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Trainerlevel: 57

Trainerpoints: 5,515/9,803


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
11241,918 / 47,461


plushies with messages hit hard 🥺💗
not those saying pls gv me one back lol


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°• Opening PokéDex.exe •°

Kanto: 150/98/151

Johto: 127☑/60/127

Hoenn: 149/74/155

Sinnoh: 115/37/138

Unova: 158/52/175

Kalos: 116/40/117

Alola: 98/42/140

Galar: 102/88/104

Emera: 232/46/275

Mega & Giga: 17/11/114

Retro: 26/6/39

Eggs: 484/718

National Dex: 1292/554/1540

All: Normal/Shiny/Total

°• ǝxǝ·xǝꓷǝʞoꓒ ɓuᴉsoๅꓛ •°
PokéDex image is made by -Prajju © to him XD


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Note to self:
Unowns collected: A(Fartmon) , L (Zarkesh), R (CrazyCastform), Y (2 to trade with braixie, and ravenswing) (thankyou all!! ^^)

Berry garden lvl 37 -> pamtre lemonade

mega stone boiling count
x2 x? x2

current hunt: dreepy :3
Zellane x3
Menxi 3
Me uwu

Note to self - potential hunts, vullaby (2), skiddoo (1), seel (5m c t), Sigilyph (5 m s c b m), pansear (5 m s c? t? b td?) - not confirmed
gosth - 26 candies



i feel invisible in real life so online it izz

Also im collecting touya and eevee plushies if u wna send any 👉🏻👈🏻

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Ppl i owe nuggs to

oso guide to relics
x1 Relic Silver < x5 Relic Coppers
x1 Relic Gold < x2 Relic Silvers
x1 Relic Vase < x5 Relic Golds
x1 Relic Band < x2 Relic Vases
x1 Relic Statue < x2 Relic Bands
x1 Relic Crown < x1 Relic Statue + x1 Relic Band
x1 Fisherman's Hat , x1 Relic Crown
or here

also ppl who blked me >.> (this isnt against the rules to say tht her right pp me asap if it is tho saw ppl do b4 so issok lol take it as a free shoutout ayee o.o)

Oye also pfp creds to Rice haha <3

Future shiny raylong hunt:

15 out of 450 Dragon Gem collected - I have reached 3% of my goal

167 out of 900 Flying Gem collected - I have reached 18% of my goal

10/100 eggs in egg storage so far (750k for next box)

Note to self - potential hunts, vullaby, skiddoo, seel, morelull



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Shiny Hunt

BabyEevee22 is currently hunting Dreepy.
Hunt started: 17/07/2021

Chain: 151

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #376664304
Registration: 01/10/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 23/Sep/2021
Game Time: 1671:54 Hours
Total interactions: 713,883
Money: 55,199
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Chain 141 i think it's telling me to go study else i wont get into a good sch- even tho govt say all sch good sch HAHA @lilrainbow
Today, 03:05
Today, 00:02
New day!! XD
Interaction exchange?? owo
Also feed this a berry if u could thanks!! XD (<3 for return)
Today, 00:01
Shiny Hunt
BabyEevee22 is currently hunting Dreepy.
Hunt started: 17/07/2021

Chain: 123

i feel like when i get it it's either AAAAAAAAAAAA or like oh ok. well its about time it came

2 Days ago
Saw one of my friends feed about how education is relevant in life so heres my take:

Mila packet is cheaper than milo can (i calculated), only by abiiiiiit but still cheaper, so now u know what to buy XD thank me later HAHA
3 Days ago
By Emera Square
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 41 (Rating: 6.14)
Photo #2 - Rank 127 (Rating: 4.92)
Photo #3 - Rank 162 (Rating: 4.64)

You won 1000 Festival Points!

welp the other 2 were js long time ago i was like oh fighting type might as well use this too XD
around 1k more for shiny yess!! XD
4 Days ago
Squishyyyy and me nuzzling cheeks, best friends forever we're so happy~

5 Days ago
Eggdex: 49 hatched

Oh... wait what- well thats faster than expected, that means this egg is gna hatch shiny!! :OO
7 Days ago
ah... turns out my school email is going to be deleted at like around october... i shouldnt have signed up so many games with that email XD

so i js changed the email for this acc yay lol
8 Days ago
Shiny Tynamo caught!


cute <3 abiiiiit late tho cuz i alr hv the whole evo line ^^;
8 Days ago
wait... i just realised... i caught a mega-able slowyore :O
8 Days ago
Third yr saying this but next yr uwu
9 Days ago
Everyone: buying eternal rocks!!!
Me: lazy... I'll fish * next time *

Now (next time)
Me: omgomg i got 3 rocks im working so hard yeets anyone wna buy
Everyone: meh that was a thing of the past

10 Days ago
When my normal rumblers get star pieces more often than my space searcher ^^;
10 Days ago
Thank you for the exchange!
The egg has been placed in your party.

11 Days ago
Shiny Marill caught!


uhhhhh well thats nice-
11 Days ago
hahaha... so i got a jirachi egg to break my chain... my wish is to restart and have a better chain XD
11 Days ago
I have chinese oral national exams tdy 😖😔 wish me luck i guess hshshs

I'll be more inactive frm now on :") and if u see me here somehow n not studying mayyybe ask me to yeet out of here XD
14 Days ago
Aha 3 months ago i wanted to study for chinese oral and well guess what now it's 1 day before the exams and i did nothing 🤡
15 Days ago
topp part deleted due to spoilers i guess XD
1x Waiter Dress (Red) obtained!

but woa i finally got this after tipping him for like soooooooooooo long XD
@zellane i think it's ur luck XD
16 Days ago



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eye clolur: white
eye colour: black

for Shinigamii X3


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