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Where All Can You Catch Pokemon?

Forum-Index Help Where All Can You Catch Pokemon?
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Posted: Fri, 14/04/2023 01:52 (5 Months ago)
Can you catch Pokemon at other locations in addition to the Honey Tree?
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Posted: Fri, 14/04/2023 04:01 (5 Months ago)
Yes! You can also catch Pokémon at Emera Beach by fishing them up and in the Safari Zone! You can "catch" certain Pokémon as an egg as well in the Tall Grass, special Rumble areas, the Royal Tunnel, the Ancient Cave, and buy them from the Gem Collector with gems if you have the Pokedex entry for that Pokémon. The Honey Tree is the only area that I'm aware of where you use your own Pokeballs from your item bag, though!
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Posted: Fri, 14/04/2023 23:55 (5 Months ago)
There’s also the Halloween event where you can use pokeballs to catch the retro gengar line
Greetings Pokèfans

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Posted: Mon, 17/04/2023 23:08 (5 Months ago)
Where can I get a combee?
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Posted: Tue, 18/04/2023 00:59 (5 Months ago)

Title: where can i catch a combo

where can i catch a combee
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Posted: Tue, 18/04/2023 08:17 (5 Months ago)
@iheartkatamari In addition to what has already been said, there is also the shadow radar, that you need Pokeballs to 'catch' shadow mons, which can be bought at the item shop for 500k PD. Also, in a way, most things on this site could be thought of as 'catching' Pokemon. Eg. adopting lab eggs, game center, bug hatching contest, daycare, SCS, the fun fair event

@SophB, TheDangar
Combee can be caught at the honeytree, bred in the daycare, or bought from other players. Also, next time, it would be better if you create a new thread, instead of posting in a partially irrelevant one.