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Trainerlevel: 81

Trainerpoints: 6,960/19,763


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Smol Gold Nugget
6,12121,559,401 / 112,418,287
Poochyena16 / 8

*•°. Seeking Art .°•*

I am 100% open to buying art of this fella!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #65217617
Registration: 17/03/2016 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 5376:16 Hours
Total interactions: 1,066,687
Money: 7,588,225
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I am super excited to play Anode Heart <3

( Huge thank you to a friend because she gifted a early Christmas gift of $20, saying to buy whatever game I like. From what we discussed, apparently it is because she wasnt sure what game I would like the most on my wishlist ;w;. So she decided to surprise me with this qwq )
2 Days ago
Tbh I really would love to commit to the idea of collecting Pokemon games to be part of my collection >:3!
Here are what I have so far!

I would of had more if a several of them wasn't destroyed in the past by my sister's dog, stolen a few times by my brothers, as only 3 were my fault on accidents ( One slipped out of my bag without noticing, two Ive traded away for Pokemon Blue Rescue Team. That one got chewed up by sister's dog ) c.c

Ps. Yes I have two Pokemon Platinums. One I bought and the other later was gift to me by a friend, who thought I didn't had Platinum cwc. This was long before I've decided to want to collect. They just didn't want theirs anymore.
4 Days ago
Haven't had Internet for a couple of days ( My computer is Ethernet only, so my hotspot can't connect to it sadly ), so I've decided to resume to my Pokemon collectathon qwp.
I debate either resume Pokemon Scarlet or finally start my playthrough of Pokemon Sword ( Thank you Torracat as I am still severely thankful <3 ).
4 Days ago
Hot damn, the art pieces for this year advert is once again a tough choice cwc
6 Days ago
Everytime I look at my Eilimitura folder, I feel myself tearing up in happiness because of how far I have gone to get this many ( And so close to completing the goal <3 )
Just... I am so grateful to all the artists that created these amazing creatures! Y'all are my rock and, without these artists, I don't think I would have made it this far into my goal TTwTT!!

I do need to input names ( I did had a few suggested that I havent implemented yet! Waveshaper was the one that suggested these names <3. I just havent put them in yet cwc. At some point I will! )!

Writing is next in the goal ( Well... Human designs were but I need to save money for personal thing qwq )! I did some writing already ( And had some help too ) in my docs qwq. But they need to be rewritten and edited, as a reminder set to myself pwp!

Just 8 more designs cwc. 1 is already in the works
8 Days ago
I think this unfinished character is super fun to draw <3

Also already reached 12 art pieces xD. Wonder if I can get to more than that ewe.

( I am still very excited for when the preclaim gets completed! But I will wait, as the artist already told me that they are busy with midterms nwn! So I just draw on the side of what I got because I love the character and just want something to draw to pass the time :D )
12 Days ago
I remember there use to be a art forum a few years back. Something about secret Santa but for artists.

That was such a genuinely cute idea and I remember joining into one before ;;w;;
In my POV, I havent seen any secret Santa since. Idk the reason why. I admittedly did assume that there were some bad users that cause mischief and ruined the fun for everyone, but I've never been 100% sure because I saw no evidence of that ;;w;;.
So I think maybe secret Santa just died out on here? Unsure really ;;w;;
13 Days ago
What s that Castform's weather image O.o??
13 Days ago
Here it is!

20 more Eilimituras done by Paul :D! He just finished rendering them for me today <3!

Who would you deem to be your favorite :D?
13 Days ago
Just saying, the nuggets at the item market is 💩
14 Days ago
Admittedly I don't have 4k nuggets to buy that premium stuff.
Not like I would anyways because I am still waiting on the release of Charcadet ;;w;;. It's why I haven't been shiny hunting yet. Been saving parts of my nuggets for it
14 Days ago
Play to earn is def something new--
14 Days ago
October 25th: Me asking about a design, if they are available for preclaim ( Or if they are a design being worked on for someone else )

October 30th: Artist says that the design is available for preclaim and let's me pay for it. Asks what I would like on the design. Discussion ensue.

November 21st: Receives a WIP progress, lineart being done. Me very happy.

Not even much time has pass: did smol designs

As mentioned, I am a sucker for fluffy noodly dergs qwp
14 Days ago
If you haven't seen my previous post yet, I am looking to buy art of my latest character!

While I don't feel that hopeful "spark", I do want to give her a chance as I do love her and am grateful for the gift!
15 Days ago
If y'all know anyone who has an art shop open ( I will avoid those who trace / use dollmaker for their comms ), let me know :>

Want to get art of my new character!
15 Days ago
I was sent pictures
What kind of pictures? Well... Let's just say, I am officially an aunt
18 Days ago
I still think the current nugget pricing in the market is bad 👎👎👎
18 Days ago
Ngl, feel that I'm just gonna state that I do hate the nugget market because the prices are raised even more :/.
I still prefer the 1.5k to 1.6k a pop. Heck I was somewhat ok with 1.8k-2k ( Somewhat tho. I wasn't as interested in buying nuggets when I've saw the prices increased ). But now the price has risen even more :/.
Sorry but I just don't like it.
19 Days ago
How much is Spectrier, Glastrier, and the new Missingno is worth 🤔? Figure I'd ask. Not sure yet if I would be interested or purchasing ( Never gonna get a completed dex anyways because of this stupid Magearna raffle stuff. Magearna is too expensive )
19 Days ago

*•°. About .°•*


ℬriana ✵ 26 ✵ αqυαяιυs ( ♒︎ ) ✵ ∂σякү αятιsт ✵ εℓιмιтυяα cяεαтσя


ιт's qυιтε тнε ρℓεαsυяε тσ sεε үσυ cσмε αcяσss мү ρяσғιℓε (✿´꒳`)ノ°.

☪ Digital artist.
☪ Amused in memes.
☪ Enjoyment in games ( Likes Adventure, RPG, MMORPG, Horror, and Farming Simulators ).
☪ Will try my best to be social!
☪ Please do not contact me about wanting a Pokemon. My extras are currently not for sale, as I would like to avoid waking up and those are the messages I see first. In the future I will resume to selling extra Pokemon again!