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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 16,052/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
4,3035,569,083 / 55,560,337
Cleffa317 / 30

*•°. Chandra Shukla .°•*

I don't support "Straight, cis, white" hate, just as much as I don't support "Gay, trans, black" hate.
I much rather not want to see history repeat itself, whether it'd be the same or in reverse.
May have seen too much of Twitter of this little hate war people are having and even see it here on PH too


Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 4698:14 Hours
Total interactions: 963,325
Money: 3,220,801
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Yesterday, 01:47
[[ Points to previous post ]] I am looking for art nwn
3 Days ago
Ok, looking to buy art of Kuruna ( The following tabs you can pick to draw: Vulvee, Umbretales, Flaretales, Glacetales, Eontales, Vulvee Gijinka, Flaretales Gijinka, Glacetales Gijinka, or MLP ).

What I am willing to offer:
- Gems
- 2x Grey Feather
- 2x Nebula Stone
- 1x Full Moon Island Map
- Shinies ( Note: However, you cannot choose a shiny that has already been picked on here )
- Almost anything in any storage boxes ( Except for "The Golden Army". That's the no touch zone )
- FR Apparel ( Except Shifting Manes and Arcane Cloak, as they are already gone )
- FR Currency ( 651215 Treasure, 435 Gems )
( Cont )
3 Days ago
Glacetales is done and they even did a gijinka nwn

Kuruna now has 60 art pieces.
40 away from having 100 cwc
3 Days ago
Tbh, it is tempting to offer almost anything on this account for art of Kuruna ( Vulvee, Umbretales, Flaretales, Eontales, Vulvee gijinka, Flaretales Gijinka, MLP, and hopefully soon Glacetales. Maybe even a custom Digimon fusion of her as Salamon / Lunamon x3 )

Only because I do have her set to get the most art qwp. Even tho I can't get to first on TH ( Someone with 21k artworks x x )..

But it's an idea I debate on pwp. Tempting since I do want art ( And cant use PD because art contest ) qwp.
4 Days ago
Artist who did the Flaetales is gonna do Jolteon / Ninetales and Sylveon / Ninetales <3
4 Days ago
The user finished Kuruna Non-canon evolution and even added a gijinka as a bonus <3
4 Days ago
I have ( And still am ) debating to add art in the previous post. I might not now? Only because I already have one art trade and one commission in queue qwq. I want to keep it small nwn
5 Days ago
[[ Points to previous post ]] Ok so the artist said that they'll be doing Glaceon / Ninetales and Flareon / Ninetales nwn. So that and Umretales is off limit nwn.

I am willing to offer stuff on this account ( not articuno, nor army. Ditto be hella tent ), CS pets ( boop, FR currency ( 571215 treasure / 425 gems ), Fr apparel ( The shifting mane and arcane cloak is gone already ), and Pokefarm shinies / albinoes ( Not Tyranitar nor tangrowth ).

May be a lil picky, so sorry if I happen to reject qwq
6 Days ago
Hm... How much would it cost to buy a custom evolution design of this gal?

I already have an Umbretales but I do want non-canon evolutions as well qwp.

Just asking for now. I may be able to offer other things, like CS pets or FR currency qwq.
USD is tempting but I have to do said order outside of PH. That and I do debate waiting until Friday, where I do get paid more or something else ;w;

Another reason why I can't order yet is waiting on two customs that is her evos qwq. I did said the artist can choose whichever, as long as they're not Umbreon. However, I've never gotten an answer of which one they want to draw pwp. So I plan to just wait on that.

Ps. Sorry if my activity on PH seem to drop. I feel less interested on appearing here ;w;"
6 Days ago
A need to note myself not to message / comment when tired because I never fail to misread c-c
8 Days ago
Watching a friend play kingdom hearts and, because of him, I bought one of the kingdom hearts package ( Epic games store ) qwp. Just... The nostalgia really makes me want to cry because I remember being so happy playing kingdom hearts qwq
8 Days ago
Oh yeah! Here is the design I got for a trade of custom art <3. blep
9 Days ago
Done nwn
10 Days ago
I am waiting for the contest to be approved owo.
It is magical theme monsters ( Had to do eenie meenie miney moe to choose, since the vote was 2 to 2 qwq ). Did made the contest yesterday
10 Days ago

*•°. About WIP .°•*


riana ✵ 23 ✵ Aquarius ( ♒︎ ) ✵ Dorky Artist


нεℓℓσ тнεяε!
ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

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✵ ηεω үσяк тιмεzσηε.
✵ ∂ιgιтαℓ αятιsт
✵ мεмε ℓσvεя.
✵ ℓσvε тσ ωнιsтℓε ғυη ℓιттℓε тυηεs.
✵ εηנσүs vι∂εσ gαмεs ( gεηяε тнαт ι ℓιкε тнε мσsт ιs α∂vεηтυяε, яρg, αη∂ нσяяσя ).
✵ ρяεғεяs ∂σgs σvεя cαтs ( ∂σgs αяε тнε вεsтεsт вεsт♥ )!
✵ ι'ℓℓ ∂σ мү vεяү вεsт ωιтн вειηg sσcιαℓ!
✵ cαη'т вε вσтнεяε∂ тσ яεsρση∂ тσ αη εησямσυs ωαℓℓ σғ тεxт. ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнү вυт ιт мαкεs мε ғεεℓ ∂яαιη (*´ェ`*)...
✵ ρℓεαsε ∂ση'т αsк ғσя αηү cυяяεηcү, ιтεмs, αη∂ ρσкεмση ғяσм мε.

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