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Guri's drawings

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Posted: Wed, 20/01/2021 20:02 (6 Months ago)
Art dump basically lol

(insert fancy "art dump" image here owo)

So, I always want to talk about my art and my thinking process but, I feel like I'm being a bother to people so, here we are. A place for me to write about my thoughts on my art where I wont bother anyone c:

All art here will be drawn by me (obviously). Do not use any art posted here unless it was made for you. I'll be posting anything from fanart to commissions, finished drawings to sketches, traditional to digital art. Feel free to comment if you want just keep it on topic ^^

If you would like to commission me my palpad/PM is open~

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Posted: Wed, 20/01/2021 20:19 (6 Months ago)
So let's get this started then~!
Haven't been drawing alot in January but, here are the drawings I have done so far!

I started off my year by drawing Raichu, this is a new tradition of mine, Raichu being my favorite pokémon is a fun choise for seeing my own progress each year. I do need more practice with bipedal creatures as I mostly draw quadrupeds. Despite faulty anatomy I think he turend out cute.

Next up we have a drawing I made as a gift to one of my best friends. I fell in love with this characters color scheme when I saw him and knew I had to draw him. I almost gave up during the sketch phase as I just couldn't make the back legs look nice, I'm glad I didn't though as I am very happy with the end result! Iv'e recently discovered the art program I use has a stock image provider with free to use stock images, I'm sure this will make my drawings much more interesting from now on as I can play around with backgrounds more!

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Posted: Sun, 21/02/2021 02:09 (5 Months ago)
Art update~
Artworks made between late january - mid february 2021
Hit a major artblock week 2 of february ;-;

First off a doodle of me and my friends favorite soul-link pair from our OR/AS soullink. The stars alligned to make this happen and we are so greatful. Maws is my Mawile and Gleaner is her Sableye. If this pair dies we both agreed our locke is over no matter if we have pokémon remaining in our party or not.
As infrequently as I draw bipeds I'm really happy with how they turned out, best beans ^^

Tried out a new art program and made my most recent OC Claude my practice victim. I quite enjoyed the art program however I dont see myself using it for more than simple drawings like this one. Claude is baby, hard to mess him up c:

My next drawing was a birthday present for the friend I menioned above. She mostly has human OC's which is, not ideal for me as I do not draw humans, ever. Decided to give it a go regardless. This took me way longer than I would like to admit... I'd like to point out that I haven't drawn a human since 2019 so please dont judge too hard 🙏

OC belongs to NebbyHatesBags
(not active on PH anymore sadly)

Last up for this round is another simpler drawing. This one is actually part of a group of small pokemon doodles I did under 5 minutes per pokémon. This one is the only one that turned out decent and I decided to clean him/her up a bit. They give me major mario universe vibes for some reason hahah. Angy royal Shroomish~
very tempted to add them to my signature

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Posted: Thu, 08/04/2021 21:09 (3 Months ago)
Art update~
Drawings here made in late february to early april.
Been feeling very down these past months but managed to do some art ^^

Drawn for the "Draw for the user above you" thread. I thought this OC was really cute and was glad I managed to claim them before someone else did. I really struggeled with their right front leg, I dont know how long I was stuck on that leg alone lolol. Overall I am very pleased with the result ^^

OC belongs to BabyEevee22

Birthday time!!!! One of my friends outside PH had their birthtday~! Drew their OC Bubby, a design based on a worm on a string. How fun is that? hahah ❤ I think my drawing is cute but, I should probably have put a litte more time into it considering the occasion. I'll have to make it up to them next year 😤

Welcome a new OC, say hello to Bunny~
She doesn't have an official name yet, Iv'e been calling her Soar but I dont know if that's what I'll end up going with 🤔 Iv'e wanted a bunny OC for the longest time but never made one until now~! Design is partly based on a bunny I saw in a dream one night. If anyone has any name suggestions feel free to comment haha.
I always forget I should size down drawings I make on my phone, as you can see, it is massive =_=

Lastly, a traditional drawing I made today! I was lacking ideas but the same friend I mentioned earlier wanted to see a tiger in my art style, so that's what I decided to draw c: I had this idea in my head for probably a week before I actually attempted it. I was scared I'd ruin the image I had imagined and that would have hit my confidence even more ahah... I am REALLY happy with how he(?) turned out though!! How adorable~! I might turn him into digital art in the future but for now he sha'll remain on paper. (My room has terrible lighting aa 🙃)

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Posted: Sat, 08/05/2021 21:42 (2 Months ago)
More art~
Time goes by so fast what? Drawings made between april - early may.

