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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 1,573/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Mewtwo Y)
372359,364 / 520,336

Hall Of Fame

This is my Hall Of Fame. Each earning which I prize the most are recorded here. Thank you for dropping by!

And note that these are ordered by time. Which means newest ones are at the bottom and oldest ones are right below.


Light16 has been added to your friends list! (Best friends forever ☺️)

Congratulations, Kojofuu! Your Johto-Dex is now complete!

Wow, really can't believe it... you achieved this huge goal and helped me so much with my research! I still remember the day when I gave you your Starter-Pokémon, Cyndaquil. Well, time flies by... I'm already getting a bit sentimental.
Anyway, the whole PokéHeroes Staff and all residents of Emera Town want to congratulate you!
Please take this certificate - it is a proof for filling the Johto-Dex.

Nevertheless, I have something else to talk about with you. I found this mysterious coloured egg recently on a Rumble Mission and I tried hard to hatch it, but with no success at all. I'm not sure if one could even hatch it - and if it even contains a Pokémon. But... the mystery behind it is fascinating me and I really want to uncover it.

I feel like it contains something very rare and special...

Do you think you can hatch it?

Congratulations! A shiny Mimikyu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #108)! (First Shiny!)

You obtained a new badge (Shiny Surprise)!

Oh, what's that! Looks like a shiny Pokémon hatched out of one of your eggs!

A new member just signed up on PokéHeores!

Would you like to mentor Sandara? Please either accept or reject the request as soon as possible:

Newbie Mentoring


More To Record/List Later


[ ] - Important
[✔️] - Complete
[✖️] - Incomplete

General Pinned Goals:

[✖️] [ ] Get Light16 Something Valuable
[✖️] Random Lab Adopt Shiny

—— V [ ] V ——

1. Shooting for a SM Mewtwo Y, and that’s gonna be the 1OS.
2. Crazy interaction exchanges are going to happen
3. Do a giveaway after with the Shiny and Mega Mewtwos leftover from the hunt
4. Plushie spam after hunt (maybe)
5. Decide on next hunt (Poll or feed?)



[✖️] Reach 1mil PD
[✖️] Make Profile Card & Make Alt. Email For Contacts From PH


[✔️] Get Ditto
[✔️] Hatch First Shiny


Game Records

Trainer ID: #745076587
Registration: 05/10/2020 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 313:34 Hours
Total interactions: 151,601
Money: 202,423
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion



I wish you a happy life without PH. Remember that you can always visit and be remembered!

Oh yeah and tip: Might not want to trade all of your loot, if you come back without anything, you are basically starting all over.

💜 Goodbye (I really hope not though), TremorzGG
Today, 03:25
I’m thinking about getting gifts for some of my friends.

Light16 is (I think) going to hunt a Ultra Beast or Eternatus. I’ll be trading for Ultra Saddles and Eternal Rocks!

Shinigamii is hunting Moltres (Galarian), interactions with her party will be returned and guested by me.

Sandara has been hit with something hard (no, not literally). She is going through deep depression because of it. Plushies sent to her will be appreciated.

📔 For Light16 Hunt Preperation Items.
💜 For Shinigamii Interaction Return.
🧸 Sandara needs love from the community! Sending people who help most a plush.
Today, 02:35
Should I do a Valentines Day giveaway/raffle? 💖
1 Day ago
So this week is test week for my class and there was a really *cough* super question on my paper. Here is what it said:

“There are 12 fish in a tank. 6 drowned. How many are left?”

Fish. Can’t. Drown.

I don’t know if the teachers did that on purpose or they didn’t know, but they could’ve said the water was poisoned and they just generally died but— this trigger me and I just said the answer was “None Of Above”.
1 Day ago
Holy crack my shoulders just cracked
2 Days ago
So here is my plan for my next confirmed Shiny Hunt:

1. I’m shooting for a SM Mewtwo Y, and that’s gonna be the 1OS.
2. Crazy interaction exchanges are going to happen
3. I’m going to do a giveaway after with the Shiny and Mega Mewtwos leftover from the hunt
4. Plushie spam after hunt (maybe)
5. Decide on next hunt
3 Days ago
Kojofuu, you should not have seen that!
Get out now!!

Gee, professor, are you high?—
3 Days ago
“If happiness were real,
I wouldn’t use words to describe it.”

9 Days ago
Shiny Dratini, Pichu, or Ducklett? ❤️🧡💜
9 Days ago
How Are You Today?
You Are Amazing!

❤️- I’m Fantastic!
🧡- I’m Great!
💛- I’m Good.
💚- I’m Okay.
Please Send Me A Message.

💙- I’m Bothered.
💜- I’m Stressing.
🖤- I’m Breaking Down.
🤍- I’m Empty.
Everybody matters in this world,
you should look for help if you
really need it (Don’t if you think
it’s best to get alone time).
3 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Kojofuu is currently hunting Mimikyu.
Hunt started: 05/12/2020

Chain: 244



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