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took but didn't have

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Solved took but didn't have
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Posted: Sun, 18/12/2022 02:32 (3 Months ago)
i have took the 18th chrismas gif , it said that i have claimed the gift but i cann't find the egg
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Posted: Sun, 18/12/2022 02:50 (3 Months ago)
Same, that happened to me too.
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Posted: Sun, 18/12/2022 02:51 (3 Months ago)
My party was full when I claimed the egg. It said I was given the egg but it didn't give it to me. I was given no chance to go back for it. I assumed that was just what happens?
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Posted: Sun, 18/12/2022 08:09 (3 Months ago)
Should be fixed - see Riako's post here
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