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About Me

My Little Egg Family~ All credit goes to Judgement!

**I use the PRICE CHECK Guide Regularly. I try and stay in between the prices listed to give fairly, if you do not agree, then please take it up with those that keep it updated.**

I love helping others on this site and in person.
Feel free to add me But, please be advised of the above statement! ^_^

I have severe social anxiety so I Do NOT usually talk on PalPad or PM, but I try my best to leave comments on the Feeds

Some of the best people I have met here are:

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First Shiny: 11/30/2015

Favorite Pokemon:

"That Did Not Just Happen!"

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Leapy is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 21/04/2019

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Ive gotten one msg from that guy after he came over. Saying he "wasnt in a good place right now"... I dunno what happened since that night. I really liked him too...
29 Days ago
He got here about 1 and actually brought me food bc we had been talking about Italian food earlier. We talked until almost 5am with a movie playing in the background. We had no idea what was going on in the movie lol

Ahhhhhh!!! I'm still smiling!
1 Month ago

I'm meeting someone tonight after work. Eeeeeeeek! I'm so nervous I hope I dont chicken out. But hes willing to drive 45 mins at midnight just to meet me -^.^- weve been talking daily for about a month now.

Wish me luck!
1 Month ago
Hey all! How is everyone?? ^.^
2 Months ago
Monday starts ny final week of training... Monday i will also be alone when my supervisor goes to a leadership luncheon. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

I'm ok with 2/3 of the main systems... But one phone I'm still not comfortable with so its going to be nerve wracking. But ive gotta get it together being that the next week it'll just be me for good.

3 Months ago
I wonder who will be the first to get a full Kantor dex of shadow pokes?

I'm not going to even attempt any atm. This hunt is draining me lol
3 Months ago
Hey guys!!

So been super busy with the new job but I'm getting used to it. My anxiety hasnt flared super badly yet... But then again i havent been on thr computers and such by myself yet. Only a bit of playing around so far.

But everyone is super nice and I'm just hoping i can get the hang of it good before the students come back and we are slammed...
3 Months ago
More Art.

The first is going over my bed and I wanted a different take on thr semi-colon. The wolf is a WIP and far from done. Might add a few more details on thr oceanscape.
3 Months ago
Art stuff some of my painting stuff from lately. Some practice some wip... Will add more later!
4 Months ago
Here's the painting in reference to my last post!
4 Months ago
Working on a mini project... Was thinking of giving it to my Dr as a sort of thank you. Shes the first dr ivw ever had that actually talks to me and listens and has been doing everything she can think of to help me...

But I'm nervous about it. I havent given anyone my stuff in a very long time. And not a single painting bc I'm so new at it.

What do you guys think? I'll post a pic when im done.
4 Months ago
Just finished putting all the kids TCG cards in the binder...omg... soooo tedious. Numbering each card slot, sorting through the mountains of cards and extras etc.

Then I decided to make a list of what cards they were missing... Out of ALL the pokemon, they are missing 380(this also includes the alolan versions). It didn't seem like that much when I was doing it, but its almost half! Now to try and find a way to get more of the ones they are missing...
4 Months ago
Finally a mega-able! The end of this week is going pretty well lol!
4 Months ago

Guys. I'm in tears im so happy!
4 Months ago
My interview went ok i think. It was intimidating though. Ive never had a 4 hr interview before o.o

So the 2 other candidates were women as well and age wish i think i was rigjt in between. Even interview attire i was in between lmao.

They had 3 different interviewers in 3 areas. 1. The dispatching supervisor(I got along with her really well). 2. The assistant & associate directors of the Department 3. The director of the Department. Each 45 mins in a round robin type thing. Then paperwork and testing research abilities and finished with a driven tour of the campus bc its massive.

But I was able to make all of them genuinely smile and or laugh so i hope thats a plus. I wont know for 1-2 weeks tho.
4 Months ago
Wish me luck guys!!!

2nd interview this am! Terrified bc it is a 4hr interview o.o

I need all the help i can get!
4 Months ago
You are currently hunting Riolu!
Good luck!

Total hatched: 412
Shinies: 11
Mega-Ables: 0

….I'm convinced the Mega Cuff does nothing. Anyone else have this much trouble getting a single Mega-able to even show up? I feel like I'm gunna be waiting for the SM for 3 years the way this is going lol. I just wanna know they exist in my chain man!! ;___;

Totally not thinking that if I complain enough one will show up... yeah... totally not doing that...>.>
4 Months ago
Oh! I put all the boys Pokemon cards in a binder(numbered every slot and its all broken down into Gen), but im realizing how many they are missing wish I could fill them in more for them. I'm currently making a list of all the ones they are missing.
4 Months ago
N0T_S0AP - 13 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.
I have 4k extra nuggets that I don't want

Lemme do a giveaway of them

Just comment, share, and heart for an entry

Have fun and be happy y'all <3
4 Months ago
By N0T_S0AP - 1 Hour and 21 Minutes ago.
I have 4k extra nuggets that I don't want

Lemme do a giveaway of them

Just comment, share, and heart for an entry

Have fun and be happy y'all
4 Months ago

I'm gonna try a little harder
Gonna make every minute last longer
Gonna learn to forgive and forget
Cause we don't have long, gonna make the most of it

(I'm gunna)
Reach out to somebody who needs me
Make a change, make the world a better place
Cause tomorrow could be one day too late