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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 10,545/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
My soul
5561,077,231 / 1,161,346
God of Steel
(Arceus (Steel))
33213,517 / 414,586
Boreal Goddess
338145,372 / 429,684
(Mega Mawile)
373209 / 334,806
Red Angel of Death
(Mega Absol)
47198,881 / 786,279
Victory Boi
257128,546 / 248,649

Shiny Hunt

Windblown_Knight is currently hunting Xurkitree.
Hunt started: 28/12/2021

Chain: 1

Stuff bout me

^The nft/nfs big 6.
This user has left the game

Switch FC: SW-3585-5131-3527
Gender: Prussia
Age: 1701
Status: Stealing your root beer while you're reading this.
Personality: INTJ-T

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #465132928
Registration: 07/10/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 3578:04 Hours
Total interactions: 769,323
Money: 153,158
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Welp, the year is almost gone, and with it, so is my time on this circle of hell we call ph.
I can't take it anymore, with the immaturity and arrogance shown by the admin, the blatant neglect of suggestions, the toxic users, I've come to realise that I've run out of pecha berries these past 6 years have been lousy, its been good at times, but mainly its been bad, and its time I stop giving this site my time and move on to healthier sites.
To all my friends (you know who you are), thanks for being part of my life, without you I'd be immensely lonely, and if you still want to contact me, I'll be updating my contact links so you know where to find me.
To those who have contributed to this toxic environment, get a life.
To everyone in general, like I once said, the future is built on dreams, and we all have a toolbox, so get out there and start building, I'm sure it'll be amazing.
Well then.....Farewell!
7 Months ago
*epic anime music*
Rayquaza: I got captured by this dork?
7 Months ago
Rayquaza: *exists*
7 Months ago
Lu bu, my gallade boi, why can't you be more like mochizuki (crobat)
Lu bu: Crobats are frail tho-
Mochizuki: *epic sunglasses* get on my level scrublade
7 Months ago
Did a contest in SP for the first time.
Won with my continent turtle boi, I'm so proud of him <3
7 Months ago
Whats the difference between the move Toxic and PH?
You can cure the poison from toxic easily.
7 Months ago
What were the best parts of your time on PH this year?
I'll make a bullet point list of mine
-That epic callout, I deserve a gold medal for that one.
-Two wholesome beans being absolute joys on my feed (ralsei and rainripple)
-The shiny mega mawile hunt.
-My posts about my gaming highlights (like SP)
-All of my friends (including this gremlin, who needs all the love and support she can get, no joke), you tenants of the xurk shack are amazing.
7 Months ago
Training my team up in BDSP to re-fight the E4
My pokemon ain't gonna get wiped out by those monsters.
7 Months ago
captured articuno, zapdos, and moltres today, now I can go for lugi boi, rayquaza, the works.
and also....that ONE superboss.
7 Months ago
Me: ok whats the swarm today?
7 Months ago
"Even though BDSP and SwSh are all playable on Switch and have Pokémon, items, and other features that are included in all four titles, there’s no way to directly trade Pokémon or items between games. This also extends to online battling and other multiplayer actions, which are all limited to within their own versions."
So this means I need to get 50BP from the battle tower, and if I don't want an incredibly tedious time, I gotta reach palmer twice.
I. hate. gamefreak.
7 Months ago
We all saw this coming from a billion gigaparsecs away, I can't believe we did.
7 Months ago
Scare_crow called it, I called it, WE ALL CALLED IT, WE ALL SCREWING CALLED IT OML
7 Months ago
Imagine struggling to beat NOVA in kirby super star, but you manage to beat marx on your first try with only one HP remaining.
7 Months ago
Hey, whats the difference between the dramablog and a poison type pokemon?
Poison types can be great lifeforms to be around, and their trash piles are adorable.
7 Months ago
People: *griping about how their parents are so controlling and so intrusive*
Me with parents that try to keep away every time I do something: what is this alien language?
7 Months ago
Illinois: who wants rain for christmas?
Me: no one-
Illinois: DELUGE IT IS
Me: thats it, giratina, blow up this world
7 Months ago
I hope these bedbugs are done and over with, I have deep cleaned thrice already, I dont want to do it a fourth time.
7 Months ago
"what idiot would do laundry at 5 in the morning?"
Me and my dad: Oh boy 5AM :D
7 Months ago
How tf did my joke feed about dumb comment and win feeds get 28 likes?
thats one of my highest amounts of likes, jeez
7 Months ago

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