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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 6,532/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
12838,230 / 61,921

Wooper Totem

Yow! 🐝 🐝

I am Bee Jr. , the Bee king of the past times. Now I am Just a lonely Bee :'D

My palpad is always open, so dont be shy to start any conversation, or asking me a question, will help ya as I see it.

Oh and I am collecting honey 🍯 if we are going to trade with u I would be appreciated if its payed in honey,
20pd= 1 honey and 50pd= 1 super honey btw



Note to self

Tomato, Razz, Oran, Iapapa, Grepa, Pecha

Perfect wooper

Beedrill naganadel hunt

Hp/Df/spAt buneary

thx Yamper for sprite

Game Records

Trainer ID: #917831638
Registration: 25/09/2019 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 844:24 Hours
Total interactions: 508,197
Money: 60,666
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I got a breeding boost from fountain today and got no eggs, guess I was gonna owe daycare owner eggs if I didnt get the boost :P
8 Days ago
Ok, so I know that all perfect iv increases the chance of mega able... Every single gold increases it individually right? Its not a "collect the whole set for ulti" thing
13 Days ago
Am I the only one who forgets that we are allowed to breath in barber? XD
15 Days ago
Lookin for bottled messages! contact me if available to sell, 30k per piece
17 Days ago
Wow! I am bad at battling :P
19 Days ago
Sometimes I wander in forest and there are times that I come accross some nuts here and there and I think: Wow a nut! In this season? I must be lucky no squirrel ate it until now... Then I crack it open and realise y it hadnt been eaten -_-
Animals will always suprise me
24 Days ago
I guess they wont hatch as fast as yesterday huh? Interaction exchange?
25 Days ago
Does completing missions in berry garden has a higher chance to give a new mission that gives the summon items or I can just keep rejecting missions to get one
29 Days ago
G luck to everyone there
1 Month ago
Hey artists!
How do you "cartoonify" yourself if u dont really have any visual features that sorts you out from others...
1 Month ago
Anybody want somethin to be drawn? Maybe it can help stop art block, just a sketch on paper tho...dont expect too much 👀
1 Month ago
Due to massive hunt by users of ph, mermaids have gone extinct! Well done!
2 Months ago
I meaaaan, she deserved! I ll use my stock of one leah for a shiny tho :D
2 Months ago
Dont mind me vibing to driftveil city! I am still waiting for you to send me songs that put me into a desert
2 Months ago
It was a dinosour :D
Foxez got it
2 Months ago
First one to guess what he is riding on gets 50 nuggs when I wake up!
its obvious lol
2 Months ago
I knew I would attract nerds with my last feed lol
2 Months ago
U two better like eachother >:[
2 Months ago
Whats with all thiz chainsaw headed stuff I am seeing? Did I miss an art trend?
2 Months ago
I am like an early game legendary card in a card deck game. U will be happy once u have me but in the later games the only reason you are keeping me is I am just a legendary.
What type of a card are u?
2 Months ago


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