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Vannah's Art Shop!!! [OPEN]

Forum-Index Fanmades Vannah's Art Shop!!! [OPEN]
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Posted: Mon, 16/01/2023 21:37 (2 Months ago)

🌸Welcome to Vannah’s Art Shop!!!🌸

Hiya, I'm Vannah and I've decided to start an art shop!! Please be patient with me, as I'm still trying to figure out this whole art shop thing and how forums and BBCode work in general!!!

Quote from -Vannah-
1)All Pokeheroes rules apply.

2)Please use the form. I will not accept otherwise.

3)Credit me!! You can do this by linking the art shop, my profile, my art instagram, or my wattpad. Don't remove my signature either.

4)No tracing or stealing.

5)There are two payment options. The first is to send half of it before I start and half after I finish, but before I send it. The other is to send it all before. I will not claim any of it until after I have completed the artwork. However, I also will not start the artwork until proof of payment (via sending payment as a gift) is sent. I am open to negotiating other payment options.

6)No ordering if slots are full.

7)Please don't rush me, as surprisingly, I have a life outside of this site.

8)I have all rights to decline a request at my own digression, whether it doesn't follow the rules, makes me uncomfortable, or otherwise. Please respect that, and you are always welcome to ask me why via PalPad or PM. I just don't want it to clutter up the shop.

9)If you choose to cancel your order, notify me ASAP. Don't just take your money down and not let me know, that way I can open slots to others.

10)Currently, I'm only accepting slots for humans or humanoid characters because that’s what I feel comfortable drawing. Please don't request anything else. The only way I will maybe accept other things is if you Palpad me about it beforehand, and I'll work with you to figure something out.

11)This art shop uses a three-strike system. You will receive a warning following the first time a rule is broken, a 10% price markup the second time, along with another warning, and will be banned following a third breakage of the rules. However, not using the form or questioning a decline will not cause second or third warnings (yet), since I believe them to be minor compared to the other rules. If too many people start breaking those, however, they will start counting. Tracing/Stealing art bypasses the three-strike system and you will automatically be banned.

12)Do not use anyone else's order without permission from them. My example works are also not allowed to be used without credit.

13)You're through all of the rules!!! The password is whatever country you feel like putting.


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Traditional Bust Uncolored - 3k PD

Traditional Bust Colored - 7k PD

Traditional Full Body Uncolored - 20k PD

Traditional Full Body Colored - 40k PD

Basic Silhouette (Digital) - 1k PD

Head Lineart (Digital) - 1k PD

Head Colored (Digital) - 2k PD

Digital Bust Lineart - 5k PD

Digital Bust Colored - 10k PD

Digital Full Body Lineart - 25k PD

Digital Full Body Colored - 40k PD


Doodles By Character - T/S/H/D - 100 PD
+Options include sparkles, stars, flowers, hearts, or a mix of 2 or more!

Extra Characters - T/D - Add Half of Original Price per extra

Simple Background - S/D - 1k PD
+Will also send without background and/or PNG (Colored Only) on request.

Complex Uncolored Backgrounds - D - 5k PD
+Will also send without background and/or PNG (Colored Only) on request.

Complex Colored Backgrounds - D - 10k PD
+Will also send without background and/or PNG (Colored Only) on request.

PNG - S/H/DC - Free
+Comes with colored digital art without background and colored heads automatically. Must be requested if you add a background or for a Silhouette.

Handwritten Words - T - 100 PD

Handwritten Words - D - 1k PD
+Can be added outside of background/without background or as a part of a simple background.

Added Text - S - 500 PD

Quote from -Vannah-


[b][color=Mediumorchid]Hey Vannah, I’d like to purchase some art![/color][/b]

[b][color=Mediumorchid]Art Type:[/color][/b]
[b][color=Mediumorchid]What is being drawn?:[/color][/b]
[b][color=Mediumorchid]Other Add-Ons:[/color][/b]
[b][color=Mediumorchid]Total Price:[/color][/b]
[b][color=Mediumorchid]Payment Plan:[/color][/b]
[b][color=Mediumorchid]Is it okay if I post it elsewhere (with a commission watermark):[/color][/b]

Please exclude the background price from your total, as I’ll be the one deciding how complex the background is. I will reach out to let you know how much it is asap. I’d also like coupon prices to be excluded, as those will be affected by backgrounds. I’ll reach out about the actual price asap as well.

I'll also double-check your pricing total!

So for example, it should look something like this:

Hey Vannah, I’d like to purchase some art!

Art Type: Digital Bust Colored
What is being drawn?: My OC, Lilli
Background?: Maybe just light gray w/ lavender Polka dots please!
Other Add-Ons: Some sparkle and star doodles!
PNG?: Yes, please!
Total Price: 11100 PD
Payment Plan: All Now
Username: -Vannah-
Password: You’re not getting the password that easily :)
Is it okay if I post it elsewhere (with a commission watermark): Yes!
Other: Will send a tip!
Coupon: N/A

It is worth noting that I did put the background price into that form, but that’s because I know that’s a simple background.


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Please excuse that most of these are CountryHumans, that is my primary fandom of drawing.

Traditional Uncolored Bust

Traditional Colored Bust

Traditional Uncolored Full Body

Traditional Colored Full Body

Basic Silhouette (Digital)

Head Lineart (Digital)

Colored Head (Digital)

Digital Bust Lineart

Digital Bust Colored

Digital Full Body Lineart

Digital Full Body Colored

Quote from -Vannah-


1 -
2 -
3 -


Three Strikes

Warned (1)
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None yet :)

10% Markup (2)
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None yet :)

Banned (3)
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None yet :)




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Grand Opening - Code - GrAnd OpeNing - 50% Off

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Posted: Mon, 16/01/2023 23:59 (2 Months ago)
Hey Vannah, I’d like to purchase some art!

Art Type: Completly your choice, surprise me
What is being drawn?: Shiny Zygarde dog form with any of your special change up touchs if possible :D
Background?: A diamond cave full or sparkling jewels XD
Other Add-Ons: Some shiny sparkles
PNG?: Yes, please!
Total Price: 20k pd ( 10k after discound )
Payment Plan: All Now
Username: -Ruthless-
Password: Canada
Is it okay if I post it elsewhere (with a commission watermark): Yup
Other: Will send a tip!
Coupon: GrAnd OpeNing - 50% Off

Did i do it right? XD

We negotiated through palpad
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Posted: Fri, 20/01/2023 23:15 (2 Months ago)

✨Order Complete!!!✨

Contact me for any minor changes you may want. Thanks for ordering!!

(yes, it is heavily based on the official art, I have to do that when I draw pokemon bc idk how to draw them)
My Art Shop!!
My Pokemon Shop!!


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