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Forum-Index Forum Games Advantage!
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Posted: Wed, 01/05/2019 05:42 (1 Month ago)
I created a game, I called it advantage:
How to play:
1- first user (me) put a party/box Pokemon's BB code
2-next user puts a pokemon BB code that the complete advantage
Example: user A puts a ducklett
User B can put pikachu because electric type have the advantage against water
And User B can't put:
▪bulbasaur because ducklett's flying type is resistant
▪stunfisck because even so water is weak against electric, ground is weak against water
1-all PH rules apply
2-do not put 2 Pokemon (excluding signature)
3-dont ignore other posts
4-no help
#-PP If question with rules or "how to play"

Okay, let's start the game
The first pokemon is

Gosth was here

Gengar Gengar
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Posted: Tue, 07/05/2019 15:25 (1 Month ago)
Let me know if I'm playing this wrong

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