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Posted: Sat, 18/02/2023 00:17 (3 Months ago)
The Alolan region event in daycare. I don’t see the egg but it said Please come back when you've hatched the egg that I gave you! I'm curious to see what hatches

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Posted: Sat, 07/01/2023 05:48 (4 Months ago)
Battle ID: 151190
Log Counter: 5079662

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Posted: Sun, 25/12/2022 06:27 (5 Months ago)

Title: Shiny chance

Does the egg break the shiny chance ???

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Posted: Sun, 25/12/2022 02:42 (5 Months ago)
It said that there are 6 pokemon/egg but I only see 5 one

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Posted: Sun, 25/12/2022 01:49 (5 Months ago)
I have 2 space in party and i took it but I didn’t have that egg

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Posted: Sun, 18/12/2022 02:32 (5 Months ago)
i have took the 18th chrismas gif , it said that i have claimed the gift but i cann't find the egg

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