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Doing sprites for free for fun :)

Forum-Index Fanmades Spriting Doing sprites for free for fun :)
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Posted: Wed, 04/05/2022 21:14 (10 Months ago)
Hello! I’m pretty new to PokéHeroes, so I don’t know which BBcodes work and which ones don’t, but I enjoy recoloring Pokémon sprites, so I thought I’d open up a tiny shop. Just 1,000 PokéDollars per recolor and the base sprite needs to be in this or this sprite index. I can make your sprite very detailed such as with flowers or swirls, but I can’t do complex designs such as galaxies (no matter how much I wish I could). It’s not that 1,000 PokéDollars isn’t enough, it’s just that I don’t have the ability to.
Also, please please please credit me whenever you use your sprite. Please use a link either to my profile or to this shop, and you can put the link wherever you want as long as you can access the link from the same page as the sprite. Thank you! :)

Just reply here if you want me to recolor a sprite and let me know which sprite you want me to recolor :)

Edit: FOR NOW, THEY’RE FREE! (More detailed sprites aren’t though, those’ll still be 1k. However, I can do Cosmog smoke and other more detailed designs now.)
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Posted: Wed, 04/05/2022 21:20 (10 Months ago)
Well hello, welcome to pokeheroes! I would just like a simple recolor of a shinx sprite. Can you please change the blue to a shade of lavender, preferably (hex code) #a95ae6? With the shading (the darker parts on the face and body) I would like those to be a bit darker. Please and thank you!
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Posted: Wed, 04/05/2022 21:41 (10 Months ago)


@MsLovelyLesbian Here’s your sprite! Thank you for ordering! If you want me to change anything, please let me know. :)
Visit my sprite shop! [url]https://pokeheroes.com/forum_thread?id=89539[/url]
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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 03:38 (6 Months ago)
hello! :D
would you be okay with doing an umbreon recolor?
i want the rings to be white (#FFFFFF), the eye to be green (preferably #3DED97) and the lighter parts of the body to be #051094 with the darker shades being #241571 if possible? (i'm also okay with a flat blue for the body)
also, do you accept tips/higher payment? :)

pretty :)