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You love something, but the fandom is horrible.

Forum-Index General Discussion You love something, but the fandom is horrible.
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Posted: Tue, 05/02/2019 20:54 (4 Years ago)
We all have something we really love, but it has a terrible fandom.

What are some things you really like, but it has a really bad fandom? Before we discuss that, let's go over some rules:
-Please don't insult what other people like, this is a friendly discussion, not a debate on which franchise or version is better.
-Please don't attack other people over what they like, it's not hurting others 99% of the time.

For me, I really like Fossil Fighters, it's a game series where you revive dinosaurs and use them to fight other revived dinosaurs, but it has one of the worst fandoms I've ever seen. People act like the latest game killed their mother just because it exists, there's a group of people in the fandom who hate anyone who likes the latest game. People also act like the first game is perfect when actually, it has many flaws that hinder playing experience. Also, most people in the fandom just act straight up rude when they don't like something. Overall, I stay away from the fandom and only interact with the people I want to interact with.
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Posted: Wed, 06/02/2019 20:14 (4 Years ago)
League and OW, good games with mostly toxic fandom.
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Posted: Thu, 07/02/2019 10:18 (4 Years ago)
I used to like My Little Pony (and I guess I still kind of do, if it's just the show and not the fandom) but the fandom is unpleasant. I no longer feel comfortable with going on the MLP forums that I used to frequent before. :S
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Posted: Thu, 07/02/2019 11:31 (4 Years ago)
jojo’s bizarre adventure has a pretty iffy community

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Posted: Thu, 07/02/2019 14:15 (4 Years ago)
Hm, I used to be in the Star Vs The Forces of Evil fandom, which is pretty bad. I didn't leave because of the fandom, I just lost interest after season 3, lol. I did get to talk to a lot of nice people though!

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Posted: Thu, 07/02/2019 15:05 (4 Years ago)
Well Percy Jackson is great, but the movies suck. The fandom is okay tho.

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Posted: Fri, 08/02/2019 18:12 (4 Years ago)
i like homestuck, but they had a very big hate against them a few years ago. really, every fandom has a vocal minority of annoying or bad people.
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Posted: Fri, 12/04/2019 02:16 (4 Years ago)
Here's a few more to add to my list:
Wings of Fire-No, I'm not talking about the younger fans, they're kids that are still learning so they're not nearly as annoying as some older fans out there.
Paper Mario-It's not that the whole fandom is bad, it's just that you've got to steer clear of the people who act TTYD was the only game.
Mario and Luigi-Also another fandom where all of it isn't bad, you just have to stay away from the people who claim Bowser's Inside Story was the best and act like Dream Team and Paper Jam are terrible just because they don't have a certain character in them.
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And all those who are making suggestions that will make PH safer, I agree with you and thank you.
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Posted: Mon, 15/04/2019 21:03 (4 Years ago)
Glad to meet another FF fan! Tbh, my experience with the fandom has been pretty good. I'm mostly on the amino, which is small but pretty tight-knit and active. Frontier hate is common, but nobody's really mean if you like it. Personally my opinions on the third game are it's good, but has too many flaws for me to say it's on the same level as the first two.

(regardless on how we feel about the redesigns, i think we as a species can all agree that the smaller ceratopsians in frontier are really frickin cute. especially mihu. love the color palette.)

One of my bigger obsessions recently has been My Hero Academia and I gotta say, the fandom sucks. Harassment, death threats, all that stuff. This is mostly a thing I've seen on tumblr, though, so as long as you avoid that site, you're probably fine. Still pretty toxic, though.
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Posted: Mon, 15/04/2019 21:08 (4 Years ago)
For a while I liked TikTok (not really a fandom but still). The userbase has just turned out so bad, I quit because of the gamers harassing the furries (I'm a furry btw)

I never even said a proper goodbye to it, but I feel like that's a good thing.

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Posted: Sat, 20/04/2019 08:43 (4 Years ago)
Overwatch and My Hero Academia. I love them both so much, but the fandoms are absolutely horrendous and toxic.
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Posted: Tue, 23/04/2019 17:02 (4 Years ago)
there are so many :/ not all fans are bad but its like chewing gum one bad kid ruins the lot
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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 01:36 (4 Years ago)
UNDERTALE... I haven’t interacted with the fandom much, but I heard that it isn’t as pleasant as other fandoms... I sometimes don’t like the animations, art, and games the fandom makes (but some are good like the “Stronger Than You” Frisk, Chara, and Sans versions and the GZTale animation, it really messes with your emotions if you played the game, and makes you think about it afterward)

As LucarioLover said, Percy Jackson is an AMAZING book series, but if you watch the movies, you won’t if recognize some of the scenes, so it feels like a totally different storyline. I often go on Pinterest and see PJ head cannons and tumblr, and it is great! But I haven’t meet the bad side of the fandom... yet.
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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 02:56 (4 Years ago)
Svtfoe....really love the show, even if it's getting a little cringe with all the back and forth with Tom and Marco, it the fandom is so bad.....I had a friend stop poster her art cause of people....
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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 04:51 (4 Years ago)
overwatch, gravity falls, supernatural

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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 05:34 (4 Years ago)
toby fox should announce sans as gay so there are no more sans fangirls
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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 07:36 (4 Years ago)
Undertale, its fandom is terrible.

The SCP fandom is okay, but there is people who take things too far since someone made SCP 1471 a thing and a ton of people made... Umm... Questionable stuff about it and it still happens so I don't know how to feel... It was good until people made questionable stuff about a well written character.

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Posted: Wed, 24/04/2019 08:01 (4 Years ago)
Every fandom killed me
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Posted: Mon, 29/04/2019 15:20 (4 Years ago)
i somehow find myself liking things will bad fandom's fnaf, undertale, and many more
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Posted: Mon, 29/04/2019 15:21 (4 Years ago)
Don't hate me, but the Pokemon and DBZ fandom. Have you heard about what's going on right now?