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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 189/2,729


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Zorua (Hisuian)13 / 9

Shiny Hunt

Shmrimbly is currently hunting Zorua (Hisuian).
Hunt started: 17/03/2023

Chain: 66

Perfect Pairs:

Normal Pairs:
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MA Beedrill
MA Rapidash
MA Luxray
MA Swablu
MA Growlithe
MA Ampharos

Starter Pairs:
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Event Pairs:
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Solar Eevee
Crystal Aron
Summer Ampharos

PM me if you have any pairs and are interested in trading, or if you want me to breed a pokemon for you (various payments accepted, pm with offer as long as I'm not shiny-hunting)!
I can also rent out pairs or single Pokémon if you're looking to breed or shiny hunt some Pokémon of your own! PM or PP if you're interested!


From felhaunter:

From Zacharie:

(This will one day be a Saturneon lol)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #164123183
Registration: 22/11/2022 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 162:59 Hours
Total interactions: 431,055
Money: 244,466
Starter Pokémon: Feraligatr


By ALz_ - 1 Minute and 14 Seconds ago.
Share #MONEYY for a chance to win 30k ~ 100k pd and a mixture of gems.


Just saying, this is a small giveaway :0

Will there be more???
;) -ALz_
Today, 01:06
Big thanks to xXEGGSTR0KERXx for the dragon gems! Now I can try my hand at making a mega stone again! Let's just hope this one doesn't turn into boxes like the first lol~
1 Day ago
Does anyone have 2 dragon gems I could buy or trade for according to stonks? (❁´◡`❁)
2 Days ago
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Zorua (Hisuian) in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Let's see how the rest of this hunt goes 👀
3 Days ago
Am I a man...

Or am I a muppet?
3 Days ago
Does anybody have some passho or kebia berries? I got a Rowan quest but I need those to make some dry berry juice and there aren't any in the gts that I saw.
5 Days ago

You fed Clara a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 2,108 Exp. Points.
6 Days ago
New poll up! :D
6 Days ago
By Aura~
The contest of the Profs (Part 3)

Alright guys I seriously need help!!!!!!!

I guess its a giveaway!

Feed Clara a berry and post the proof along with #AuravsOak
You can post it everyday for extra entries
And of course, like this feed

If I win this, A winner gets 100 nuggets!

Please spread the word!!!!!!!!!

~You fed Clara a Oran Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 788 x 2 = 1,576 Exp. Points.~
6 Days ago
By Professor~Adminus - 3 Hours and 34 Minutes ago.
I'm doing a small giveaway
Becuz I get My first Quest hurrah
50 nuggets

How to enter:
Share #AdminusfirstQuest=1 Enty
Each day you Feed Gremma a berry each day=1 entry
Dont forget to Leave a proof in the comment when you feed berry

Ends sunday 8:AM according to PH time
6 Days ago
I waited 2 days to get my first mega stone and it gave me a black mystery box instead. Should I be upset or happy about this?
9 Days ago
So just to make sure I'm not missing anything- there isn't a radar chip for special pokemon? Like... where do they go? ⚆_⚆
10 Days ago
Biology Fact of the Day:

Moss produces both sperm and eggs and essentially fertilizes itself. This makes moss, under biological definition, bisexual.

(I probably wont be doing these every day now, just whenever I feel like it, but I hope you still enjoy them :3)
10 Days ago
And so the shiny hisuian zorua hunt begins!
10 Days ago
So do hisuian mons like zorua, sneasel, and growlithe only produce hisuian eggs or will the produce normal and hisuian eggs like how event mons do?
11 Days ago
By Zacharie - 1 Hour and 6 Minutes ago.
Well lads, a first giveaway for me.
prizes are a bit much cause I wanna win this lil rowan quest for once.

1, 3 dragon gems + A Articuno + 50 Nuggets.
2, 2 Dragon Gems + A Shiny Combee.
3, 1 Dragon Gems + A Mew.

and then whoever attends and does something will get like... 5k.

Our lil Hashtag will be

Share it to get like 2 points, like this to get 1, and feed Amelia a berry for 3 (Give proof or whatever in the comment/ reply thing)

This ends when the quest ends, Sunday.
11 Days ago
I just realized I put two shinies up for wonder trade in the normal one and not the shiny wonder trade and I feel so stupid 💀
14 Days ago
By PandaBennington
Since Houndour has been such a good little puppy... I'm giving away two shiny Houndour to two different random users who share the hashtag. Ends at reset! Good luck!
18 Days ago
By Shadow_The_Hedgehog - 1 Hour and 2 Minutes ago.
Well time to host a giveaway i guess
Share #KantoCelebration (hashtag or whole post, either one works.)
As this is to celebrate me finally completing my kanto dex, ill be giving 100k pd. Not a whole lot, but a pretty good amount.
One winner. Ends on saturday
This is NOT a giveaway that you can get multiple entries for. 1 per person.
And just because im bored, THIS IS A OPTIONAL QUESTION! Which fighter do you think is my super smash bros main? Please COMMENT on the ORIGINAL POST if you are going to guess.
Oh, guesses can include DLC fighters by the way :)
Original Poster: Shadow_The_Hedgehog
25 Days ago
Biology Fact of the Day:

About 1-2% of modern humans have neanderthal DNA. Neanderthals were the first early modern humans in Europe and coexisted with Homo sapiens for between 2,600 and 5,400 years before dying off approximately 42,000 years ago.
25 Days ago


About Me:

Hello there, I'm Shmrimbly!
~I use any pronouns~

I want to find the best breeding pairs, especially event ones! I'm open to trades and offers, just pm! I may not respond right away since I'm busy with college, but I'll try to respond as fast as I can!

Likes: spaghetti, chicken fried rice, cherry coke, anime, animation, drawing, video games, animals, plants, and insects!

Dislikes: my aching bones

My pp/pms are always open! I am also open to trading most of the Pokémon in my boxes (excluding my breeding pairs)!


-Get All Badges
-Get 1 year of premium without spending money (8,000 nugs ⊙﹏⊙∥)
-Get a shiny Solar Eevee to evolve into Saturneon
-Hatch a full blue shiny battle team of some of my favorite Pokemon:


Favorites and Recommended:

My favorite Pokémon is Glaceon! But here are some of my other favorite things:

Some of my favorite shows/movies:
-BoJack Horseman
-Inside Job
-Human Resources
-Bambi 2
-Cinderella 3
-The Boys
-Tuca and Bertie

Favorite Animes:
-Beyond the Boundary
-Super Crooks
-Chainsaw Man
-Cells at Work
-A Silent Voice
-Yuri on Ice

Favorite Books:
-The Importance of Being Earnest {Oscar Wilde}
-Brave New World {Aldous Huxley}
-Warriors Books {Erin Hunter} (but I haven't been able to read them recently ToT)

I’ll totally give recommendations too! I’ve seen and read many things lol. Don't be afraid to reach out!

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