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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 562/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Surge ~8th OS~
(Pikachu (Retro))
301162,402 / 272,707
(Deerling (Easter))
1057,128 / 33,391
361155,788 / 459,711
(Mega Milotic)
32648,133 / 191,884
506,950 / 7,651
Baby Ducklett ~4th OS~
(Baby Ducklett)
16810,469 / 85,177

About me

Hello I'm Mewtwo108
My favorite Pokemon are mewtwo , turtwig , kartana and riolu
I like being helpful and I like making new friends, don't be afraid to message me
My birthday is April 21st and I try to be the kindest and most out going on the site, so if you need anything, have any opinions and need help be sure to message me I also horde turtwig, grotle, and torterra plushies

My Goals

Complete the Kanto Dex [ ]
Have a shiny event [x]
Reach 1mil pd milestone [x]
Have a Mewtwo [ ]
Have a Mew [x]
Have a Retro Mew [x]
Breed a shiny Turtwig [x]
Have as many shinies I can get [ ]
Have all the badges [ ]
Be helpful [x]
Shiny hunt cosmog [ ]
Somehow shiny hunt kartana [ ]
Have the best friends on this site [xxxxxxxx]


mewtwo108 hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #957473035
Registration: 18/07/2018 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 197:09 Hours
Total interactions: 195,735
Money: 62,654
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


By N0T_S0AP - 2 Minutes and 56 Seconds ago.
I'm bored

Yknow what that means? A giveaway‽‽

Yeah idk like 13mil PD to one person and then 5k nuggets to another person

Just comment and share this

Also hearting this will enter you as well <3

Have fun y'all
1 Month ago
By Honorchior - 13 Hours and 32 Minutes ago.

Oh my gosh! My birthday is in less than 2 weeks! What the heck?! Where did all the time go?
Does this mean it’s time to give away all the stuff I’ve been trying to store up over the past few months for this specific occasion?!

Alright cool, glad we are on the same page! I’m giving away 17 prizes to 17 different people because I’m turning 17. (So much 17)

The Prizes:
1 Dark Stone
1 Ultra Saddle
1 Sky Pillar Map
1 Nebula Stone
1 Enigma Stone
1 Red Orb
7 Dragon Gems
17 Mystery Items
17 Super Honey
17 Normal Gems
17 Ultraballs
170 Cooked Things
170 Pokeballs
170 Lemonade
170 Soda Pop
1,700 Honey
170,000 PD

How To Enter
1. Heart This Post
2. Share the hashtag to spread the giveaway around.
3. Wish me happy birthday (if you want) in the comments.
4. If you want to you can also send me a plushie. Any is fine. I like plushies.

End Date:
May 24 at reset.
1 Month ago
By Inverso - 6 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
I am proud to announce my giveaway with AmberLikeEmber !


To celebrate this great news we are giving away some goodies that I am sure everyone will like.

Some of these goodies are:

~ Shiny Rowlet
~ 200k PD
~ Mystery Items
~ Balls
~ Evo Items / Summons?
~ Forme-Change Items
~ Nuggets (why not?)


~ Share #FriendsGiveaway ↓↑


Thank You!

AmberLikeEmber - Nicest person!

Inverso - A nab xp
1 Month ago
please interact with my egg if you havent
1 Month ago
Happy birthday to me (PH time)
1 Month ago
1 more day until my birthday, can't wait til the 21st
1 Month ago
I just realized, everyone I play in smash ultimate is either C or E teir besides Sonic and Pikachu....
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
I found all 20 eggs thanks to Shiro-Kuns PH map https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=67019&post=1907687#1907687
2 Months ago
Ui just realized my b-day is on Easter this year...neat
2 Months ago
Who has a mega meganium?
2 Months ago
By: N0T_S0AP
Heatran is a great legendary right?

It's gotta be like 200lbs

I broke my big toe by dropping something 200lbs on it

I'm giving away this shiny heatran to a random person, just comment and share

Will end in about 2-3 days, after each reset you can comment and share for another entry

Have fun
3 Months ago
By Bad-Omen - 7 Minutes and 13 Seconds ago.

share #nuggztomakeherdance to enter to win

(thanks Ephinia for the hashtag idea)

Only non-premium members can enter but feel free to share to get the word out! Winners announced March 8th!

(1 winner): 800 nuggets... 1 month of premium
(2 winners): 250 nuggets... 1 week of premium

That's 3 winners total! Good luck
3 Months ago
Wow, pokeheroes has changed ALOT last time I was online
4 Months ago
Wow shiny Caterpie plush but no shiny Weedle, poor potted Pikachu
4 Months ago
By Light16 - 12 Minutes and 50 Seconds ago.
Share #plushieslight16 with the message so it can go viral please.

Hey guys I have a goal before January 1st and that is to try and collect alot of the plushies. The reason why I have this silly goal is because I just found out that I really won't be on pokeheroes alot anymore because of school for almost half a year so I thought I could try to get almost all the plushies I am missing.

So I came with an idea. I am going to do a raffle for every plushie you send I'll put your username down on a randomizer slot for a drawing of one of the slots.

1st: 6 shines, 600 normal gems plus 10 random gems, 5- mystery keys, 8- mystery boxes, 1 cold rock, 1 light rock, 1 azelf egg voucher, 1 hollow space map.

2nd: 2 shines,100 normal gems, 32 flying gems , 26 grass gems, 1 megable

3rd: 1 megable, 1 armor fossil, 1 plume fossil 5 random evolution stones.

The drawing will take. place midnight of New Years
5 Months ago
I just got my first shiny retro, it's a shiny retro Pikachu and it's the 8th OS
5 Months ago
5 Months ago


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