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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,968/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
20410,413 / 125,461
Anniversary Cupcake7013,359 / 18,639


Subzero_ hasn't collected any medals so far.

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PenguinPowerfulThu, 13/Jun/2024, 03:03
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SainagurlFri, 23/Jun/2023, 19:00
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #898662798
Registration: 05/09/2021 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 159:44 Hours
Total interactions: 243,152
Money: 231,680
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Adios people-I’m leaving for a while for camp :)
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
Currently about to intrude on my besties family reunion-Life is good.
1 Year ago
I just walked 2 miles in jeans and crocs with my dog and now I have a blister and I T H U R T S .
1 Year ago
It’s currently 3am and for some reason I’m having a crisis over the fact that ears exist. Why has my life brought me here.
1 Year ago
Someone please explain to me how my dog can be comfortable WEDGED BETWEEN ME AND A WALL. LIKE DUDE, THAT CANT BE GOOD FOR YOU-
1 Year ago
Im organizing my papers and now I’m literally covered in papercuts EVERYWHERE. I think it’s fair to say the world hates me :D
1 Year ago
I just asked someone out and wasn’t immediately rejected. Please someone tell me what I am supposed to do I didn’t plan this far :,)
2 Years ago
I was at a party with Waddles and so of course I walk into an unknown area alone because I knew it was closed off. I then smell horse manure and I thought I saw a squirrel. I then see the shadow and realize… it was a rat. Then I look around me and I see 20 something rats 😭 When I tell you I’ve never run so fast in my life-I made a 2 minute walk a 20 second run 😭😭 I’ve learnt my lesson. Don’t walk down a random path if it smells like horse manure :)
2 Years ago
Currently up at the ungodly hours of the morning because I found a bunch of bugs crawling around my house all of a sudden and now I can’t sleep lmao :) WOOO BUGS!
2 Years ago
Waddles-This project is gonna make me insane lmao. Thanks for doing like all the poster work <3 no thanks for leaving me alone to do the experiment though :)
2 Years ago
2 Years ago
Completely Agree! :D
2 Years ago
By PokéRadar - 32 Minutes and 48 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Buneary hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #235)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

2 Years ago
My luck is getting chain 200 for my personal shiny hunts to get a single shiny and half of that when I hunt for someone else lol(not complaining-I find it hilarious)
2 Years ago
Why do I have a random egg in my egg Storage? I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS :,)
2 Years ago
Have fun with whatever life throws at you! :D
2 Years ago
The winner is Rezmag!
Thank you all for participating :)
2 Years ago
Doing a Ho-Oh pass code give away! Just heart this feed and share the hashtag #randomhooh to get a chance to win the code! This will end soon(1-3 business days)but currently has no set date! Good luck! :D
2 Years ago
Well iM bAcK! And what did I do you may ask? I impulsively started a buneary shiny hunt. Why? Because the little twosday deal happened and I bought the two days of premium for two nuggets. Why buneary? Because I couldn’t find a female Stantler. Therefore, it is far too late to change my mind(even though I don’t even have an egg yet) and now have a hunt to do :) thank you for reading.
2 Years ago

Get to know about me

Hi! I'm Subzero, or just Zero-either one works. I am quite new to Pokeheros and was introduced by a friend! I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing or why, but I guess I'm here now!
Some things about me:
I use any pronouns. I stole the gender. I am the gender.
I'm overall a nice person-unless your rude
I write too much. Yes, I plan on becoming an author. Yes, I took my entirely unique skill and ran to the hills with it(this is sarcasm-I am not even a good writer). No, I didn't think it through.
I will either respond with the most exceptional grammar(this is sarcasm-I have good enough grammar; I do not amazing grammar) or with typos enough to make it unreadable. It really depends on my mood.
I give my sincerest apologies to everyone. No. I will not elaborate.
Finally, Hello Waddles... I know you are reading this. I won. (30-10-21) <3
Anyways! I hope we can become mediocrely close.

(Pfp recolored rapidash sprite from Pokémon platinum)


Giveaways I have done:
#spreadthelove (for Valentine’s Day)
#randomhooh (I don’t need two of them so why not give it away?)

Wondercards I own:

Shiny Hunts(dd/mm/yy):
Ponyta - 04/12/21 - Chain 198
Ralts - 10/03/22 - Chain 106
Buneary - 23/5/22 - Chain 235