Started up a new "project", I am a big fan of project sekai and I thought it could be fun to imagine everyone as cats. Only planning on making Vivid BAD SQUAD and Wonderlands x Showtime for now, if this project is fun though I might end up doing them all ^^

My first victim was Shinonome Akito, I knew exactly how I wanted to pose him so he was an easy strating point. I'm not sure if I should make these have a bit more detail or not, might rework Akito once I have the rest done if he feels too bland. I'm very happy with his eyes, I have started to play more with the way I draw eyes recently~
Also, peep the new signature, I feel like I'm starting to take my art more seriously recently so thought it was high time to actually have a proper signature haha.

Next up, a drawing that was intended for the draw for the user above you thread. I was too late on claiming though and ended up sending this as gift art instead ^^ I surprised myself when I started actually shading this drawing, I haven't shaded in probably, years? I dont know how well I did but, I think the drawing turned out super nice! Also tried coloring the lineart for the first time and whoa that makes such a difference, this is something I'll carry with me for sure! I'm really proud of this one <3

OC belongs to Akemie

Lastly a traditional sketch of one of my own OC's, the bunny who, still needs a name ;-; This was one of those "pick an expression and draw it as your character" challenges. My friend chose an expression for me and I chose one for her. Here is how mine came out.

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Posted: Sat, 03/07/2021 14:31 (25 Days ago)
Long time no see~
Drawings made between may - early july
Haven't had access to a drawing program in june but now I'm back in bussiness!
I apologise for all the large images in advance!

While I couldn't draw digitally i have been doodling traditionally. I am a big fan of genshin impact and have always wanted to draw fanart for it. So, I finally did! I drew the fox from the game in a chibi style. It turned out okay, there are areas I could improve though.

Next up we have a drawing I made of a random cat. Mostly to practice more expressions. I dont know how I feel about the cat's front legs, I redrew them so many times and then just, gave up. I'm very happy with the head/face though, conveys the feelings I wanted it to.

The next drawing was mostly page filler but, I think this drawing looks very peaceful, This is another random cat. I might have made the ears a bit too big but, I dont mind them personally. I think it's cute hahah~

Tried using a different art program than my usual one, I kind of... hated it. I wont name any programs though becuase this is obviously just a personal opinion. I didn't realise how small my canvas was until I had finished so here is a smol Farie xD Farie is one of my own OC's, I actually love how her ears look in this drawing.

Made one more drawing on the same program I mentioned above just to give it a second chance but yeah, feeling stayed the same. I am, not too happy about this drawing to be honest. It features me and my friends bunny OC's. I feel like my bunny is okay (the purlpe one) but I messed up my friends bunny so bad (the yellow one) ;-;

Yellow bunny belongs to NebbyHatesBags

Waah, artfight has started!!! On top of that, I got my usual drawing program back <3333 I am living good now! The plan is to draw daily for artfight so I'll probably do a few updates this month c:
My first attack was for this really pretty cat, I truly love their color scheme. I am challenging myself to draw characters in poses I usually wouldn't draw, my main focus for artfight this year is to learn and improve, so I hope you will see a difference at the start of this month and the end~!

OC belongs to dingopaws on artfight

My next attack went to one of my good friends. They are the one I drew birthday art for in earlier posts. I have always loved this character of theirs and would do anything to steal them, but you didn't hear that from me owo. I'm so glad I had a reson to draw them <3 I love the right front leg in this drawing so much and I cant tell you why.

OC belongs to RemnantWarlord on Toyhouse

I'd love to make some art for you if you are also participating in artfight~! You can find my profile here!