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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 10,236/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sewaddle17 / 9

About Me

I'm a Dog!

Dogs are honest, smart, loyal, sense of justice and fair play, affectionate, practical, easy-going
Sometimes they can be lazy, cold, stubborn, quarrelsome.

Hi, I’m Jasmine! (who is also the Johto steel type gym leader!) My bday is July 21st. My favorite Pokémon are Chikorita and its evo line (obviously), Eevee, and Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales but I love a lot of other Pokémon too! I love to draw and play video games including Pokémon and Minecraft! I also love reading and watching anime (like Fairy Tail)! I play the piano and violin, and I think I can sing fairly well too. My favorite color is green.

(Here's an incredible kabob sprite made by MetalHeadKendra btw!)

PH Goals:
- Getting a Ditto
- Shiny Meloetta (Emera Sq.) ~ 2,934/50,000 Festival Points
- Shiny Manaphy (Game Center) ~ 1,583,571/50,000,000 Game Chips
- Shiny Victini (SCS) ~ 642/1,500 SC Tokens
- Shiny Mew (by saving up dp for next year's Mew plushie event) ~ 2208/48,000 Dream Points
- Shiny Celebi (Honey Tree) by saving up Super Hunny
- Shiny Phione at the Emera Beach
- Complete all dexes!
- Collect all plushies! :3
To Do:
- Reorganize boxes for each region, junk/trade Pokemon, and special Pokemon (shinies/megas)
- Save 350k pd for new storage box for shiny hunt breeding pairs

Important Stuff

I can’t tell if my profile page looks any better or worse, I’m on my phone :T

Please don’t ask for Pokémon in my boxes!!! I need to organize them but boxes cost money and organizing them takes a lot of time...I’ll fix then eventually but until then, the Pokemon I am giving away/selling/trading are through GTS/auction, the free ones in the Science Lab of Strange Shinies, and the ones in the Pokémon Paradise! You’ll find links to the last two in my Contacts! :)

~My PH Family~
Boyfriend - ♡TheSoulFamily♡ (Shade)
the people who I consider friends and that I've talked to/are somewhat close with are part of my PH family too! <3 (I would list a bunch of people but I'm afraid to leave some people out so-)

Avatar/Profile Picture made by...mitty! :D

Hoopa Counter: 15
Highest Solved Hangmen in a Row: 123
Highest # of Interactions for SCS (in 10 min.): 3,225 I forgot but it's 4,000+
Shiny Retros I Still Need (from Concentration Game/OT is me): Totodile, Sentret
Lowest Shadow Radar Chain: 3 (and it was my first one...a Raichu! :3)
Longest Shadow Chain: 204 (Unown I -u-)
Tonic Counter: 5

Shiny Hunt Updates!

Click to enter the lab! :3

(This gorgeous artwork of our main 4 scientists' favorite Pokemon as shinies working in the lab was created by Lupine! :3)

Looking for nuggets, star pieces

Shiny Hunts (not in any particular order):
- Sewaddle Current Hunt!
- Rotom (1 for Shade, normal and all forms for me)
- Pansear
- Combee
- Lapras
- Toxel
- Alolan Vulpix
- Castform/Furfrou
- Emolga/Plusle (Boy Name Idea: Hinata)
- Chingling
- Cutiefly
- Seel (1)
- Wooloo (1)
- Zigzagoon (1)
- Sentret
- Anything I need to get all shiny gmax
- Stufful/Luvdisc/Alolanola
- Noibat
- Solosis
When Premium Expires:
- Cyndaquil
- Dratini
- Mime Jr.
- Axew
Dream Hunts:
- Jirachi (120 star pieces collected - 200 sp for 40 eggs)
- All Vivillion patterns (this may take a while... -u-)
- Vivillion (Ocean): Chain 6 Current Hunt!
- All Lake Trio
Shiny Mega:
- Ampharos (save for events?)
- Diancie (Mewtwo X/Y?)
- Froslass/Glalie
- Mawile
- Absol
- Gardevoir/Gallade
- Kanghaskhan
- Slowbro
- Audino
- Lopunny
With Ditto:
- Phione
- Diancie
- Arceus
- Deoxys
- Mewtwo/Shadow Mewtwo
- Genesect
- Minior
- Maneki Espurr
- Solastra
Possible Future Shiny Hunts:
- Unova Pan Trio
- Zorua (name idea: Mirage)
- Deerling
- Corsola
- Yanmask
- Ledyba
- Klefki
- Patrat

Rare Candy Notes:
- Emera Sq.
- battling shop
- golden slot (plus)
- Leah trade at beach

