and he was talking about something but I couldn't stop staring at his beautiful skin, and those luscious lips, and those red eyes that stared into my soul and t-t-those hands that held me when I always fell off the roof and-

Ahhh! I-I don't like Bakugou like t-that! H-Hush!


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