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Trainer ID: #759481793
Registration: 22/03/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 298:54 Hours
Total interactions: 1,061,692
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Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


apologize as I'm currently stuck with real life work n stuff but I will try to get back on art shop once I'm free -v-;;>
1 Year ago
Hi~ It's been a while I'm in PH since life been kinda busy. I will be opening the art shop again by this month, will make an announcement when the shops open.
1 Year ago
When you're done with the arts, as the October arrive they said the club activities art does not count as activity check and need to create different arts. :D Ahh brain why you do this to me, what type of daily arts should I draw to pass activity check of the group asdfghjkl. Let's go me! >M<9
1 Year ago
Can help me to feed berry to Gemma for Professor Oak Task? Thanks! ^^
1 Year ago
I will be a bit busy as I'm catching up group rp arts, will make an announcement when the shop revamp is done.
1 Year ago
When your lead ask to join the meeting without telling you the full content. When you join, you end up hv to answer complain case which you help to clean up the mess of ur colleague during ur leave / off shift. Totally unfair n not my day - _-'' but shiny growlithe brighten my day so tq doge chan.
2 Years ago
I wanted to breed cuddlelith but I end up getting shiny growlithe which is a nice surprise. Tbh I never bother searching shiny cause I'm laze, getting it for the 1st time is fun ^^
2 Years ago
Rough sketch of Messenger Talonflame Charlie. He will be in charge of delivering the original arts through your mail.
2 Years ago
I still find it amazing for people who can do pixel, my eyes is to blind for it.
2 Years ago
Ah nice, I got articuno egg from the lab ^^
2 Years ago
The winner of the raffles will be @siqko , you can check your prize here!
2 Years ago
I will announce the winner with the prize, will let you all know in the art shop!
2 Years ago
Last day Chibi Head Shot raffles, it will end in 9 hours.
2 Years ago
Me and Airisu decided to create a forum of our artwork, there will be old and new artwork will be updated there. If you all interested,you can check it out here.
2 Years ago
Looking back at 4 years old sketch animation, will need to improve more.
2 Years ago
Chibi 2 will be closed permanently, will replace with new type of commission once the shop open.
2 Years ago
Ah, I forgot to update that I didn't win the Professor Oak contest (well I accidentally accept it on Wednesday lol so ofc difference of level) but since you all are kind enough to help me out..I decide to held chibi head shot raffles in Art Shop.
2 Years ago
Hi, sorry to bother you all but would you be able to feed Gavin with berries as it is under level and its opponent is level 99. It's for Professor Oak task. If Gavin win, I will host a raffle for one chibi 1 arts tomorrow. As my thanks to you all for helping me out.
2 Years ago
Hi there,
I'm currently searching for nihilego with serious personality / ultra saddle. In exchange I will do two chibi 1 arts. Do let me know if you have one of them, the trade will end once I get the pokemon I want. Thank you.

(sorry for the previous feed I put wrong nature for the one I want)
2 Years ago
Art shop : Detail / C1 / C2 OPEN!
2 Years ago


Here is the list of DO / DON'T when you inquire something from me

- If I have more then 1 POKEMON in the storage box, you can request trading / selling for it. I will let you know if it's okay or not as I sometime breed the event pokemon for my friend.
- I'm currently seeking event pokemon that I don't have so if you are interested in trading your event pokemon with mine, I will be happily negotiate with you all. I can try breeding them for the trade.

- Please do not send friend request and PM me to sell the pokemon I have outbid in bidding, the reason I bid there is mostly because I don't have them in my collection (Especially event pokemon since I just join this group recently), its consider as invading privacy and rude. If you ask me to breed it for you to do trading later time I'm ok with it cause I know how it feel to miss out the pokemon I want.

I'm open for negotiation as long you read the rules above.


Fox Ninja (1500 )

Ram Sakuguru: SB : 20 $ / AB : 100 $

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