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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 4,295/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Spinarak21 / 15
Solosis320 / 39
Sentret58 / 91
Snover441 / 76
Koffing318 / 37


Complete the emera dex (99% until now)

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missing only this one

Shiny Harvest Sprites

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Chef: Cook 1,718/10,000 dishes

Nappy: Catch 105/500 Pokémon at the Honey tree.

Hoggy: Make 1,651,525/10,000,000 interactions in total.

Timid: Have at least 0/10 different berries at Level 100.

Aqua: Adopt 6,015/50,000 eggs from the lab.

Staid: Catch 5,833/10,000 Pokémon at the beach

Bold: Adopt 306/7,500 eggs from the Tall Grass

Shiny Raylong

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8/15 (minimun) eggs on storage to start


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #87021466
Registration: 06/11/2015 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 1047:13 Hours
Total interactions: 1,683,979
Money: 1,445,009
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


To be honest I think the beach need a rework very soon.... half of the Pokemon we fish doesn't have any use, no trades no anything.... I wish we had more types of megastone trades with other harder Pokemon. Key trades would be very cool as weel like we have both blue boxes to trade but no Key. A hard Pokemon black key trade would be cool as well. New maps or even Rods upgrades like if you have all the rods you can upgrade them .. I just wanted a use for those pokemons
Yesterday, 22:59
Wish me luck, the alolan pokedex is missing 31 pokemon

all 18 silvally + type null
6 minior core forms
4 Magearna forms
2 ultra beasts

(btw... is type null the gift for completing the dex? and if yes, this means i don't have access to silvally until i complete right? do i need all margearna forms?)
Yesterday, 17:49
Yesterday, 16:54
5th zorua was neither shiny nor holding a good item
Yesterday, 03:16
Yesterday, 01:26
Okay 5th zorua egg on the party ❤
Yesterday, 01:11
Yay ❤💜 finally shiny meloetta egg ❤💜
Yesterday, 00:15
101 festival points to shiny meloetta❤ I'm so excited RN ❤💜
1 Day ago
You won 21200 Game Chips.
You also won 1x Lugia Egg Voucher! CONGRATS!
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I wish it was shiny
1 Day ago
Just more 220 festival points to Shiny meloetta
1 Day ago
Oh congrats to everyone that hatched or a shiny (hisuian) or that get the item ❤💜 can someone tell me the names of the special items to evolve the Pokemon to hisuain forms? (Idc about spoilers so I'm asking if you aren't okay with spoiler don't go to the comments) Thanks ❤
1 Day ago
Well... my 4th zorua came normal and holding another gem.. I'm pretty unlucky those days..
2 Days ago
why all my hisuian zorua and mega zoroark appears as broken file insted of the proper image? (I have this problem with kitema line as well)
2 Days ago
yay 4th zorua <3 hope this time its a shiny or at least holding one of the new items
2 Days ago
Only more 600 festival points to shiny meloetta ❤💜❤💜
2 Days ago
Interaction exchange? (Need to evolve that larvesta) and hatch some eggs
3 Days ago
I decided to try my luck.. spent all my do on mew plushies (funny enough I got exactly 7 plushies polishes and the pd left was 1 for sending a plushie)
3 Days ago
GOTCHA! Pachirisu (shiny) was caught successfully
4 Days ago
5 Days ago

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