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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 5,634/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Elgyem23201 / 1,657


Hiii im lazy to edit this so um ye :)

Call mwe Eevee or BabyEevee lol

I reply to all pms or pal pads soo shoot a pm if u want us to be friends :)

thats all lol

My pokemon go friend code is

6417 3639 3469

I- even more sprites hehe

Sprites and drawing by Jcxtian XD <3

by MetalHeadKendra

By xiaoblue822

im running outa space ;w;

woahhhh sprites

by ErrorThePyromaniac

Eeveelution ^.^

by BulbaForLife their shop ^^

by MetalHeadKendra

by Hopelin her shop^^

yes i luv eevees



First ever hatched shiny Retro Cyndaquil

From rumbling,alolan sandshrew which i evolved to sandslash(89th os)

From fishing,a lanturn!!!

Second fishing shiny, skrelp!

1st os (im not the ot thoo)

Having riako to own a pokemom with my ot (omgomgomg TwT)

first sprite ever made

Drew this after a long time of not drawing and i liek it
psst its an art trade for Dorameshiya lol

more sprites i made

Amazing people

A special thanks to everyone who helped me in this game so i could progress even further

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My awesome mentor and good friend

The one who gave me abt 100k pd so i could start my first shiny hunt

the person who gave me my first shiny pokemon

And finallyyy AWWEKSJSJSSJBSB so thankful to have these people here on ph❤
Here r some sprites by Moonsnow❤

her art for me ;w; so cute

hipsterpotamus is one of my good friends too

BanzhanMushroom uwu
She made this sprite for me

im lazy to edit this so u there looking at this,, ur my best friend too uwu


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #376664304
Registration: 01/10/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1003:04 Hours
Total interactions: 493,298
Money: 214,034
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


i hv decided- i will start frm 0 pd and 1 dragon gems and start investing to see if it will work xD wish me luck!! to ruin the economy JKJK
Yesterday, 13:33
me: looks at gts item mart
also me: gimme a min lemme get my calculator-
Yesterday, 13:09
that moment when u have nth for sale but someone pp u asking if a pokemon is for sale and i say no but their pp is only for friends >_> i guess they wont know then haha
Yesterday, 07:30
Ello ppl help me like BanzhanMushroom's feed thankyouu!! So we get to see her bedroom o.o
Yesterday, 07:04
on a scale of 1-10 how nice do u think i am :D
popularity dosent rlly matter haha
Yesterday, 04:02
i think my private message is spoilt i cant see any messages >_>
Yesterday, 03:37
why m i so indecisive,, 1 moment im asking my friend to do save up for a creselia/ darkrai hunt with me then the next day i changed my mind to doing unown hunt then again im like ukw lets do xerneas and yveltyl

Yesterday, 02:52
ellooooooooo now that its like midnight here and 90% of yall r awake >_> pls check out the og post of #shiny_unowns 🥺🥺
1 Day ago
its been so long since i went out that sometimes i even forget my own name >_>
2 Days ago
#shiny_unowns sry i forget to mention earlier but i sugest u compete ur dex so u can get unowns frm tall grass,, also a ditto for daycare >_>
2 Days ago
ayeeeeeee so i got this like rlly good idea,, when sale comes out and we all get premium anyone wna like shiny hunt unown tgt?

like 1 person hunt 28 shinies of their letter i book " y " then we trade with each other so we can get a full dex of shiny unowns without hunting individually
- more ppl hunting = more eggs in tall grass (since unown gives random eggs)
- saves time rather than restarting ur chain for every letter
- more convenient

if ur up for it u can comment i guess (with what letter u wna hunt a letter that someone havent chosen) O.o and maybe share #shiny_unowns for more ppl to know cuz we need 28 ppl
2 Days ago
Me: gets a pokemon frm lab that i dont have
Also me: accidentally puts it up for auction 🤦🏻‍♀️
2 Days ago
What is life now im js set up like 2 flashlights to let my mom take selfies while im also shining my phone's flashlight to make her " brighter "
3 Days ago
im js glad idk if i am>_> to be part of the like idk 30% which cant understand the drama so im js chilling here 👁👄👁
3 Days ago
_________________________________the amount of ppl who want a sale rn ⬇v .-.
3 Days ago
Happy friendship day i think everyone!! 🥰💕
4 Days ago
ya know how eyelashes r supposed to prevent dust and particles frm entering ur eye?

how ironic that the thing that goes into my eye the most is my eye lashes >_> also rlly hard to get out loll did my eyelashes just backstab me HAHAHAHAHA
4 Days ago
Everytime drama happens me n my friend which r both in sch be like
" eh i heard ph got drama agn eh what was it abt ah "
" eh i also dk sia what happened? " 🤷‍♀️

Can someone tel meh/ pp me what js happened XD
4 Days ago



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iDeK lOl

mY gaLaR tEam

Ayeeee 4th os

yEet 9th os

Loll anywhere below 22nd os an yes i hv a random snom in ma team :)

This is literally my team in pokemon sword js that its shiny here hehe

Andddd more sprites :D

From ~Captain_B~

From ErrorTheGamer

From MetalHeadKendra

Sprite by CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen

Made by MetalHeadKendra.

From xXMidnightGoldXx

(For the link to their sprite shops look at the " woahhhh sprites " pannel