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Posted: Tue, 22/06/2021 18:30 (1 Year ago)
I'd like to join, please!

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Posted: Sun, 30/05/2021 15:41 (1 Year ago)
Copy pasted from my earlier post, sorry XD

Best short story. Best rp plot. And even best rp in general. To say that I was surprised when I saw my name under these categories as a nominee, let alone a winner, would be an understatement.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has helped me along this journey! Everyone who supported by ideas in the PH community, everyone I've ever rped with, and all of you on my friend list especially.

I want to encourage all of the artists, writers and rpers here to keep pursuing your passion if that's what you enjoy. Thank you PH once again, and I hope y'all have an awesome day :D

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Posted: Mon, 25/01/2021 22:13 (1 Year ago)
Entry submitted! (x)

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Posted: Sun, 10/01/2021 17:23 (1 Year ago)
By fitting a banner, do you mean that it has to have the same colours, or something else?

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Posted: Fri, 01/01/2021 17:59 (1 Year ago)
"Oh, I came here just this morning!" Audax told Fortem as the entered the giant library. He recalled the leafeon he'd met.

"You ok?" Clamor wrote to Emerald, still super grateful that he'd ben thoughtful enough to bring a notepad.

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Posted: Fri, 01/01/2021 17:51 (1 Year ago)
Fortem and Audax went together to explore the castle and investigate. It wasn't hard, one of them being a knight, and one a knight in training, both of whom were already allowed inside. Fortem could easily explain it away by saying he was showing Audax around.

Clamor nodded with a grin. The treatment was pretty good; he was feeling better already. If Emerald's dad was as kind as him and also did great treatments... well, he'd have to consider it at the very least.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 23:12 (1 Year ago)
"Audax and I can do it," Fortem volunteered. "If he's ok with that, of course." Audax nodded.

Clamor gave a thankful smile at Emerald.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 22:24 (1 Year ago)
Thea surely knew about the cult by now, but no one had any idea as to who in the cult would have it. Actually, none of the pokemon here knew much about the mysterious cult at all. Fortem, who had met them a while back, still didn't know about their motives, or where their hideout was now, or anything really.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 21:55 (1 Year ago)
Oh, it was Emerald! Clamor grinned and padded up to him friendly. He ached a bit from battle, but didn't really mind. He was used to it by now.

Fortem sighed. This wasn't good... "We should protect the park better. From everyone." He suggested. Introducing a powerful weapon up for grabs would only make things a lot more dangerous. "And we shouldn't tell anyone either..." Fortem thought of Clamor, stressed. He'd seen the pokemon at the battle, and knew he was a republican... if he told the other republicans about the gems in the park, they'd be in trouble. He really hoped the luxio wouldn't say anything, since he did seem to care for luminia too, in his own way.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 21:34 (1 Year ago)
Ah... that wasn't good. Fortem and Clamor had the same idea, and shot a rock throw and thunder wave at the pokemon clutching the gem, but to no avail. Both attacks missed and the pokemon got away. Clamor decided he should probably head off before things got awkward. There, he'd helped. Audax blocked one final attack with protect, then moved closer to Thea in case she had anything important to say.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 20:39 (1 Year ago)
All three pokemon were shoved aside by the orb and all got injured in some way. Clamor was starting to regret his decision...

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 20:23 (1 Year ago)
Fortem shook off the sharp rain the best he could, before desperately trying to block the front runners of the cult with a giant stone edge wall, which partially worked; slowing down their progress.

Audax thoughtfully used protect around himself and a few others, making the strange rain bounce off. He prepared more dark magic attacks. He noticed that the dark attacks of the cult were different than the ones that Thea was teaching him, as if it were a different element alltogether.

Feeling the rain, Clamor realized that maybe he'd bitten off more than he could chew... but no, he wasn't gonna give up that easily! Quick as lightling, he used takedown combines with bite to tear through the ranks of cloaked pokemon.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 20:15 (1 Year ago)
Clamor decided to hop into the fight. He could tell the opposing side wasn't republicans, so he wouldn't need to fight his own side. Besides, it would be better if he could pay back the debt he owed sooner rather than later, and there was no hurt in getting some extra practice in.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 20:10 (1 Year ago)
Wow... ok, if that didn't stop them, it was time to attack. Fortem and Audax unleashed their attacks, water and darkness respectavely.Then, Fortem sent a barrage of rocks their way and audax used swift.

Clamor watched, still confused. He saw the lycanroc "Fortem" from earlier, so that side he was fighting on was either neutrals or loyalists... but then who was the other side? He decided to jump in if needed. Besides, he owed the wolf, and he liked to pay back his debts.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 20:01 (1 Year ago)
The pieces clicked in Audax's mind. They were probably going for the crystals! It would be bad if the cult got a hold of them; the'd probably cause more explosions like the one in the plaza... Audax and Fortem got ready to defend the park, each trying to charge up their own magic.

Clamor still didn't know what was going on... but still he watched.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 19:44 (1 Year ago)
Not again... Fortem gulped nervously, and his fur went on edge as he braced for something bad to happen.

Ah, so this was the cult. Audax watched carefully, putting all thoughts and questions of gems to the side as he, too, prepared.

As Clamor patrolled on his own, he spotted the group in sleipnir. Huh... Strange. He kept watching.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 19:34 (1 Year ago)
"Shards too, right?" Audax asked. "Also, where will you put them? It would be bad to have them all in one spot..." He pointed out, astutely.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 19:25 (1 Year ago)
Fortem nodded, slightly confused, but still following along. Audax made a realization. Ah, of course! Now that made sense why the park was always the best place for training for him. Though Thea was right, it was probably a bad thing that all the crystals were here... they were basically just bombs waiting to explode.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 19:12 (1 Year ago)
Fortem and Audax followed Thea. Audax was glad to be with his mentor again. They arrived at the park, and they listened to what the umbreon had to say. "So what do you think?" Audax asked. He was pretty baffled by the shards he'd picked up.

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Posted: Wed, 30/12/2020 18:54 (1 Year ago)
Fortem and Audax could only watch, though Audax was looking for an opportunity to help out in some way. Fortem decided to leave. It wouldn't be good to put himself in more danger than was needed... still, he felt a little guilty about it.

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