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Trainer ID: #46422122
Registration: 01/10/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 71:37 Hours
Total interactions: 141,407
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Starter Pokémon: Emboar


A puppy.
It's not gonna happen - I'm an adult and we can't afford a dog at the moment, but that's what a wish is typically about, right? Something seemingly impossible that you can only hope for?
8 Months ago
#MyBiggestAchievement this year? I guess my art has improved, but unfortunately the last few months I've lost my muse. I can force myself to draw, but I can't force myself to like it, so I throw most of it out. -_-
8 Months ago
Seven sleeps left!!
2 Years ago
Nine more days to get through.
Probably the only thing I'm looking forward to right now.
2 Years ago
Back from voting. Thank goodness this insanity is almost over with and we can go back to normal instead of hating each other and throwing around angry accusations. Maybe. Hopefully. Please, USA, please regain your sanity.
2 Years ago
Free Pikachus, Rapidash, and Scythers while supplies last! I want to keep at least one of each, so claim yours while you can, if you want 'em!
If you're looking for a certain nature, you'll have to look through my boxes and let me know which one you're wanting via palpad.
2 Years ago
By hakerarena

Feed a berry to OZ and get 5K PD. Interact as guest and get 2k PD more... Get 1k PD for sharing and keeping this post as your feed!!

NOTE: Offer availabe for the users who are feeding berry after this feed has been published.


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2 Years ago
FREE Rapidash - I have like... almost a whole box full. Palpad me and let me know if you want male or female, and I'll put one up for trade for you.
2 Years ago
Holy cow the 8 inch plushies have gone up in price!

I bought a ton of pokemon plushies for like $6 each a month ago. Went to the store today and saw the Keldeo and Celebi 20th anniversary plushies and snatched up one of each (also got a large Eevee plushie at Toys R Us - they had others as well but I'm not made of money).

Saw they had Dedenne. Went to grab it... noticed it was freakin $25!!! For a little eight inch plushie!

Screw. That.

I'll be waiting until the prices come back down.
2 Years ago
Woot, finally bred a female Combee! Now to just level her up and evolve her.
2 Years ago
Clearly I can not win auctions because I am not a sniper.

I am willing to pay for someone to breed me a stupid freaking Combee or Miltank.
2 Years ago
Get outbid on auction.
Go to click "View Auction" as auction has less than a minute to go.
Site doesn't load until after auction is over.

2 Years ago
Aw yiss.

Preordered Sun (for me) and Moon (for my boyfriend), gonna have that special Munchlax. Can't wait, it's only a little over a month away!
2 Years ago
By tobyharg - 4 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.

free aerodactyl's from me (tobyharg), ive got toooooooo many please share so i can help your friends!!!! thanks guys
2 Years ago
Anyone out there willing to breed me a Combee and/or Miltank?
If so, what would you want for it? c.c
2 Years ago
Holy Magikarp guys.
Seeing as the event has caused me to get over 2k unreturned favors in the span of eight hours, I am going to just let y'all know that I'm doing my best to return favors, but any 'mons in my friend parties and friend boxes will be coming first, then the unreturned favors as I can manage.
I'm sure I can actually return them all before rollover (thank goodness you can HOLD DOWN the N key instead of having to tap it each time), but in case I don't, it's not because I am not thankful! It's just that the event has caused a massive flood of help! xD
2 Years ago
Can't seem to find any Pomeg berries. Anyone have one they'd like to sell or trade?
Let me know!
2 Years ago
Also, to add on to my last post, here's a friend's Latias they would like to have shared!
2 Years ago
So, for those willing to read this, I am just posting to let y'all know that I will attempt to return favors as soon as possible. I have been using the clicklists (I even managed to get the "online" clicklist to bump me back, woo!) and I've been keeping up on the favors so far.

Also, if you wish to friend me, I will do my best to keep up with my friend clicks as well.
2 Years ago


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