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Hoopa Rings Off-screen

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Posted: Tue, 19/01/2021 17:29 (2 Years ago)
When 'Advanced Mode' on mobile is on, Hoopa's rings spaw off-screen, meaning you have to scroll to the right to find the Ring on the page.

This has happened for all 5 Rings of this hunt.

Update - Rings just don't appear when 'Advanced' is turned on. I can see it on my desktop and when 'Advanced' is disabled, but it suddenly disappears when I enable 'Advanced'. I can't even scroll sideways (':
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Posted: Sat, 08/01/2022 21:01 (1 Year ago)
Honestly I was starting to think I was crazy with Hoopa not showing up with it's rings. Just for me I can't see any of them on mobile or desk top. Going to change my settings to see if that'll help.

Edit: Changing the settings helped, thank you. However I still had to go to my phone to look for the rings without the experimental settings in order to find the rings.
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