Shiny Hunt

ChikoritaMining is currently hunting Sewaddle.
Hunt started: 21/09/2020

Chain: 100

Game Records

Trainer ID: #920254598
Registration: 22/04/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Nov/2020
Game Time: 1522:25 Hours
Total interactions: 1,606,741
Money: 47,528
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


New day! Interaction exchange please? :)
Today, 00:58
By PokéRadar - 42 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Sewaddle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #76)!
Yay! :D...about...16 m-more to go...
Yesterday, 14:55
By Manu_18 - 23 Hours and 56 Minutes ago.
Mini Raffle

So as most of you knows Legend hunts can be boring and little stressing bc if that high amount of EHP, and I really want to move things faster. So I'm hosting this Raffle.

How to get entries

-Full party click= 1 entry (You have to comment on this feed when you click my party)
- Guest party click= 2 entries (You have to comment too)
-Sharing= 1 entry (You can do this once a day)


1st place gets 1k nuggets+ 10 DG

2nd place gets a black key+ 5 DG

3rd place gets a mega stone+ meltan Candy+ 5 DG

Special rule
You only should comment when you are sure you clicked a party (6 eggs) if you click only one or two It won't count, so I suggest wait to click 6 eggs to comment.

That is all have fun and good luck to everyone! :3
Yesterday, 13:39
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 14 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Sewaddle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #54)!
Yay that made my day! :)
1 Day ago
Why are dark blue mystery keys so expensive and cost 20k pd? :0
1 Day ago
Since I searched up what Pokémon I would be in the Pokémon Zodiac, I also searched up what typing I would be based on my birthday and I got Electric (July)- Psychic (21) which is a really interesting typing! :D (The only Pokemon I can think of with that typing is Alolan Raichu which is cool...I love sweets :3 but uhhhh idk how to surf 😅)
2 Days ago
I’m a Crustle :0
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Minute and 39 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Hatenna hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #272)!
I'm free...YAY!!! ;u;
3 Days ago
Got my 3rd kanto birb feather finally...are they really really rare or am I just having bad luck? :0
4 Days ago
My Deoxys is coming back with 3 red meteorites...I know they’re red but they look nothing like star pieces, bring back star pieces Deoxys!!!
5 Days ago
I need a sprite example so I can do a tutorial on how to make Pokémon sprites...specifically fusions soooo give me good examples for Pokémon fusions I should make! :) (Good meaning easy to explain/make an example of...so no legendaries/complicated looking Pokémon)
6 Days ago
Stormy made a post about naming a food you dislike and it got me thinking about how I love cake but hate frosting/icing (unless it’s cream cheese, chocolate, or really really good frosting/icing) But for the most part, the frostings I’ve tasted taste like the food equivalence of sweetened plastic (I can’t really think of how else to describe it also don’t hate me for having this opinion, if you like frosting then good for you XD)
6 Days ago
For whatever reason I started remembering the fun Flash games I played so much years and years ago, like Pokémon Tower Defense, all those Pokémon games on the actual site and I think they’re probably gone now, and also this one game called Vulpin Adventure
(Idk how many people know these games but if you don’t, at the very least check out Pokémon Tower Defense...it’s somewhat addicting...)
8 Days ago
So instead of getting a kneaded eraser like I see a lot of traditional artists use, I still use normal erasers that leave eraser marks everywhere on my desk and I'm too lazy to clean them so I clean them every...week...anyway, I was doing something and then suddenly I saw an eraser mark move across my desk and I got really really really scared...it was just a bug and not a eraser mark that came alive 😅 (A kneaded eraser is an eraser you can shape and stretch to erase more precisely and it absorbs the graphite so no eraser marks!)
13 Days ago
*sees that a shiny auction expires in 13 min*
Oh ok, I’ll come back online in 10!
*forgets and checks back online 20 min later*
14 Days ago
Made a Toyhouse account Thank you so much, Jaeger, for the code! and put in some characters, yay!! :D Now time to redesign them because I don’t like their designs
15 Days ago
D-did the love meter change color? I accidentally clicked there and was surprised by the change :0
15 Days ago
Check out my bf’s new rp! :) I don’t know how he makes so many rps and has so many characters :0
17 Days ago
PH: You’re comment is too long. *deletes entire comment*

Me: ...>:O
17 Days ago

Share The <3 ~ Art Corner!

Made by CharmanderForLive, given to me from CrystalAngel5


Encouragement for when I was getting my last female shiny Eevee!

This sprite made before hatching my shiny Easter Deerling (my first event shiny)!! The egg hatched right after Crystal sent it to me! X3







Melon :3

Chikorita Doggo!! :3
(original lines by Tealea)





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