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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 112/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mew (Retro))
227107,864 / 179,598
24866,710 / 214,953
(Mew (Retro))
229109,560 / 182,829
333312,356 / 390,495
(Mew (Retro))
21072,589 / 153,302
Noctowl33732 / 3,367

Favorite Pokemon

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #736991442
Registration: 26/07/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 132:25 Hours
Total interactions: 89,832
Money: 1,100,306
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Oh man I haven’t been here in forever
1 Month ago
an egg from the fun fair won’t interrupt my chain, will it?
1 Year ago
i feel like i forgot something on here
1 Year ago
y’know, i’ve found out that my train of thought is all over the place when i’m tired
it’s like my adhd just went “screw it” and stopped trying to be cohesive

like i was thinking a pokemon then all of sudden i’m thinking about one of my stuffed animals from my childhood
1 Year ago
okay there’s this remix of Never Gonna Give You Up on the radio and I hate it so much

Why is it rap…
1 Year ago
oof I’m hungy
1 Year ago
Man, I have a LOT of gems…
1 Year ago
As of today, I am officially diagnosed with ADHD and Autism!
1 Year ago
Finally home~
1 Year ago
Some guys ordered an 8 piece chicken box from us. It’s comes with 8 pieces of chicken (obviously, lol), two sides, and a biscuit.
First off, they wanted to trade the chicken legs for another breast. Okay, sure, we can do that.
Now here’s the kicker: we don’t have biscuits.
This.. gentleman.. then decides to berate us and INSIST that we make more biscuits.
“We don’t have any! The truck doesn’t come in until tomorrow!”
The guy insists we make them all from scratch!!
Then this lovely ray of sunshine insisted that we sub the biscuits with another breast. That we cannot do (who thinks $ 1 breast = $ 2 biscuits ??). We just settled with potato wedges. Seven of them… when he was only supposed to get three…

Work is fun :)
1 Year ago
One of your eggs hatched into a Anniversary Cake !

Sweet <3
1 Year ago
Oh, right, I have a bunch of mew ocs now
Favs (besides my sona) are Rosetta and Truffle
1 Year ago
Man, it’s so humid and hot out.
Bad combination for my eczema.
1 Year ago
Oof, I haven't been online in forever. I'm doing okay and so is the rest of my family. I actually did end up catching Covid a few weeks ago and I did get really sick. I'm better now.
1 Year ago
Sorry for not responding to people lately. I’m sick and currently quarantining because my brother tested positive for Covid. I tested negative so we’re hoping it’s just a simple cold.
2 Years ago
Would anyone be interested in exchanging both Tom Nook plushies as well as a Rokkyu plushie? I’m missing those and I’d really like at least one of each before they’re gone.
2 Years ago
I need PD… What’s the standard trading amount for nuggets to PD?
2 Years ago
I love Pikachu so much like omg I want to snuggle them
2 Years ago
First to like this post gets a shiny plushie!
2 Years ago



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